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Sunday, February 13, 2011

what we need for our VEGAS trip

We need to get our paws on one of these. Watch the two leggeds, they easily do as the bot tells them to. For our Vegas trip, one of these as our own personal "social lubricant" would be ideal. 1. It does not eat or sleep or require anything from us. 2. it takes orders without judging or whining... and 3. look how distracted the two leggeds are... they would never notice us...

And... we could sent IT to the buffet to load up on food while we quietly sit at our table....

So who or what do we know that can get us one of these???

Kol, Lady Bug, Chloe, Rocky.... this would really do it....


rocky-dog said...

I tried responding to this from mama's iPhone -- she was NOT amused. So I'm going to try from the big computer.

I KNOW this place. This is from my downtown! This is where I live!

I'm not allowed inside the coffee shop, but I've lifted my leg outside on a number of occasions. Mama says they have good coffee and scones inside. I don't know why the bot should be allowed in and not me!

Mama said that the bot appeared to be very well behaved, but that she has not seen him around downtown at least not at the farmers market. Mama is heading off that way in a little bit. I can't go there either. Mama says it;s okay though because it is very crowded on Sunday mornings and I might get squooshed.

Mama will keep me posted if she sees this guy. She said she will ask if he would like to go to Vegas with us.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Oooohhhhh, I've always wanted a robot. What will be call him? Does he come in fun snazzy colours? Can we program him to give belly rubs?