Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I don't need chopsticks! All I need is the opportunity.


Occasionally when momma gets that itch to play with her "toys" we get home made sushi and all the stuff that she would get if she ever went to one of those "buffets".  But she calls those places... "incubators" so.... if she wants the food she has to make it. It's a tough life.

I happen to love sushi, gimme some good white tuna and I am in heaven.  And yes, I hate ginger, but so does daddy, so we get the light ginger treatment.

Now, last night's tuna tataki was to die for.  And sorry Wendy Pooh, you are wrong, shrimp is delicious! Ehmmm Adam. We miss you. I had to eat your portion.

And yes, etiquette says it is perfectly ok not to use chopsticks. Sushi was originally "finger food'  so... I can just pop it in my mouth!

Adam, we really did miss you...

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