Monday, February 28, 2011


Let me get this straight. We suffer through costumes and we get is sticky fingered kiddies ringing our doorbell looking for candy. We truly suffer... They get a parade. A whole parade with walkies and everything.

How far is this Rio city anyway? 
The longer I live the more convinced I become that the only FAIR in life is at the County seat...

vexed 'vie

The sweetness of doing nothing: il dolce far niente

Delicious, delightful pisolino, [that means nap] Do you see the total and complete surrender ? Life is good. 

And I am not the only 4legged in total snoozeland. JD is doing the same thing,  Momma is cooking and oh the smells... I am dreaming of that pate` in my mouth...

Ehmm, why are you staring at me? Go away. And take your dumb blinky thing with you. Why are you not tending to my pate? You better not be burning it woman. That would be actionable negligence!  'vie who is NOT moving              

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is how friends take care of each other.

This Beagle saw that his friend was trapped and he did everything he could to help him. Because, this is how friends take care of each other. 

Video Corriere


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Call me when the car is ready

I am only interested in going for a ride. It's Saturday. Daddy belongs to me today. I don't want to hear any excuses.
Go get the car ready for our ride.

Check out this article!

This Virginia Beach fire dog is hot on the trail

Posted to: Community News Life Pets Virginia Beach

Pepe sniffs out accelerants from cans spiked with a drop of lighter fluid. Pepe is trained to recognize 22 different accelerants, ranging from lighter fluid to diesel. “No mechanical device can pick up what this dog can,” arson investigator Robert Putz said.

 <span class='credit'>(Chad Ray | Special to The Virginian-Pilot)</span>

Pepe sniffs out accelerants from cans spiked with a drop of lighter fluid. Pepe is trained to recognize 22 different accelerants, ranging from lighter fluid to diesel. “No mechanical device can pick up what this dog can,” arson investigator Robert Putz said. (Chad Ray | Special to The Virginian-Pilot)

By Chad Ray Correspondent
The Virginia Beach Fire Department's ranks have grown one larger with its latest graduate from the ATF Canine Training and Operations Center in Front Royal.
Pepe joins his new partner, fire investigator Robert Putz. An 18-year veteran of the fire department, Putz has a new friend for life.
"He goes everywhere with me," Putz said. Pepe is Hampton Roads' only "accelerant detection canine" certified by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Putz and his dog can respond to investigations in a large area, including Richmond and the Eastern Shore. They also can be called to help anywhere in the world, anytime, as part of the ATF's National Response Team and other federal bureaus.
"The Virginia Beach Fire Department partnered up with the ATF," Putz said. "They agreed to have a dog in our city. I agreed and the fire chief agreed to let me go and get this tool to help save money and time."
Pepe is trained to recognize 22 different accelerants, such as lighter fluid and diesel, Putz said.
"No mechanical device can pick up what this dog can," he said.
Pepe got to show his stuff Feb. 16 with a demonstration using several tests.
One of the assignments was to find a tiny drop of lighter fluid placed on a Q-tip and set out in a football field.
"He will find it within three to four minutes," Putz said.
And as promised, he did.
Pepe isn't the only one learning with his new team.
"The dog is training us to recognize when he is hitting on an accelerant and his reactions to the accelerants," Putz said.
This canine not only can respond to fire investigations, but can perform people searches to help eliminate suspects in arson cases.
"This new tool in arson investigation will save time and money," said Putz, adding that he hopes Pepe also acts as a deterrent to crime.

Chad Ray,

Congrats Pepe, a fire dog! I am so impressed!


Friday, February 25, 2011

CHRIS MEDINA, you have a loyal fan.

Oops I just counted you have 7 fans right here!

This just in! Dolphin saves Dog. named Turbo

Hey, what's the dolphin's name???? Humans... always forget the important details!

Table manners and rant

This post is dedicated to the person who said, and I quote:
"IIIICK, sharing a table with a dog would be gross, I mean it's not as if they have table manners..."

Hmmmm, pardon moi, BUT I have impeccable "table manners". I have loving parents who have taught me well. I sit quietly waiting for my meal. I am respectful of others and politely eat off a fork.  I chew with my mouth closed and I spill NOTHING on the floor. I don't throw food around and I have never thrown a temper tantrum so loud that it clears out a restaurant. I don't think you can say the same about some two legged children.

And, as far as your comment about hygiene. I am clean, I am healthy, and being all white makes it impossible for me to hide "dirt". And nobody asked you to share my plate, or my fork or my napkin..

Coming off my soap box. All this because I said I want to go out to eat with momma and daddy. I eat with them every day, neither has "died" from eating with me. [ok, I am not quite ready to come off my soap box]

So, let's be honest, your issue is not with me, personally [although I take it personally] your issue reflects your own shortcomings. If you can't see that manners are taught, please, don't adopt a dog, you would make a terrible parent.

My two leggeds love me enough to have invested time to educate me.


PS Daddy that lamb chop was delish!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

please help Katie get back home!

I think I found the state of France!!!!

Paris vu du Ciel de Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Uploaded by mairiedeparis. - News videos from around the world.

So, when do we move? Momma said I could not go to the White Hat Society lunch because we are not in France. Ok.  I want to be with my two leggeds always and I want to go out with them always, everywhere, including and most specially when they go out to eat...    I love them, and they love me. So, when do we move?  Now this France I found is also called Paris. Paris France. I hope that's the same France momma was talking about. Hey wait, I know someone who was recently there. Chloe' Honeygo Beasley's momma. Wonder how she liked  it. In any case, I am ready to move.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Hat Society meeting.

Like I am stupid. Or like I am NOT supposed to notice. I was watching momma upload her pictures from today's WHS luncheon and suddenly something struck me as ... funny.  No, not as in ha ha funny. Funny as in is that a man???? Was there a man attending the luncheon????? OMD. And to that, almost like an afterthought momma said, "Daddy went too. There were two men in attendance."

Oh???? Now WHS allows men?  Ahh it always did.  So. Basically the only ones not allowed are four leggeds. How pawsitively species-ist.. Is that even a word?  Well, what do you call people who discriminate based on species?  I am so hurt.  And I thought you loved me momma.

Hmm. I smelled your breath, salad, roast beast... bread... iced tea. Nothing special. Still... where you go... I should go.

Momma said that this is not France. Then we must move! Where is the state of France?

Sigh. Wait, I just heard momma talking on the phone. Ohhhhh WHS is planning something. Something for two and four leggeds....????? What do you mean you will talk later????? Now woman, spill it now!.... Drats.... she is going to spend time with the sucker upper  ....vaccum drats and double drats....

I think I should get my own white hat just in case....

I don't need chopsticks! All I need is the opportunity.


Occasionally when momma gets that itch to play with her "toys" we get home made sushi and all the stuff that she would get if she ever went to one of those "buffets".  But she calls those places... "incubators" so.... if she wants the food she has to make it. It's a tough life.

I happen to love sushi, gimme some good white tuna and I am in heaven.  And yes, I hate ginger, but so does daddy, so we get the light ginger treatment.

Now, last night's tuna tataki was to die for.  And sorry Wendy Pooh, you are wrong, shrimp is delicious! Ehmmm Adam. We miss you. I had to eat your portion.

And yes, etiquette says it is perfectly ok not to use chopsticks. Sushi was originally "finger food'  so... I can just pop it in my mouth!

Adam, we really did miss you...

faces only? I need one of these for my back!

Quillah, does your bird do this for you?

right now I am very jealous....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blast from the past?

This is what comes out of insomnia... I have no barks to express. I am overwhelmed. Who signed off on this episode?
Was this costumed with Bob Macke's leftovers? Momma said this was a Soap Opera. I have never seen a "soap opera". Do you buy tickets at a laundry mat ? Does the audience have anything to do with soap. Because, if that's the case... Peace out my man, it's not pour moi.....

Happily unhitched....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Look what we have been awarded!

Peer recognition is the most valuable kind of recognition. Fans are great, but a fan who is also a blogger is even better! You know why? Because they know the itty bitty frustrations of a lost post, or a Blogger off day that simply will not let you edit, or any of the many many little impediments that sometimes make it hard to function. Having said that I must thank Foley Monster and Pocket for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award and further I must thank Kol for nominating me. Thank you guys! I am honored, but most of all I am grateful for your friendship. things about me I have never blogged about....mhhh let's see, with 2000+ posts that is going to be hard...

1. You may find this hard to believe, but I love, love, love, spicy food, specially Eritrean injera and zighini. I would rather eat that than steak.
2. I like to eat my pasta off a fork. Sauces can be messy! I sit there and wait until someone actually brings a fork up to my mouth. Hey I am a lady!!!!
3. If momma speaks to me in Italian I melt like a puddle of goo.
4. I really don't like crowds. For me to be ok in a crowd, I have to be in the arms of one of my humans or safely zipped in my buggy.
5. I am a bit of a tattletale. If The Wendy or JD do anything they are not supposed to do, I bark my head off until momma figures it out.
6. My pre adoption name was...Princess. Honestly! I told you I am royalty...
7. I absolutely hate, dislike and will not go near a balloon . Those things are loud, and they spit air. In your face...

How is that?

And my nomination for Elegant Blog winners are :

Each is worthy of a good read . Today it's shaping up to a great day, despite the backslide into winter... 75 yesterday.... today... 50ish???? Tucking in my paws, and waiting for my breakfast....

Yes, of course I am doing it very stylishly!


The Royal Wedding

Yes. IT arrived. I am a little shocked it arrived given OUR history, but I guess stiff British upper lip and protocol prevailed.

Am I going? Mhhh. Been thinking about it and I think I am going to say no. For many many many reasons.

I like William, and despite her penchant for fascinators, I also like Kate. But I am afraid that my past dealings with the Queen have left me with a bitterness that a simple invitation cannot overcome.

It all started with my evolution, you know, from rescue to royalty. Apparently that statement alone got the old girl's blood boiling. And it really curdled once I had the nerve to appear in print wearing one of my many tiaras. You guessed it. I got a visit from HRM's attache` who politely and in a very British snooty way informed me that "One does not evolve into royalty, one is born into it".... DUHHHHH. He then suggested I stop calling myself royalty immediately. You notice... the invite is for "MISS Silvieon4" and not HRM Silvieon4!!!!! Well you can guess how it went down from there.

One. I am born royalty. I am BICHON. My lineage predates the House of Windsor by more than a few centuries! Two, on this side of the pond the old girl is no more than a curiosity and I don't take orders from anyone we send packing 200+ years ago. Three, her failure to recognize my royal lineage is just that, HER failure. Talk about insecurity!!!! Four. I am who I am, a princess from my nose to my toes and she can lump it.

I considered putting in an appearance, if not for anything else, but to validate this pale conciliatory overture. Then it dawned on me. I am white. I am ... shall we say it out loud? I am pretty... and etiquette dictates that one should not wear white at a wedding, nor should one outshine the bride. Well, am I supposed to dip myself in ink and ugly up? HA, is that what this invitation is about? Some sort of etiquette imposed penance? Ahh... well played old girl! I pass.

I think I will call Fergie and hang out with her on April 29. I understand she will be on vacation. Maybe I will invite here, she can film for Finding Sarah, I am sure her new boss Oprah would love that.

I tell you, talk about royal pain in the butt!

Please consider this my RSVP- I will NOT be attending!

HRM Miss 'vie

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presley is home! HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!!!

The cutie patoutite above is Presley who went to his forever home today! We are doing the happy dance. How cool is it that he was adopted on love your pet day?

Presley, can't wait to see you at the Bash! Chill, enjoy and love your new family, they are as special as you are. X, 0 and wags


Love your pet day FEB 20

I am not particularly fond of the Madison Avenue mandates which create weird holidays to fuel the economics of the greeting cards companies, cheap chocolate manufacturers etc. I am generally anti over commercialized pseudo holidays...I mean, I am still scratching my head trying to get why Feb 14, St. Valentine's day is the day that celebrates lovers...St. Valentine was not exactly the poster boy of love. I had expected a Bieber type or for momma's generation a Pierce Brosnan type... Further back in time than that??? Oook... Fred Flintstone type. Valentine was a priest....

Anyway, while reading the daily papers, I came across an item which proclaimed that today it's officially LOVE YOUR PET DAY. Dang! That sure got my attention. Hopefully there is no stupid greeting card for it, but I do sincerely hope that there is some sort of delicious traditional food, or special belly rub or walk to express the wonderful sentiment.

Food would be great. Something new, juicy, with a crispy skin and a moist interior like duck. I love duck. [I do hope Feather Ducklear and Bill Duckley come back to the pool this year...wiping my jaw... I am leaking]

So, I have been nose-ying around the house trying to sniff out how momma will celebrate a momentous day like today. She has 3 "pets", 4 if you count the dad. I am ok with including him in our group. Sometimes I think he is one of us. And if including him ameliorates our cache`, so be it.I designate him to be a PET. Ha, I know he thinks that's an upgrade.

Now, in an effort not to trivialize and reduce this day to the vacuous expression of sentiment that fails everyone's expectations, momma, I have taken a few to outline what would make it really meaningful. I have mentioned the food. I trust your judgment on this, just a reminder, there is a lovely tenderloin in the freezer, and also, there is that stuffed turkey breast that could be delicious. Sooooo, momma, how are you going to shower us with love? Will it be coming out of the oven? The grill? The piastra? Where , where, where???

You could take us for a lovely long walk in Norfolk by Riverside. I am so fond of that wonderful velvety grass. Mhh a good roll on that would be super. [NO BATH AFTER- It is LOVE your pet not scrub your pet day!] Then you could take us to our fav pet supply store and say... let us pick out something fun from the toy isle, or treat isle ... whatever. No no no, not rags/ clothes, and you could forgo the forensics on the ingredients listed...that would increase our options so much!

Then we could come home, have that wonderful dinner and stretch out in a food coma that would culminate in a long belly rub while we drift off to sleep.

Now, that's a perfect love your pet day... So when do we start?

Stop! Halt! What the tushy stick for? Thermometer.... still a tushy stick....
I am fine! Back off woman. I am NOT delusional or febrile [whatever that means]... I am getting the feeling you are not into my holiday... heathen... momma you are a heathen... Daddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyy , hold me, she has a tushy stick!!!!

Talk about shattered expectations...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I think I know where Blue Bear is!!!!

I haven't been able to find Blue Bear... Was this cat visiting anyone in VA???

suspicious moi

FDA Announces Upcoming Shortage of Vetsulin for Dogs and Cats in the Critical Need Program

FDA Announces Upcoming Shortage of Vetsulin for Dogs and Cats in the Critical Need Program
February 4, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today an anticipated shortage of Vetsulin (porcine insulin zinc suspension), a product used to treat diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats. Vetsulin is manufactured by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health and is only available to animals currently enrolled in the Vetsulin Critical Need Program.

In November 2009, FDA announced its concerns about the stability of Vetsulin, which may cause the product to have unpredictable onset and duration of action in dogs and cats treated with Vetsulin. At that time, FDA recommended that diabetic dogs and cats currently receiving Vetsulin be switched to other insulin products. In May 2010, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health initiated the Vetsulin Critical Need Program, intended for a critical need dog or cat that, in the medical judgment of the pet’s veterinarian, could not be effectively managed on another insulin product.

In November 2010, Vetsulin intended for use in the Critical Need Program, failed critical manufacturing tests which are routinely conducted to assure consistency and quality of the drug. The tests showed that the sterility of the most recently manufactured batches of Vetsulin may be compromised by bacterial contamination. This batch of Vetsulin has not been released.

FDA has no evidence that Vetsulin currently on the market and being used under the Critical Need Program is affected. No adverse events consistent with bacterial infection in cats and dogs receiving Vetsulin have been reported to CVM under the current program.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has indicated that it will be sending letters to owners of the pets enrolled in the Vetsulin Critical Need Program and their veterinarians. In those letters, the firm will be notifying veterinarians and pet owners of the upcoming shortage of Vetsulin and consequent discontinuation of the Vetsulin Critical Need Program. Owners of diabetic cats and dogs are encouraged to consult their veterinarian as soon as possible about transitioning their pets to other insulin products. Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health is planning to provide detailed instructions to veterinarians on how to manage the transition.




Additional Information
May 05, 2010 FDA Announces Availability of Vetsulin for Critical Needs Dogs and Cats  
November 02, 2009 FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Alerts Veterinarians About Problems with Vetsulin® to Treat Diabetes in Dogs and Cats  
Vetsulin (Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health)   

CVM Updates FDA is Warning Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs and Ferrets

CVM Updates FDA is Warning Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs and Ferrets

FDA is Warning Pet Owners on the Dangers of Xylitol Ingestion in Dogs and Ferrets
February 18, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration is cautioning consumers about the risks associated with the accidental consumption of xylitol by dogs and ferrets. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol approved for use in many common products, including sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene products, and chewing gum.

Xylitol can be found in many over-the-counter drugs such as chewable vitamins and throat lozenges and sprays. It can also be purchased in bulk bags for use in home baking. These products are intended only for human use.

FDA is aware of complaints involving dogs that experienced illness associated with the accidental consumption of xylitol. Xylitol is safe for humans but it can be harmful to dogs and ferrets.

FDA is advising consumers to always read the label on products and to not presume that a product that is safe for humans is safe for your pet.

The FDA reports included clinical signs such as a sudden drop in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), seizures and liver failure. If you suspect your pet has ingested xylitol, some signs to look for are depression, loss of coordination and vomiting. The signs of illness may occur within minutes to days of ingesting xylitol. Owners should consult their veterinarian or pet poison control center immediately for advice if they know or suspect that their pet has ingested a human product containing xylitol.

Consumers who wish to report animal illness, please contact the FDA consumer complaint coordinator in your state.
Additional Information
Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA)
Household Hazards and Poisons (AVMA)
Contact Us
Issued by: FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine

240-276-9115 FAX

Communications Staff, HFV-12

7519 Standish Place

Rockville , MD 20855

Editor's note:

Please pay attentions to medications. Often vets used human pediatric formulations for your pet, unfortunately many are flavored with Xylitol.

Daddy's girl

Seven simple rules for being daddy's girl:

1. Act as if he is the ONLY 2legged in the world any time he is around.

2. Whirl wind tail is in order at the sight of him. No side to side wag.

3. Pay attention! Do what he asks the first time he asks. He will be so grateful you are likely to get rewarded immediately and later as well. Two leggeds seem to have a decent memory. [except for momma who has a convenient memory... but the shrink's couch is presently occupato, so we shall table that discussion for later...]

4. Anticipate daddy's wishes. This is goes beyond compliance. This takes skills. You know his routines, so ... jump start them. You would not believe how appreciative the daddy will be.

5. Eyes on him only, sit properly and tilt your chin so your "disney eyes" show, you know, just enough white to make the black pop.


7. Remember, MAINTAIN THE ILLUSION- he must believe, feel, think, breathe and revel in the fact that you are DADDY's Girl.

It is all about acting the part.

Try it. Results guaranteed.

back to working the daddy...


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adopt a rescue

It's tres chic!

Everybody is doing it!

Justin Bieber adopted SAM

Kellan Lutz adopted Kola and Kevin

Jennifer Aniston - Corgi/Terrier mix: Norman

Drew Barrymore - Chow/Lab mix: Flossie

Mischa Barton - mutt: Charlie

Orlando Bloom - mutt: Sidi

Adam Brody - American Pit Bull Terrier mix: Penny Lane

Sandra Bullock - mutts: Poppy and Ruby

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart - Chihuahua: Nellie

Jake Gyllenhaal - German Shepherd: Atticus Finch

JK Rowling - Greyhound: Sapphire

Charlize Theron - mutt: Tucker

Jorge Gargia -Pip and Smidge

Selena Gomez....five dogs and counting, go girl!

Katherine Heigl- Oscar, Mojo and Piper

Hal Sparks- Chewie

RochelleLaFevre- Jack

Amy Smart- Oscar

Selma Blair-Wink

Gregory Itzin-Merlin

Josh Duhamel-Meatloaf

John Barlett - Tiny Tim

Cornelia Guest- Bear and Oscar

Depok Chopra -Cleo

and that's just a fraction of all the celebs who have adopted...make room for a rescue in your life, DO IT!!!!

don't SHOP !!!!! ADOPT

Click on this to hear us today at 6:45 pm!!!!!!

Listen to internet radio with Tppctv on Blog Talk Radio

well, it was bound to happen... Einstein

Remember all these posts???? Remember how many times I begged momma to get me Einstein????

Well, tooooo late now.

Now he is a Disney property and I am out of luck... Momma this missed opportunity is ON YOUR HEAD....


BlogTalkRadio Share Show Widget

Today, the 17th of Feb at 6:45 We will be on the radio. You can hear us by clicking on the widget above. :) Yes you can call in and join the conversation.

This is going to be an interesting show.... 3.. count them... 3 two leggeds named ROBIN..... OMD help!

Does this happen at your house too?

Why do you freak out when I rub my dirty face on the carpeting? You like me with a clean face and I am cleaning it, and I can't reach the towels!

Why are you so bothered by my choice of "ointments"? Duck poop is all natural! You are all about the organic and natural no?

What's the deal with you and bugs? You hate them, but you won't let me play chew one to bits???

Let me get this straight, you really don't want to share your sox or underwear or anything personal with me? Why? I share! You can borrow my halter, or leash or floss boss... no not my chewies. Ok not this chewie....

I think scooting is a perfectly acceptable way to wipe my tush. Again, with the carpeting!!! You are supposed to walk on the thing, so why do you act as if it's hallowed ground?

Ok, you tell me what good is a couch cushion if you can't hide a chewie under it?

I have no clue why you object to my attempt to share the bathroom. I can't reach reach the toilet, but I can reach that rug!!!!

Can you please stop saying "leave it" every few feet when we are out walking? You take the joy our of the walk if everything out there is subject to the "leave it" bit.

No, I don't want to be civil and allow a stranger to pet me just because I am out in public. I don't know where their hands have been, and I want autonomy. I am not a petting object for every person that feels like it.

You really stifle my natural curiosity and instinct. I am supposed to keep my nose out of the trash, the dishwasher, the pantry, etc etc, but you put all the smelly things in there! Seriously!!!

You are not funny when you try to confuse me. You know I respond to "treat", so saying "tweet" is really mean... Besides, you make me think you are having a TIA, a transient ischemic attack, and then I worry....

I have every right to bark at the strangers in the garden, or on the roof, or in the pool or anywhere else in the house. You want me not to bark at them? Introduce me. Forget it, I don't want these people in my home., except for the dishwasher guy. He is nice, I like him. He gives great belly rubs. He has dogs. I sniffed them out.

Stop invoking Auntie Robin when you you are threatening me, or denying me something I want.
She is not here, so.... you are just hiding behind her name. SHAAMMMMMMME ON YOU!!!

Put away the camera!!! I hate that flash, and I am trying to talk to you..... Jeezzzzz....

Do you want to work on our relationship or what??????


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Congratulations Hickory Wind!

Vegas dude you were wrong!

A five year old VA Scottish Deerhound named Hickory won Westminster.

Hickory Wind, thanks for representing our state and our gender so well. Hopefully crazy two leggeds will not go on a breeding rampage because a deerhound is a BIIIIGGGG 4legged.

Hey Hickory, after you win something like this, do you get chewies on demand?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CNN Photos 135th Westminster Kennel Club

CNN Photos 135th Westminster Kennel Club

Thursday on

BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

TPPCtv's Pets Teach Us So Muchrss itune


Stars of the #1 pet web show in the world, Pet Lifestyle Experts Robbin & Joseph Everett take a raw, gritty, hilarious look at life with pets.

Robbin and Joseph Everett are the innovative new media team and talent that write, direct and produce episodes of The Pet Podcast Channel ( found on is the #1 pet related video podcast channel in the world. The Pet Podcast Channel has been broadcasting on the internet since fall of 2008. The Everetts are excited to broadcast via Blog Talk Radio enabling an opportunity to talk with celebrity guests and pet lovers from all around the world. From humble beginnings, the mission of “Content & Community We Grow Together,” has enabled The Pet Podcast Channel to be the preferred source for video on demand entertainment, contests, pet news, event announcements, animal charity awareness and information for all things pet related by giving their pet loving community a voice on the site. How can you join in the fun? Listen to our show right here on Blogtalkradio! Watch on line at Read the Pets Teach Us So Much Blog at Join the TPPCtv Woofy Woo Crew Community for pet lovers at Twitter follow: @TPPCtv Facebook friend our mascot Lookie Lou at
Robbin and Joseph Everett are the innovative new media team and talent that write, direct and produce episodes of The Pet Podcast Channel ( found on is the #1 pet related video podcast channel in the world. The Pet Podcast Channel has been broadcasting on the internet since fall of 2008. The Everetts are excited to broadcast via Blog Talk Radio enabling an opportunity to talk with celebrity guests and pet lovers from all around the world. From humble beginnings, the mission of “Content & Community We Grow Together,” has enabled The Pet Podcast Channel to be the preferred source for video on demand entertainment, contests, pet news, event announcements, animal charity awareness and information for all things pet related by giving their pet loving community a voice on the site. How can you join in the fun? Listen to our show right here on Blogtalkradio! Watch on line at Read the Pets Teach Us So Much Blog at Join the TPPCtv Woofy Woo Crew Community for pet lovers at Twitter follow: @TPPCtv Facebook friend our mascot Lookie Lou at

Hey Vegas dude...

Want to re think your odds???

What fluffitude, what Bichoness.... ahhh makes one proud to be part of the breed.


Monday, February 14, 2011


40 to 1 are the odds a Bichon Frise will win this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. You read it correctly. Once again, Wynn Las Vegas has posted betting odds on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The odds are for breeds, NOT specific dogs, and since the whole thing is "for entertainment purposes only," bets are not actually taken, this per John Avello, Executive Director of Race & Sports for Wynn.

To see the posted odds on all the breeds, log on to , click Casino, then click Race & Sports, you will see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show listed.

I was really going to release the wrath of Silvieon4 over this total objectification and trivialization of something that should be so pure and untouchable. But then I started talking to my family and they informed me that odds makers have placed odds on everything under the sun, from presidential elections to date of death of celebrities, etc etc.

Still, as a Bichon, I do believe that these people have never seen a Bichon close up. Gimme 5 with any of them. Just 5 minutes alone. You think that after staring into my eyes, running their fingers on my beautiful coat, or touching my belly and witnessing the awesomeness of my tail swag they would still place those odds at 40 to 1? They would have to be completely stoned.

[Stoned, it's my new word. Thank you Charlie S, without you I would have never learned it, but I kept asking questions after I kept hearing about your parties and you spending so much money on them (boy could the rescue use one hour's worth of your party cash....) , and ultimately I was told you got stoned. I figure that means stupid.]

I digress. I would bet you that 5 minutes with ANY Bichon would tip that table. I mean, really we as a breed were developed to please two leggeds. We are the yang to their ying for petting.

Now I do have a question. There is really no way that a Westminster Judge would be swayed by the Vegas odds is there??????? Mh. I am so losing my innocence. I am so becoming jaded. Last year I would not have even thought of that question.

Knowledge is the price of innocence, sometimes


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kylie is HOME!!! Doing the happy dance Wooohoooo

Rescued from one of those hateful hateful places we call puppy mills, Kylie had to learn to walk on grass, smell fresh air, she had to learn to trust, that human touch was good, she had to trust enough to be loved. A tall order considering that her old life was all about pain, fear, hunger, cold, thirst and neglect.

Then came rescue. White Dog Cottage became Kylie's first safe home. She could play in the yard, sleep on a bed, be petted and slowly she learned to relax and be around people.

Well, today we celebrate another milestone for Kylie. Today, Kylie got her very own family! Today Kylie was adopted. And, Kylie herself was relaxed enough to fall asleep with her new parents. She wasn't shaking, she wasn't cowering, she was cuddling and loving and being loved. And all is right with her world.

My momma was so happy to hear the news that she cried. Auntie Robin cried too. (2leggeds leak tears for any old reason!)

Kylie we wish you an easy adjustment and much love and happiness, little girl you are finally home! You earned it! To Kylie 's new family: patience, love, redemption and more patience. The rewards will be great. Time is your friend and welcome to the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue family. We are all here for you if you need anything.

The Wendy wants Kylie to know that having your belly rubbed by your momma is fantastic and snuggling with daddy is grand. ( I think The Wendy works that angle wayyyy tooo much)

We are all looking forward to seeing you at the bash, big hug to all.
X and wags,
'vie and family

what we need for our VEGAS trip

We need to get our paws on one of these. Watch the two leggeds, they easily do as the bot tells them to. For our Vegas trip, one of these as our own personal "social lubricant" would be ideal. 1. It does not eat or sleep or require anything from us. 2. it takes orders without judging or whining... and 3. look how distracted the two leggeds are... they would never notice us...

And... we could sent IT to the buffet to load up on food while we quietly sit at our table....

So who or what do we know that can get us one of these???

Kol, Lady Bug, Chloe, Rocky.... this would really do it....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dude, you are one cool dog!

Water-skiing dog

Talking to the momma

It takes a lot of patience to live with two leggeds. It also takes skill. You have to be their baby while remaining in control and manipulating your way with a lick and a wag, no less. This is a picture of moi. I am "discussing" my breakfast with momma. I often have to "talk" momma into what I want. Daddy is harder to manipulate only because he does not seem as "aware" of my needs, wants and desires. With him, I get my way after he has given up the usual routine... No short cutting. [Typical male, relies on pattern and habit as the default behavior. I have read up on this. It's hard wired in the genes...] But momma, momma is a much easier target. I am on the sofa, looking over the counter where momma is cutting up my lamb chop. But what I really want this morning is some of momma's breakfast. I am not even sure what she is having, but it doesn't matter. Unlike The Wendy who is all about the food, I am all about socializing. I won't even look at my plate until I have someone to sit and share my meals with. And I want momma to myself while we eat. It is "our" time. The on going problem is her constant need to multi task on what I consider "my " time. So, I have to be firm, talk to her, walk her to our spot and have her sit down and pay attention to only moi. I have special growls, whines and "talking" I use to get my way. [I am not sure I would pick thumbs over voice if I had a choice, if you know what I mean]. Well, this morning it took me almost 15 minutes to get that woman seated and sharing breakfast. I even shared a bite of her zucchini omelet...[the things I do for her!]

Now, it would be nice if she would get the routine down and simply adhere to it, instead of having to coaxed daily... What can I say, two leggeds!


Friday, February 11, 2011

babies babies... ANIMAL babies, of course

Rare Red-haired Babooon!

Well I have a super name all picked out for this baby. How about Ginger?

JD just rolled his eyes at me. Blah blah... it is NOT a stunning display of lack of imagination!

It's way better than the what they named her momma... SCUD... Ick how would you like to be named after an instrument of war?

Any way, I was really viewing the page to read about relatives. Yes relatives. Check them out! The wild dogs of Africa! Now learn about my cousins here. Or watch this:

I only have one thought, if they are supposed to be WILD, how did we get to the point of having to protect them and place them in a zoo??? Shaking my head...

I would like to go visit my cousins momma. And they are from Africa, like you momma! SO, when do go???


Thursday, February 10, 2011

PA yes Public Announcement

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite four legged family member to church???
Now you can!

On the second Sunday of each month, at 5pm, Old Donation Episcopal Church (4449 N Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach) holds a "pet friendly" service called Paws, Prayers and Praise (all denominations welcome).

From the Old Donation Episcopal Church website (
"People bring their pets with them to this service, which is generally over in 40 minutes, because even exceptional pets have a limited attention span. The praise music of this service is usually accompanied by a guitarist, and some dogs sing along. The only reading is the Gospel, and the sermon is typically three minutes long. People remain in their pews while communion is brought out to them in order to minimize mayhem, and no, we don't commune the pets, just the people."

While ART has no religious affiliation, nor do we promote any specific religion, we are pleased to broadcast this service to those to whom it might appeal.

ART is thankful for the partnership formed with Old Donation Episcopal Church. The church grounds are the location of our Celebration Garden ( where people can have bulbs planted in honor of their favorite animal or animal lover.

ART's monthly membership meetings are held at the church as well.

SAVE the date

Yes, SAVE THE DATE, so you are not LATE!

On Feb. 17 at 6:45 EST PM Silvieon4 [moi] and momma and auntie Robin, of course, will be guests on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show! The show is hosted by Robbin and Joseph Everett, the creators and hosts of the number one pet web TV show in the world,

Guess what? You can hear the full show right on your computer, by clicking on this link:

Read the Pets Teach Us So Much Blog at Join the TPPCtv Woofy Woo Crew Community for pet lovers at Twitter follow: @TPPCtv Facebook friend our mascot Lookie Lou at

So, SAVE THE DATE!!!! Put it on Your gurgle calendar!!!


From 72 degrees to this?????

Really????????? I am going back to bed.

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announcing the contest WINNERs!!!

The contest:
My blog tag line is: from rescue to royalty Silvieon4 shares her life. This week, in conjunction with the wag swag Wednesday at dog I am sharing a bag of my treats with the dog that tells us the best rescue story.

Share your story and win TREATS. Yes, treats. And as part of the contest, I'm requiring your 2legged to give them to you whenever you want. No tricks, no waiting!

Well, we did a lot of reading this week. Momma did a lot of crying because some of your stories were really touching. So we decided to have not one, but TWO winners because when it came down to it both stories that were chosen were so completely different and yet both about rescue.

The first one is a story about the perseverance and patience that it took to rescue a human and the magic that a Bichon angel called Buddy had to perform to make his momma stop being so sad. Winner one is Wynn! Wynn I will making arrangements to get you your own bag of treats to share with Ru!

My name is Wynn and this is my rescue story.

One day when I was hiding behind my sofa, a guardian dog angel came to see me. His name was Buddy. He was now an angel and was very happy, even though he knew how sad his mom was to have to let him go she did so, because she knew he would feel better in heaven. Buddy knew I was very unhappy at my house and had no purpose in life. I was left alone a lot...and they did not like me. Anyway, Buddy said a lady would be coming to pick me up the next day and would take me away. He said not to be afraid because it would lead to a better life. He said that no one would believe that I was the bad dog my family said I was.

Buddy was right! The very next day a lady came for me. She took me to her house and then to a kind of camp for white dogs. Many many many white dogs!They call this place White Dog Cottage. I loved it there, but I hated having to share my humans, Auntie Robin and Uncle Jack, and their lap with the other dogs.

Well, Buddy came to see me again and told me he had a plan. That night he made his sad Mom have a dream about Bichons and told her to look in the newspaper. The next day she did. She saw an ad for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. She called the number, got cold feet and hung up. She missed Buddy so much that she didn’t think she could love another dog. Buddy's plan had failed.

But, Buddy wasn’t giving up. At church that Sunday he had a lady ask his mom if she was going to Bark in the Park. She hadn’t planned to go. However, Katie (Buddy’s human sister) had a birthday party to go to across the street from the park. Several days before, Katie had gone on the TBFR website and she had seen my picture. Of course, she wanted me. Katie begged her mother to stop by the park on the way to the party, so they did. Katie usually gets her way.

Buddy’s mom met Auntie Silvie and Auntie Robin there. She tried to tell them about Buddy, but she started crying. And then they started talking, and soon the conversation became all about me. But I was with Uncle Jack in the car on my way to Bark in the Park! So, Buddy's mom decided to come back after the party so she could meet me. Well, this time, I got cold paws... There I was, looking so cute, but I got scared and growled at Buddy’s mom. I really was very scared! Katie picked me right up and gave me a big hug and told her mom I was scared. I was so scared that I scared Buddy's mom! It looked like Buddy’s plan had failed again.

Well, at least I had made an impression on Katie, who was NOT giving up! Katie usually gets her way. Katie made her mom promise to fill out the online application for Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. As promised, the mom did fill the application, but she wasn’t going to push enter and send it in, really she was not going to go through with it. Thank GOD her computer skills are bad and she did it by mistake!!!! Finally, Buddy's plan was starting to work! Things were looking good.

Auntie Robin called her and I was coming to visit on a Sunday. Well, I was so happy that I hurt my leg running around with the other dogs. Buddy’s plan had failed again.

Auntie Robin was going to bring a different dog to Buddy’s mom. Buddy wasn’t happy about this, so Buddy reminded Auntie Robin that she couldn't go Sunday because she had to prepare for a test on Monday. It worked, and she canceled the appointment. Well. Buddy’s mom couldn’t have Auntie Robin over for two more weeks. Perfect, that would give me time to heal.

Finally, everything was ready to go. Just one more obstacle and that was Ru (Buddy’s dog brother). Ru doesn’t really like other dogs. Buddy told me not to worry that he would take care of him. So we went to Buddy’s house. Uncle Jack put me in the back yard and they let Ru out. Ru looked at me kind of funny. I think he thought I was Buddy’s ghost. I was very quiet. I didn’t want to blow this. Buddy was counting on me. He was tired of seeing his mom so sad. I could hear Buddy’s voice telling Ru it was ok, because I was going to be his new brother. Then we started playing. Ru liked me!

Uncle Jack called me Winnie the Pooh and now I have Ru. As for Buddy’s Mom, well now she’s my Mom and she is so happy. She loves me so much!! She doesn’t cry about Buddy anymore and she knows that there is a little part of Buddy in me. After all, Buddy did pick me out of all the other dogs. Well, I know you humans think you rescue us, but sometimes we rescue you. My name is Wynn and that’s how I rescued Buddy’s Mom and made her MY Mom.

The second winner is Tucker. Tucker told us his cousin Diesel's story. Tucker entered the contest for Diesel. Altruism is always rewarded here! Tucker you won and we will be in contact with you for your address. Extra large bag of treats to share with Diesel will be shipped to you!

Oh Silvie I is not a rescue doggie but my BFF and cousin Diesel is! He is now 6 and was finally rescued when he was 2. See he is a mastiff rottie mix with loads of energies he was turned over to the shelter cause he was too big and pulled on his leash (we will call his first owners stoopid people A). So stupid people A took him to the shelter and his name was Hendrix, then stoopid people B adopted him. He lived with them for abouts a month and then they took him back to the shelter because he was jumping and pulling. Well the poor guy got adopted again to stoopid people C. Now they renamed him Diesel and then returned him again. You got it he was too big, he pulled on a leash, and he jumped. Well my uncles had lost there 13 year old doggie to cancer and waited a couple months but the house was to empty. They went to the shelter to meets Diesel and fell in love wif him. He went home to live with them and is happy as can be. If all those stoopid peoples had just trained him See more... they would have learned that he is such a good boy. Can you imagine being returned to the shelter 3 times before finding your forever home, no wonder he was acting up. Poor Diesel had no one to show him how he was suppose to act. Anyways that is my story abouts my BFF and cousin Diesel, I luvs him. woof - Tucker
By Tucker on Freeeeee treeeeeats (in my best Oprah voice) on 2/2/11

congratulations guys!!! RESCUE ROCKS!!!!!