Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No, momma. I will NOT take notes!!!!

Well behaved??? No, all I see is total lack of initiative.

:( 'vie

I hate that word! The WAIT word

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Auntie Robin, not to complain... but... you need to tell adopters that the word WAIT does not go with Bichon. Everything around here is "wait".

The momma is baking again. For Bark in the Park. So I have to "wait" a lot!!!!

Vote, so I can win and so I never have to hear "wait".

Me too.. I need help from my friends!

HELP me get some serious votes!!!!

Vets on alert for canine flu, but most dogs don't need vaccine - USATODAY.com

Vets on alert for canine flu, but most dogs don't need vaccine - USATODAY.com


We, JD, Wendy and I, survived cranky 2leggeds. We survived their fast. For a while there we were worried. Daddy was looking at our food with a funny look. And that whole conversation about where the sun was setting and blah blah blah was odd. This morning, just when I thought things were getting back to normal, momma decided to make pumpernickel bread. The only question I have on my lips is why. Why, why, why. ICK I am not a fan. Really I am not. I would rather have some brioche. Or maybe some of that delicious ciabatta, or how about breadsticks? We all love those! Who ever came up with than name? Pumpernickel. Really? See, I told you it smelled.

I am not eating it. I am not even doing my round at oven watch. I am going to avoid it and I will quietly slip into JD's private apartment [daddy's closet- JD shares- kindly so] and I am going to nap.

I have decided that 2leggeds absolutely need traditions and customs and rituals. It is how they mark the ebb and flow of their lives. I think that is true because for the most part they have a very difficult time living just IN THE MOMENT. If you live in the moment, your anxiety, fears, feelings etc, can only be for that moment. Not overwhelming at all. They exist only for that limited time and they pass. But that is not the case for 2leggeds. Their life view is one that is based on past, footed in the present but clearly beholding the future. Quite a balancing act.
Traditions and rituals are sort of safety line. Something to hang on to while navigating life.
Being human is complicated.

As a 4 legged with insight, I urge my fellow 4leggeds to steal away your human. Force them to sit down, make them rub your belly. It is great for you and it forces them to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and relax- for the moment- A win win for everyone!

Just like voting in the million dollar contest. Vote for me and all winnings go to rescue.
No ifs, no ends no butts human expression...[why they always have to bring the butt into it???]. It is my pledge.

It is my way of insuring a future for many many many dogs. See, I am beholding the future.
Very human of me, no?

So Vote, please and get everyone you know to vote, it's a win win.

Thank you,
go vote and go rub a belly!


Ananova - Hydraulic lift rescues bird from tree

Ananova - Hydraulic lift rescues bird from tree

and momma thinks I am HIGH maintenance?!!!


Ehmmm, Vote please. Top thirty, again.. tenth, actually.... Do you have friends? CALL them I need their votes too!


Monday, September 28, 2009


It is Monday. For some, it is also a fasting day. Sorry guys, but that is the 2 leggeds' reality. Not mine. Hope they don't get too cranky around here today- And I don't want to complain, but my 'puccino foam was late. Whatever descale is about, the machine demanded descaling. Looked like a forced bath process to me, noisy and loud and with lots of water. It took forever. But the foam was delicious and I must admit it smelled yummy. Kudos to my human staff.

Knobs, valves and such have to be your domain 'cause I am thumbless. No, I am not complaining about that. One look in the mirror and there is no way I would want to be anything but Bichon. [Face it universe, Bichon is the quintessential embodiment of cute!] Besides, technology is evolving daily and soon, your thumbs will be redundant. Voice/bark activation will replace knobs, valves and such, everywhere!

I was thinking. As soon as technology evolves enough to make driving a handless task, I want a car of my own. I want a 4 seater, convertible, pink of course, with cushy tufted interior, with all the options: purified water bowl holders, chewie dispenser, paw massager and auxiliary sniff vents and on off ramps, back scratchers and belly rubbers. Of course interior and exterior lighting, air conditioning, air filtering system, humidity controlled [hate the frizzies], oh oh oh... I want auto cruising mode for ocean front and, I want hydrolics, so I can raise or lower my ride as I see fit. You never know what you want to see.

I am doing away with that center console in favor of napping bridge and yes, I do want a captain's seat for myself, fully swiveled tilting action with insta-lock. Think the guys from Pimp My Ride could outfit my car with a 3-d theater, a 'puccino foam machine and a mini smokeless grill and mini fridge? That would make my ride sweeeeeeet.

JD is suggesting I also install and ice maker. Not a bad idea. We love ice cubes. Of course state of the art satellite navigation and telecommunication system on board [like I would have it any other way], got to stay in touch with my peeps, cameras, etc, you know all the standards.

I know that some of you are squinting reading this. But that whole concept of insurance and "safe driver" discount etc, will be null and void! We are talking state of the art automation, not reliant on human driving. That Geiko dude will be operating parking lots. You will see. I am a visionary.

Until then, I have to be content to go for rides with momma and daddy. Reality... what a buzz killer.

Vote, please. Still trying , still working at it...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkin Biscotti Central

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Trays and trays and trays and trays....

They are smelling up the whole house...
too bad your puter is NOT scratch and sniff!
No- don't lick the screen...
Silly 2 legged...

Come to Bark in the Park and get some... there are trays







For 2leggeds sharing their life with a 4legged....Information at your fingertips.

You have 2 musts today. You must VOTE and you must read. Than you can play and rest....
I said so, that's why!


The Secrets Inside Your Dog\'s Mind

The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Mind

Oh boy... Just ask me!!!! I am willing to answer questions!!

On my mind at this moment... I WANT TO WIN the contest for my rescue!!!
You did not even have to ask.

VOTE. Now....

From USA today....

"USA Today

  • A judge in Salem, N.J. ordered a former couple to share custody of Dexter, a Pug, after the pair paid lawyers a $40,000 to settle the dispute. Court Judge John Tomasello said Dexter must spend equal time with Doreen Houseman and Eric Dare. Previously, courts found that a dog or a cat was not a child, but rather a piece of property like a table or a lamp that would be divided in divorce. The latest ruling that could change the animals-as-property notion."

My own 2 cents:"Can we all just get along???"

PS. Dex, you could work this on both ends and come out ahead.... know what I mean????
And momma handled a dog custody case.... 14 yrs ago! Hi Champagne!!!!

Sunday morning

Mhhhh, slowly stretching and acclimating to a fall morning, it is wet out there, and neither the Wendy nor JD want to run out with me. They are lazy. Mhhh. Hello world. Two events behind us, Mutt Strutt and of course Stockley Gardens- now we get serious. Today is the start of a new voting week. Today is the start of Bark in the Park preparations. You want to know how I know this? I saw momma's baking list. Yes, so far we have not had a weekly win so we have to bake to support our rescue. OK, she bakes... I watch and I sniff. But to let momma bake, I give up momma time! So I sacrifice!!! A lot!!!!

Bark in the Park is the big event. I will be getting groomed, and will be in attendance wearing one of my tiaras, and I will there to meet, greet and campaign. You know VA, I am doing my part, so I expect you to do yours.

You want to know what's on that baking list?? You little glutton. What's that knowledge worth to you? She mentioned that she has to make sure her biscotti addicts are taken care of. Would that be you Auntie Lisa? Or you, auntie Cynthia.... or you... uncle Don... or you....???
Personally I love the pumpkin biscotti, but somebody around here is very stingy with them....

Judging from the amount of flour and the different types of flour, there will be baking. Hope she does not run out this year like she did last year and the year before... I guess you better get there early.

There are roomers about TV coverage. Mh. Thankfully I have no bad side. They have a perfect 360 of me from anywhere. We shall see.

Back to this weekend. Stockley Gardens was nice. Even the weather cooperated.

We went shopping afterward and here is the interesting nugget: saw my friends at the Coach store on the Outer Banks. Visited and shopped there. I am quoting here, "Coach does not discriminate against patrons with 4 legs." Do you hear that Walmart? I have never been inside a Walmart, but momma says I am not missing anything. My Coach store has the nicest petters and they carry great collars, and coats, and purses and carriers and such. LOVE IT!

Rocky, been seriously considering your suggestion on California. Specially in light of the fact that my 2legged sis is visiting San Fancisco. You know what I discovered? I discovered that you can miss someone who lives far away, even more when they are farther away than usual. Weird.
The Dowi sent pictures. She is going to Napa today. Sounds like it will be restful. Nap-a. I could have gone and cuddled with her.....

Oh well
Go vote go have breakfast
It is Sunday!!!!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

So who failed?????


Some things are just... FUNNY!

Good morning everyone,
Norfolk SPCA Dog Walk
10 AM - 2 PM
Stockley Gardens, Norfolk

That's on my menu for the day.

Have you voted???

Friday, September 25, 2009

FALL allergies routines.

Just like 2leggeds, 4 leggeds have seasonal allergies. For dogs, fall brings heightened reactions to two allergens: molds and ragweed pollen. Molds are a byproduct of decaying plant materials such as falling leaves. Mold spores are everywhere. Ragweed pollen is at its highest count from late August to October.

That means, reactions such as hot spots, itchies and rashes... ICK.

So, how do you cope on a day to day basis?

First, arm yourself with some basic knowledge and a whole lot of patience. Start here:

The Healthy Pet Journal

Canine Inhalant Allergies

In 2 leggeds, ragweed allergies means sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. It's estimated that 8 million dogs have allergies. Those allergies are usually reactions to ragweed and mold spores that result in inflamed, itchy skin and secondary infections that develop from atopic dermatitis, or atopy. It is no fun, let me tell you. Both allergens, ragweed and mold spores are at nose-level of every inquisitive 4legged. Every walk, every outing, exposes your 4 legged to allergens.

While 2leggeds can go to their pharmacy and get relief from many OTC drugs, 4leggeds don't have the same options. The only option for long-term management of 4legged allergies available that is FDA-approved is Atopica (Cyclosporine capsules, USP) modified. (Note to momma: belly rubs are nice, though.)

So what do you do?
1. Be aware. Look around. LIMIT EXPOSURE.
Avoid uncut grasses and open fields, get rid of leaves and any decaying matter, keep your grass cut short. 4leggeds, I KNOW how fun it is, but flopping on your back and rolling in the grass is not the best thing for allergies. Avoid walking in the early morning when everything is mildew covered. Pollen tends to circulate most heavily between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., so limit outdoor activities during those times. Conversely, rain helps prevent pollen from spreading, so take advantage after rain showers for outdoor activities. Ragweed pollen is at its lowest count right after a rain.

2. After a walk outside, BE IN A RUSH TO BRUSH (hehe, it rhymes) your 4 legged, AND WASH THE BRUSH after each use. Brush your 4 legged down after every outing with a nice stiff brush (brushing is like petting but with hundreds of mini hands). Vacuum the area where the brushing occurred. If you use a towel, wash IT after every use. Bathe your 4 legged frequently with a mild soothing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. (Note from Silvie to momma: Momma, this part does not apply to you. If you wash me too much, I'll shrink. Really. So ixnay on the ashway.) Think of mold spores and ragweed pollen as contaminants. Minimize exposure and eliminate ASAP. With that mind set, you should be able to develop your own protocol. Remember that any outdoor activity exposes your 4legged to mold spores and ragweed pollen that gets trapped in their coat. Make the brushing fun and routine. My momma sings: I am going to wash that ick right our of your hair.... it is off key, but I know that it lasts just a few minutes and it is funny!

3. Take advantage of a holistic approach. Add omega oil to your 4 legged's diet. It is a great anti-inflammatory and it will help itchy skin. Yogurt has good bacteria. And local honey.
Yes LOCAL honey which contains local pollens will act as an immunity booster.

If you know of any more tips, SHARE!!!

And If you get a hot spot, we like ABREVA. It works!


hi momma

Quick hello to momma before I resume my morning blitz. It poured last night and outside everything is wet and yuccky, so I am doing my blitz indoors. A good blitz starts off your day on the right paw. Sort of revs up your engine. I know... 2 leggeds have no blitzing ability, or buzzing ability. I wish they did, because after a great blitz, you get mellow.

Have you noticed that all the trees are turning colors? I love sniffing the air out there. It has a different smell. Even the beach smells different.

Unfortunately, for some of us, that different smell has consequences. Allergies. Ick.
Sneezes and itchies. Momma says that falling leaves mean mold and molds are the enemies. Do you get itchy or sneezy??

I hope neither.

If you do, you are NOT alone. Later today I will post some good advice on handling seasonal allergies.

For now, go vote, I will do the same


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canada is missing some gravity...

HowStuffWorks "How can parts of Canada be"

Who ever took it... we will all close our eyes and you put it back, no questions asked, ok?


Thank you thank you thank you

Florida Rescue, Heartfelt Impressions, Virginia Pilot, Ning's Frise and Friends, Salon Vivace, have I told you guys how much I appreciate your support?

Well I do.

Every vote counts and it shows YOU CARE!


PS. Yes, You are right MS Burke, I do lick a lot for each and every vote!!!!
Serious tail wagging going on and puppy paws!!!!

MY end of an interview....

Yes you can ask your 15 questions.

1. Yes I was born princess. I am Bichon you know.
2. No I do not sleep wearing my crown. My sheet count tells you I am princess. Crown is unnecessary.
3. I do too respect my 2 leggeds. Good staff is very hard to find.
4. I can separate the human from his job! I do like my vet. Dr Klemm is great- I just hate what he does...
5. No, the guy in the brown outfit has no business ever ringing our doorbell.
6. Ok that is a silly question. One can NEVER have too many belly rubs.
7. Of course that is what laps are for! Can you name another valid purpose?
8. No, I am past that point. Cameras are not intrusive, just inconvenient. Thankfully I was blessed with great looks and I don't have to worry about my mascara running. Just a quick fluff and I good to go.
9. Pressure? No, it is more like frustration. I know what needs to be done and I want to do it, I get frustrated when my trust in the universe appears misplaced.
I guess I believe so much in the righteousness of my cause that I cannot see it unfulfilled.
10. what do you you want is my cause? DO YOU READ my blog???? RESCUE is MY cause!
11. JD and Wendy jealous?? Why would they ever be jealous? The get the same amount of chewies I get. Oh no... when it comes to the attention, trust me on this, both JD and Wendy get their fair share. Do you ever read my blog??? We are all in this together!
12. Of course I get tired! But you know what? I get to nap. I love naps. specially when I get to nap on momma and I get my belly rubbed as I fall asleep. Do you love naps?
13. My wish? Oh easy... No more puppy mills. Ever 4 legged happily placed in his or hers forever home. A universe where kindness is not a theory but a practice.
14. Odd question. Why would I wish for different parents? You mean my 2leggeds? Again why would I wish for a different family? You really need to read my blog more.
Who is this Donald Trump person you keep talking about???? If you keep on this this you are going to have momma in tears, so stop it.
15. Yes, I do know how much a million is. It is way more than 7 And 7 is a lot!!!!

You are welcome.
Hey.... you need to vote!


Morning world. I am stretching and yawning. Sleep was particularly wonderful this morning and I am reluctant to wake up. But that sunshine... it just pushed its way into my eyelids, so here I am.

Cinnamon. I am smelling that. Mh. Momma must be making bagels. She has been talking about cinnamon raisin bagels. I pass. I need a raisin like I need a hole in my head.

Did I tell you that I got to see my human siblings yesterday? I did! It was very nice to meet some of the people my Dowi works with. They all smell delicious. And I understand that there is some serious voting for moi going on there, :) So I am grateful to all. Thank you and keep it up. I need a weekly win.

Have you noticed that the 2leggeds who vote for me are very good looking, sensitive, very smart and incredibly fashionable?

JD did it again... pushed his way in and demanded belly rubs from everyone. I was polite. I am always polite. I just wish I knew what gives JD that sense of entitlement.

Northern VA I worked yesterday to make you aware of who I am and what TBFR stands for. Tootsie I was in your neck of the woods. Lots of Bichons in Arlington. Even more in Old Town. Did not get to go to doggie cocktail hour. A certain party pooper had to get back home... Sticking my tongue out at you know who you are...

I am being informed that my breakfast is ready, but before I go, let me tell you, that if you want to up your Q factor, you must VOTE for me!!!!

Later gaters, GO VOTE

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PBS The Space Elevator Project

The space elevator project

How awesome is this?? Really, I would love to go on that elevator ride. I love elevators. They are magical. Even though they scare the Wendy. They are fun. You wait for the ding, the doors whoosh open, you step in, the doors woosh closed and up or down you go! Love them. I hope I get to ride the space elevator. I volunteer!!! Please take me. Momma give them a hundred bucks!!! Buy the ticket now.

Momma said she is waiting for the Jefferies tubes. Ok -- you need to know that my momma is a closeted Trekkie and she has forced me to watch enough Star Trek that I am sadly acquainted with basic Trekkology.... So, let me explain... in Star Trek - fictional, but don't remind her of that- there are small tunnels or corridors that provide access to critical starship systems. They can be oriented vertically or horizontally forming a travel network over large volumes of a starship even when the turbolifts [elevators] are not functioning. Sort of manufactured wormholes.. [yes another Trekkie theng] Am I putting you to sleep? Wake up!!!! It is not like I am forcing you to watch a Trekkie marathon .. this is just a reference point here... Oy vey.. Yes momma, thank you for reminding me... wormholes are unstable at both ends.. they can shift... of course... And you thought I had it easy...

And for a nugget you can't live without... Matt Jeffries was the original series Art director... he designed the original starship Enterprise... the tubes were named after him.

If you are ever in a conversation with momma... save your life. Do not confuse Star Trek with any other Sci-fi series, movie or such... Chewbacca is NOT in Star Trek. Save your life...

I still want go on that space elevator ride!

This is awsome!

Super Sprayer - The funniest videos clips are here

Ok I will be needing 6 spray cans.. paper, a blow torch, rags, lids.. I can do this!
Oh frumpt... no thumbs.

Hey you still have digits???? VOTE ALREADY!

Rise and shine!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Riverdance Dog!

Dude! I am there!

To Dowi.....“For the tenacious, no road is impassable.”

Dowi... this is a cool ride...

This is the one that should go on your Amazon wish list. I would move in with you for sure then...

Cant you see it? You me, the open road.. vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooom.

I want a VIOLIN!!


Dismayed, bothered and BEWILDERED am I...

So I have spent the morning doing everything possible to keep momma too busy to make elephant's ears. I must have de pillowed that couch 11 times... I insisted on going outside about 20 times. I barked at the wind. I played tug of war with her tassels, I fought the roomba squirrel cat. I sort of unrolled some TP... I even made it rain toys from upstairs... I am wiped out! I did it all. Anything and everything I could do to stop her elephant ears quest.Even knocked the phone off the receiver.
Got Wendy to help. JD, that's another story. He told us not to bother him until momma went to get the ears...fair enough.

Watched momma go into the pantry and come out with flour... sugar, eggs, baking powder... milk...
As long as she did not head for her car to go get elephant ears, I was ok with the stuff from the pantry.

We sat in the kitchen blocking the door to the garage... and just watched... in silent vigilance. She mixed up the stuff, rolled out dough... fried it... sugared it... and ate a bite with a big smile on her face. She said... "best elephant's ears - ever!"

??? Hmmm???
Dough, that was fried dough... NOT ears. NOT Elephant's ears! What on earth???

Wait a minute. It cannot be. Is this another one of those 2legged oddities... this stupid thing you humans do with food names? You know what I am talking about...
You name stuff with weird names... for no apparent reason...
You put me through emotional turmoil with yet another weirdly named food????

I am just going to plotz.

Wendy is right... we need to make lists of these strange named foods, so other 4leggeds don't go through the misery we just suffered!

Hot dogs
Buffalo wings
Toad in the hole
Pigs in a blanket
Elephant's ears
Langues de chats. [cat's tongues]
alouettes sans têtes [headless larks]
Ant's climbing up a tree
hoppin' john
shoofly pie
swamp cabbage
po' boy sandwich
frogmore stew
peacemaker sandwich
prairie oysters
Montana tendergroins,
cowboy caviar,
swinging beef,
and calf fries

Beware... you hear any of the above... the name has NOTHING to do with the food. NADA... Nicht... Zilch. Just 2legged being bizarre again...

And they wonder they have so many problems communicating with each other and with animals.... DUH!!!!

I am going for a nap.
fried dough..... honestly!!!!!

PS. if you know of any more weirdly named foods, feel free to add on! Grrr the perils of living with 2leggeds....

Oh yes
PSS: To all Elephants, sorry about the warning, NEVERMIND... go back to what you were doing...
I feel so Emily Latella.... sigh...

A WARNING to elephants!

What a day. My ears are very red and I am in the middle of a very very strange day. It started innocently enough, but is quickly degrading into one of those days that try a dog's soul.

I love momma, BUT. Let me take it one step at the time. You all know momma loves to cook. She bakes. I like her food. Seems that most everyone loves her food. Maybe too much. Anyway, the thing is, momma cooks her cravings. If she craves something, she makes it. Most times, she will taste it and her cravings will be "satisfied". Daddy and everyone else, have the task of eating momma's cravings. Very occasionally she shares with us 4leggeds. I do resent not being invited to share the profiterole craving. Or the panettone french toast craving... but hey, you make do with what you get.

This morning, out of the blue, momma announced that she knows fall is here because she has a craving for ...Oh dear me... I can't even say it... deep breath... the woman has a craving for elephant's ears! Gasp. Yes she actually said that.

Look, I know I have done entire posts complaining about the fact that evolutionary adaptation has limited a canine's palate, BUT I am NOT eager to taste elephant's ears!

I have done everything I know to distract the woman. But I am a small dog and that woman is OCD about her cravings. She is planning on making [queasy here] elephant's ears this afternoon. she is walking around talking about light, fried, sugary, crispy.. elephant's ears!!!!

If you are an elephant and you are reading this... please HIDE. Please pass the word.. She is after you ears. And we all know, 2leggeds are absolutely omnivorous.
I can't imagine an elephant without his or her ears! But I know momma and I know she is determined.

She has this giant paella pan... I bet she is planning on using that to cook the ears in...

I am doing all I can to distract her, but elephants please HIDE.....

Momma look.... shiny object!!

hide just hide....


Yesterday momma got a few calls from strangers asking her lots of questions about Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue [TBFR] and who they really are. I found the whole thing weird. I mean who, in Tidewater, does not know who we are???! I think aunt Robin and uncle Jack know absolutely everybody, no?

Well, for those of you with questions, rather than re- write or repeat, I am going to direct you to
Good article there that tells all there is to know about TBFR, its founders, its mission, its goals.

White Cottage is a refuge, a sanctuary if you will. Those of us who are lucky enough to end up there are cared for, loved, and happy. The sad part is the fact that are more and more and more Bichons who need help.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mohandas Gandhi"

Support White Cottage, support TBFR, VOTE for me please. You and I can insure that TBFR keeps going and keeps saving lives.

Don't just talk the talk.
Walk the walk,



Monday, September 21, 2009


Emmy's fashions :Ba... nanas & BRUSSELL SPROUTS

The sum total of last night : channeling Rachel Zoe and watching the Emmys.
Yes, after a long day at Mutt Strutt I embraced the Emmys like the guilty pleasure it should be.
The appeal is it's inane reality. I mean.. it all boils down to a bunch of actors playing dress up in a fierce, but closed competition for the imagination of the audience and publicity. Mh. I should try wearing a designer gown and doing some poses... Do you think that would work for my publicity for the contest???? Thinking about it.

I sat last night on momma's lap and got a belly rub while watching the show. The comedy was forced, the skits were sub par... I guess I expected more intellectuality [this is why I needed the belly rubbing]. But the clothes... ahh the clothes. I have done fashion posts before, this one is going to be different. Rachel Zoe, my mentor, my styling uber fashionista, I invoked you and took deep breaths and channeled you... Here are my results:

The BA.....NANAS!:
Drew Barrimore.... is that dress made out of sherbet? I would love to taste it. It looks delicious. Do you know how much begging I have to do to a get a lick of sherbet around here?
I like it. Is that fur on the bottom/ Really I like the color of the dress. I want to taste it.
Chloë Sevigny polka me happy! I love love love the dress. BA [wait for it....] NANAS! Dot is perfection!!!
Kaley Cuoco and Sandra Oh. Textured gold. Ohh that would be so fun to do a back roll in. Pretty, simple, elegant. Me like.
Debra Messing Love the red sparkles on a tall sparkly redhead. She owned the look! Mariska Hargitay , Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Christina Applegate movie star looks with a movie star dress. Nailed it!

Blake Lively Versace... boring, good color, just boring execution, it just went for the obvious.
Leighton Meester Ok. why do I feel I should order a cocktail and put another nickle in the slot machine? I am thinking Vegas??? Cesar Palace cocktail waitress? Odd reaction, don't you think?
It's that dress... Ditch it... And give to me.. all those knots would be delicious to untie.
Olivia Wilde Whoever tore up this poor girl's dress shame on you! It could have been something special. But in this shape, missing the whole back and with that big tear in the front... PATH.....Etic.... [I am puckering just like Rachel would] She tried to own it as an edgy look... nahhhh . MISS!
Tina Fey it looked ok. I am just going to say it. Tina, get yourself a 64 crayon box. Learn colors!
[somebody had to say it]
Sarah Silverman- ok why. That's all I am going to say. I don't even want to sniff that dress.
It is just too ugly. But those pockets... you could hide a whole lot of chewies in there!
Padma Lakshmi why would a former model agree to wear that? Who did you owe a favor to? That red stuff on your hip? Heat spot? Rash? Hope you recover soon. They might have to shave it, you know....
Elisabeth Moss Borrowing the slippery comforter from the guest room and wearing it as a dress, all wrinkly and all is NOT a good idea. Boy are you going to be in trouble with your momma!!!
Kristen Wiig- I get it! An early peak into Halloween??? Wrong venue. BTW... I hate spiders, spider webs... cob webs... Your sleeves make me itchy.
Jon Cryer- The Bumble bee song keeps playing in my head... another Halloween preview?
Patricia Arquette Mirage of decolletage? Nooo- Un homage to spillage. No no no no no. You were spilling out and not in a good way.
Lisa Edelstein tip for next time... remove nightie before putting on Emmy dress. Even I know that!

Who did you love and what did you hate???

Back to my reality.

VOTE please, I need a weekly win...
Rescue needs to continue!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nano Giveaway Daily Contest

Vote for me here and win

Nano Giveaway Daily Contest

Starting monday you can win a nano and VOTE FOR ME!!!!!

So, get logggin!!!

VOTE already!!



Auntie Robin talking to someone about rescue!

We sold home made granola bars to power 2 leggeds... some of them were looking tired out

Of course I campaigned! Look we really do need to win that money, I met Dexter today, he is in rescue now, but boy he needs some vet help and I promised him help and a new forever family.

We sold dog goodies. Liver lips lovers knew where to come and refresh their stash.... Lots of people and lots of dogs

Lots of toys and lots of fun and lots of grass an places to run and sniff.

I am tired, and I am ready for din din and a nap.

Mhhh, thank you all for making this fun. don't forget to vote. Look on your lolly pop for the info. OR go to the Left side of this blog and click on vote for my dog... or

CLICK HERE and register and VOTE!!


GO VA!!!!


yes Silvieon4 is me!!!!!

RE cap of a wonderful memory making day!


Pooped, happy and socialized . What a great day! Thank you Suffolk for giving us a wonderful memory! Thank you all of you who attended and participated, big round of puppy paws to you! Loved loved loved meeting so many wonderful 2 leggeds and so many very nice 4leggeds. Not to brag, but as as a species us 4leggeds are gorgeous. From big ones to small ones, we are by far the best looking species on the planet.

Met so many wonderful rescue supporter. That's my kind of 2 legged. Kisses to all of them who bought stuff and donated money to rescue. And kisses to our Bichon family who showed up in support and a big special "bat bat my eyes" hello to Freddie. That boy is looking absolutely fab.
[Shh Wendy- I saw him first... and he is too more my type! older sisters! sometimes.... ]

WE had such FUN!!

Look for yourself!

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Getting READY

Mutt Strutt Here I come. Are you ready for me???

My posters are ready, my candy is ready, my speeches are ready... I am ready to go. Oh wait, as usual, my humans are NOT ready yet!
Yes I am taking my camera and will post pics, I promise.

Meanwhile, NEW WEEK. We zero out the votes and start fresh!

So, have at it, VOTE vote vote....


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tomorrow's event

Mutt Strut Dog Walk & Festival - 2nd Annual


Locality: Suffolk City

Sleepy Hole Park
4700 Sleepy Hole Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23712

Enjoy a day of doggone fun supporting the Suffolk Humane Society’s rescued animals! This event includes a pledge walk, music, entertainment, pet-related exhibitors, rescue groups and much more!

Log onto www.firstgiving.com/suffolkhumanesociety to register for the pledge walk.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 (1:00 PM-5:00 PM)

Children Welcome

Pets Welcome

Suffolk Humane Society: (757) 374-1476


Just guess you else will be there???

MOI! I just got blow dried and fluffed out and will be there, so come by and visit the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue booth and bring your pet so we can meet. PS, you can see my posters too and I think I am going to talk the Wendy and JD into coming along.

Is it a date?

Hey don't be late!!!

The Secrets Inside Your Dog\'s Mind

The Secrets Inside Your Dog\'s Mind

Mh, mh, mhhh.

of course.

Psssssttttttttttt dude....


Erase last night's BAD karma with some great Karma....
Vote for me, support RESCUE


Psychologically SPEAKING... er BARKING

1. Please don't talk to me like I am a human baby!
Save the "Coochie-coochie-coooos!" Talking to me in a high pitched voice just hurts my ears and it really does not convey what you are trying to say to me. All I get is "I am excited! I am excited...." so.. you are excited... and why should I pay attention???

I know that a lot of people that think they talk to infants the same way they talk to dogs. Psychological studies on the topic revealed similarities in the use of high pitched voices, repetitive use of grammatically acceptable words and present tense verbs.The differences were evident in the usage of directive speech, ie orders when talking to dogs verses questions when talking to babies.

The initial conclusion reached was that the problem is the limited attention span of both dogs and children. I beg to differ. That use of the squeaky voice and repetitious drivel, is JUST boring. No wonder we turn away....
So, please do us both, babies and dogs a favor, cut that out!

2. Do you think dogs understand humans?

Talk in your normal voice, Make eye contact, and let me get a feel for you so I can understand you. Generally, despite all that high pitch jibberish, multiple studies have proven over time that dogs do understand humans. The only empirical evidence accepted in multiple studies was a dog's ability to follow commands. Limited, no? [Obviously they did not read this blog!] SO generally , it is accepted knowledge that we, 4 leggeds do understand 2 leggeds.

This is true even when momma spells WALK.... or RIDE. So why she bothers spelling it??? And daddy, we got the disappearing treat trick ions ago, we just humor you, because we love you, that's all.... and it makes you feel... "special"....

3. Dogs facilitate social interaction- we are social lubricant
Taking a 4 legged for a walk is a sure way to find yourself interacting with other humans. We facilitate social contact. In 1993, Rogers, Hart and Boltz conducted an observational study of elderly dog walkers. The finding was simple an obvious , to me anyway... First of all the walkers were happier people, emotionally, socially and physically better off than non dog walkers. - DUH!!! I told you momma, we walk you for YOUR benefit!!!

Second, these walker engaged in social interaction with other walkers, often talking about ... their dogs!

Single men... we are great facilitators. You don't need a wing man, you need a wing dog!!! [hi uncle Phil]

4. Do dogs owners resemble their dogs?
One study seems to prove that theory with one exception: a. Roy and Christenfeld (2004 and 2005) found that, yes, dogs do resemble their owners, but only if they're purebreds -

Noooooo No no no.... It has got to be the other way around! I don't want to look like you. No offense. I think the truth is... momma will look like ME!!!!

Hope for you momma! You will eventually look more and more Bichon!!! Yeaaaa! [she better not get a tail better looking than mine, is all I can say....I have enough competition from Wendy!]
Wait a minute... that bad perm a while back... was that an accident or your attempt at Bichoness????

So, now you get the psychology?
Speaking of getting. Did you vote? I need you to vote. We need to make it in the finals. We have lots of dogs waiting for help...

Vote already, don't make me beg... in public...



Mitchell, R.W. (2001). Americans' Talk to Dogs: Similarities and Differences With Talk to Infants. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 34(2), 183-210.

Pongracz, P., Miklosi, A., & Csanyi, V. (2001). Owner's beliefs on the ability of their pet dogs to understand human verbal communication: A case of social understanding. Cahiers de psychologie cognitive, 20(1-2), 87-107.

Rogers, J., Hart, L.A., & Boltz, R.P. (1993). The role of pet dogs in casual conversations of elderly adults. J Soc Psychol, 133(3), 265-77.

Roy, M.M., & Christenfeld, N.J.S. (2004). Research Report Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? Psychological Science, 15(5), 361.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The three of US

And it is always the 3 of US !
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Heyyyyy world......

Just one little word.....






Happy BIRTHDAY Wendy!!

To my Beautiful sister Wendy


You arrived into this world on the same day as hurricane Isabel.

Unlike Isabel you are kind, gentle, sweet, loving and a joy to have around.

You are my best friend and my big sister and I love being with you, playing with
you and living with you.

You are my keeper of secrets,
and I love seeing you happy.

JD also loves having you around because you make him feel like a real big brother.

I know sometimes I force you to play and I know that sometimes you don't feel like it, but I love you. A lot.

Momma and daddy and Dowi and Adam love you too and yes uncle Phil loves you too.

Did you know you share a birthday with uncle Jack?

Are you ever going to share your secret to getting and keeping such a fantaboulous tail?

Momma is making your special birthday dinner and we will party!

Hmmm can I help you celebrate????



flirting with daddy

Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy are you sleeping? I am not sleepy yet. [That long nap this afternoon might have something to do with this] Wanna play? I am licking your face awake. Hi. I love you.

Wanna play? We could blitz. We could play tug of war. We could play secret agent, I have my secret agent fan. See? We could play fetch. We could go out of for a ride!

No, I have not looked at the time, why? I licked your face awake . Oh your whole body is still sleepy? You don't do anything at 4 am, but sleep? Mhhh.


I guess I will go chew on something then

sleepless in Chesapeake

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Would you FEEL good eating this???

Ground yellow corn,
chicken by-product meal,
corn gluten meal,
whole wheat flour,
animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E),

rice flour,
soy flour, sugar,
tricalcium phosphate,
water, salt,
phosphoric acid,
animal digest,
potassium chloride,
dicalcium phosphate,
sorbic acid (a preservative),
L-Lysine monohydrochloride,
dried peas, dried carrots,
calcium carbonate,
calcium propionate (a preservative),
choline chloride,
added color (Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 2),
Vitamin E supplement, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, Vitamin A supplement, manganese sulfate, niacin, Vitamin B-12 supplement, calcium pantothenate, riboflavin supplement, copper sulfate, biotin,
garlic oil, thiamine hydrochloride,
pyridoxine hydrochloride,
thiamine mononitrate,
folic acid, Vitamin D-3 supplement,
menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity),
calcium iodate,
sodium selenite.*

*Beneful label


YOU feel what you eat

Just having my morning foam. Decided to have it in the study today. Change of scenery. Morning foam makes me feel good.

I know you 2leggeds are fond of saying that you are what you eat, but after a lot of thinking about this, I have decided you are wrong. Really. I would be a lamb by now!!!

Actually you FEEL what you eat.

Think I am crazy?
Think again. It is all about the chemistry and patterns and associations.
Ok ok. One step at the time.
The chemistry:

My morning foam is skim milk. Milk has calcium which is known to calm nerves when one is feeling stressed or anxious. Milk, like turkey also has tryptophan is important for producing serotonin, which elevates mood.

Momma, I am feeling stressed... I need some juicy turkey for dinner. [This post has lots of potential...]

Good complex carbohydrates allow the amino acid tryptophan to enter the brain and become seratonin. And that is why pasta, pizza, bread cereals make you feel good!

Foods rich in Omega oils boosts seratonin production and make your brain function better. Think of omega oil like a brain lubricant. Would you dare deprive your car engine of oil? No. So be kind to your brain.
My love for white tuna and salmon is perfectly justified...

Coffee, chocolate [ick, but you 2leggeds seem to really like that poison] are stimulants which give you a surge of energy.

Get the idea?

Pattern and associations.

Patterns of behavior are also responsible for how you feel about certain foods. Comfort foods are those you associate with your childhood. So, one man's mac and cheese is another man's risotto.

Bottom line is... You FEEL WHAT YOU EAT!

Do you agree?

So, eat something wonderful today, feel great and do wonderful things, like VOTE for me!!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who is the Moocher???

who is SHE saving it for???

It has been a confusing morning. I just finished my breakfast, but I am sitting here feeling as if I was cheated. Let me take you through the chain of events that transpired. You tell me how I should feel.

Got up as usual, got my morning kisses from JD and Wendy and managed to get my morning loving from momma even before she was fully dressed. Went downstairs and waited for my breakfast. Nothing unusual there. Meandered downstairs listening to the cappuccino foam being steamed and anticipated my usual peak of foam. Just as I got to the kitchen I saw momma opening the refrigerator and take stuff out for our breakfast. But she got distracted when JD rang the bells on the patio doors to go out and momma left the refrigerator door open.
Well, I was not snooping, but I could not help looking in. And low and behold this is what I saw:

Oh oh oh! I got so excited. "PET" that is me! Whipping cream! I love whipping cream. It is like cappuccino foam on steroids! My mouth started watering immediately. Finally whipping cream for me! I have gotten one or two licks off of some one's plate, but this said PET! Clearly it is going to be more that a lick or two!!!!

By the time the refrigerator door swung closed on its own I was drooling and quivering in anticipation. I even told Wendy and JD to hurry up and come back in because breakfast was going to be special.

And this is where things just wet awry. We got a nice breakfast which I ate with some reluctance...., but NO whipping cream. Maybe it is dessert???? Breakfast dessert?

I managed to wedge myself between momma and the fridge door when she was putting away stuff, a little later, and I even managed express my interest in the PET cream to momma. But she just laughed. [She can be soooo sourcastic]

She made some vague, obscure comment about daddy and Pet condensed milk and dog pantry in Ohio. ???? Beats me. Ohio was way before I was even born. Then she laughed. Cold hearted woman. Her last words on the topic were: "Things are not always as they seem."

Whatever. When do we get our Pet cream???? We are pets! It says PET. I am not leaving the kitchen. UNLESS... is momma saving that for another pet? Is she pulling a Jon Gosselin??? Does she have a pet on the side of her pets?????

Is whipping cream for closers only??? Mhh This million dollar contest is really impacting my life.
Vote please, I want to be a closer and get some cream!!!

I am soooooo confused.
creamless in Chesapeake


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Re- published per Request

Furry blogger vies for national title to raise money for her breed

Posted to: Chesapeake Entertainment Pets Spotlight

Silvieon4, a 3-year-old bichon frisé of Stewart and Silvie Goldstein in Chesapeake, is in the running for the All American Pet Brands-sponsored national online Cutest Dog Competition. (Courtesy photo)


A cute Chesapeake dog wants you to vote her the cutest dog in the country so she can help other cute local dogs.

Silvieon4, the 3-year-old bichon frisé of Stewart and Silvie Goldstein of Chesapeake, is in the running for the All American Pet Brands-sponsored national online Cutest Dog Competition, which runs through Thanksgiving.

Anyone can vote for the little tail-wagging princess by visiting her daily blog at www.silvieon4.com. That will link to a contest Web site, and a slew of awwwww-inducing photos.

If Silvieon4 wins one of the weekly competitions, she fetches $500. If she makes it to the

semifinals, she'll dig up $5,000, and if she takes the national title of Cutest Dog, she will reap a cool $1 million.

But all of the photogenic white-curled pooch's potential winnings will benefit Tidewater Bichon Frisé Rescue, a nonprofit group based in Suffolk and founded by directors Robin and Jack Gray.

As stated on its Web site, the group's mission is "the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of Bichons and to control the animal population by spaying and neutering all Bichons before they are placed in new homes."

"There are all kinds of neglect, abuse and abandonment going on with this breed," said Silvie Goldstein, whose two other dogs, JD and Wendy, are also bichons. "The Grays take them in, rename them, have them vetted, and then take them through a resocialization process. When someone wants to adopt, they make sure the family and the dog are compatible, make sure the environment is best for the dog's health and well-being."

Even though she thinks her newest family member is the most adorable canine on earth, Goldstein entered Silvieon4 to help other similar dogs in the area by, hopefully, bringing cash prizes to the rescue group.

"I wouldn't have to bake again," said Goldstein, who helps raise money for the group by selling her homemade cheesecakes and gourmet breads. "You see, we're totally dependent on donations and fundraisers."

She said her bea dy-eyed little white mop came to her family, thanks to TBFR's efforts.

"She was placed on Craigs-list by its owner as 'ready for breeding'," said Goldstein, a TBFR volunteer. "She was on her way to a puppy mill when the Grays interceded and rescued her. They didn't want her to breed for greed."

Goldstein said her newest family member was named after her.

"The Grays named her, actually," she explained. "She's small and mouthy, so she reminded them of me. They named her Silvieon4, as in 'on four legs,' I'm Silvieon2."

The Grays and Goldstein maintain that although bichons are cute, sweet-tempered, and seem almost like animated cuddly toys, they aren't novelties. They require a high degree of care and attention. Many adopt bichons casually because of their Beanie Baby looks and good natures, but when health or relationship issues arise, the dogs are quickly cast off like, well, forgotten toys.

"They're beautiful, cute and smart, but they are very high maintenance and expensive to maintain," Goldstein said. "They're small, and many have allergies and sensitive digestive systems. They really are 'fur kids,' they're completely people-dependent; they're dog velcro, they stick to you no matter what and cannot be left alone for long periods of time."

Goldstein thinks Silvieon4 stands a good chance of winning. She never seems to take a bad photo.

"I maintain that she's 93 percent dog and 7 percent ham; she loves the camera," Goldstein said.

Locally, it seems to be paying off. Recently, when she was in The Home Depot, with the pooch in the cart with her, she heard someone call out "Silvie!"

"Naturally, I thought it was someone I knew, but the person completely ignored me and went up to her and exclaimed, 'Oh Silvie, I read your blog!' I didn't mind; that's a sure vote."

For more information, to volunteer or to make a donation, write to Tidewater Bichon Frisé Rescue, P.O. 8084, Suffolk, VA 23438; call 986-2275; or visit www.virginiabichonrescue.org.

Eric Feber, 222-5203,


Dear Rachel Zoe- a fan letter

Dear Rachel Zoe,

If I were to ever become human [how do you manage to stand on only 2 legs!!?] I think part of me would like to be you. This is why....
1. Rodger is easy on the eyes.
2. You get to play with all kinds of neat clothes and sparklers and such.
3. I am into sunglasses and you wear a lot of sunglasses.
4. You have some pretty intimate access to a lot of celebs. That's hard core!
5. We are both smallish, girlish, and we are both fierce fashionistas.
6. I want to be able to say "B---nanas" just like you do.
7. I want a Brad of my own, but unless Taylor changes her tune... I pass on T. [hi Brad!!!]
8. Bangles. You wear them a lot I want to. Right now, on me bangles just fall off!
9. I have fashion ideas I can share with Dior, Armani... just like you do!
10. You have a driver and I would need one since I can't drive.

Seriously, think there is room in this world for a 4 legged version of you? I even think my friend Tootsie would fill Taylor's role so much better than Taylor!

Sigh. For now all I can do is check out the fall line and wonder why it is I don't have the phone number to the Marchesa designers so I could order up a little something... for myself.


BTW... Have you checked out my fab curly white coat? You should! It would inspire you to design the ultimate knock off for 2 leggeds, a FAUX Bichon like coat! And you are doing faux furs.... so...mmmmmh???

The Myth Surrounding Hypoallergenic Dogs - Paw Nation

The Myth Surrounding Hypoallergenic Dogs - Paw Nation

My own 12 cents... "Wash your dog regularly" DOES NOT MEAN DAILY!!!!
Good grief.

Where is Mrs Lysol , momma????


Snake with foot found in China - Telegraph

Snake with foot found in China - Telegraph

Hahahahahahaha, mommaaaaa momma look! This guy is after your shoes!!!!

Momma, snake and shoes all in the same thought... hahahahahahah