Sunday, September 30, 2012

But.... NO
I am NOT down with this. I want to stay with momma and daddy. I am a family member and I don't do kennels no matter what you call them and brand them. I say, I stay at the Kimpton. Make that WE STAY. We are a family, and I am not stoopid enough to fall for this caca.

Momma and daddy, if you want to go somewhere, book us a suite at the Kimpton and Adam or Dowi will stay with us. I am just NOT down with kennels, no matter what you call them.

And, when I stay at the Monaco, I get to see Charlie. I love that. I am not "kennel" material, I was rescued, thank you. 

I don't want this.  It's about my family, not the stupid rubber chair. Get it? And ... doggy cocktail hour... and the gifties... and the restaurant... and the elevators!  I love the staff. No, I  will not even remotely consider kennels!



Feb 22, 2010
I now have another reason to love, love Alexandria. The Hotel Monaco. As far as I am concerned, this is the best staffed hotel I know of. Charlie Bunga Gillett, Director of guest relations is evidence of that. Genius. The Kimpton chain has met my ...
Feb 22, 2010
Meeting Charlie! We all greeted and exchanged sniffs, licks and wags as hopefully we did not make Charlie feel overwhelmed. But everyone was excited! Yes that is Charlie sitting next to me. Someone should explain to my ...
Feb 22, 2010
We arranged our first meeting with Charlie in the Hotel Monaco Lobby. Wendy was just not sure about what to expect. After all, how often do you meet a working Bichon with a business card? I just fluffed out and posed. Cute is ...

Feb 22, 2010
We had lots of fun chatting with Charlie. We did find the 2leggeds who kept stopping and looking at us a little intrusive, but after all can you blame them? Four Bichons at once, having civilized conversation in a hotel lobby ...
Apr 30, 2010
He said that he walked through the doggy cocktail hour with the Dowi to see if Charlie was there so he could deliver my message. Alas, Charlie was not at work, but lots of other doggies were there. Dogs like CHA-CHA a very ...

Sep 10, 2010
There I get the best of all worlds! I get to be with my family, get pampered, and get premier accommodations fit for a princess and then there is ....Charlie. Swoon Charlie. He is director of guest relations and he is a fab Bichon. So to get me at ...
Feb 20, 2010
[Hi Charlie! xoxoxox] In any case, look at the pretty throw I found. Ok, I did not just find it. Let's face it, I saw it, stalked it and ... Well, back to working on my Charlie.... post. 'vie. Posted by silvieon4 on Saturday, February 20, 2010 ...

Sep 10, 2010
On a personal note. the staff at the Monaco is fantastic. The treat bags are wonderful, the locale and setting so dog friendly! And, did I mention Charlie? Oh yes, I did. In a prior post. Yes, I can travel anywhere with my family and ...
Apr 29, 2010
And. I am somewhat POed at the fact that you are staying at the Monaco and I am NOT there. Are you doing the doggy cocktail hour with another dog? OMD! I can't even cope with that thought. Ehmmm have you seen Charlie?

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