Sunday, September 20, 2009

RE cap of a wonderful memory making day!


Pooped, happy and socialized . What a great day! Thank you Suffolk for giving us a wonderful memory! Thank you all of you who attended and participated, big round of puppy paws to you! Loved loved loved meeting so many wonderful 2 leggeds and so many very nice 4leggeds. Not to brag, but as as a species us 4leggeds are gorgeous. From big ones to small ones, we are by far the best looking species on the planet.

Met so many wonderful rescue supporter. That's my kind of 2 legged. Kisses to all of them who bought stuff and donated money to rescue. And kisses to our Bichon family who showed up in support and a big special "bat bat my eyes" hello to Freddie. That boy is looking absolutely fab.
[Shh Wendy- I saw him first... and he is too more my type! older sisters! sometimes.... ]

WE had such FUN!!

Look for yourself!

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