Saturday, August 30, 2014

FDA Issues Warning Letters for Unapproved Tear Stain Removers Used in Dogs and Cats

FDA Issues Warning Letters for Unapproved Tear Stain Removers Used in Dogs and Cats

August 29, 2014
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing warning letters today to companies manufacturing unapproved animal drugs to remove tear stains in dogs and cats. These products, including Angels’ Eyes, Angels’ Glow, Pets’ Spark, and exported products Glow Groom and Health Glow, have not been reviewed by FDA for safety and effectiveness. These tear stain removers also contain the medically important antibiotic tylosin tartrate, which is not approved for use in dogs or cats, nor for the treatment of conditions associated with tear stains. Tear stain remover products are used to treat tear staining conditions around the eyes of animals, which, in particular, is associated with a condition called epiphora, mostly in cats and dogs.
FDA has serious concerns about unapproved animal drugs. Unapproved animal drugs are not reviewed by FDA and may not meet FDA’s strict standards for safety and effectiveness.
These tear stain drug products may be subject to additional enforcement action should the products continue to be marketed, such as seizure of violative products and/or injunction against the manufacturers and distributors of the violative products.

Contact FDA

240-276-9115 FAX
Issued by: FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine
Communications Staff, HFV-12
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, MD 20855
Page Last Updated: 08/29/2014 
Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.

Sepia Saturday :Cooper NO!

In his ongoing struggle to get better food, to actually to get home cooked food, cousin Cooper DA Cat has decided that emulating Bichons is the way to go.  But... I do believe that he has taken his missive a step too far! That is NOT how we get fluffy! 

Dude! Seriously that is like the ultimate schvitz box, oven, tumbling thing!  GET OUT.  GET OUT NOW!

Cats!  Ever wonder what goes on inside those tiny little heads?  Not much I guess.

Coop, momma said she will make some food for you.  Get out of the dryer!

Geez... Louise!

PS momma, I love you, Thank you for my yummy food. {I have to start showing more appreciation...right?} And, Thank you to our host: This is a BLOG HOP_ Sepia Saturday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cooper-gram: The STRIKE IS ON!

Cooper to his daddy: 

Listen buddy, where is my dinner? My cousins over in Chesapeake get  home cooked dinners all the time! I am sick of this canned cat food. I want something homemade. Bust out your pots and pans and get busy!  I am not eating anything unless it is freshly cooked."

Advice from the three Bichon cousins:

1] JD:  "Hold out buddy, the face is good, you also need to add a touch of nausea to the look. It makes them all worried and they pay attention. If he attempts giving you a can, turn the bowl over and walk away with a hiss-  that will deliver the message. BTW did you stash a few morsels so you can keep up your strength?"

2] The Wendy. " I don't know about this, we are Bichons.  We are bound to Bichon code to be fussy about our food. In my case, mostly I have to have it in front of me... But I suppose you can try shaming the uncle Phil into cooking for you.

3] Silvieon4. "Amateurs.  Look, this is a declaration of war. First one to blink loses. That being said Coop, you need not to give in. In fact you need to stare him down. if your eyes make contact at all, he needs to be the one who blinks first. Would it kill him to get you a few chicken livers, sautee them and serve them up with a side of freshly cooked salmon or grouper?  It would not kill him. He is lazy. So you hold out. And tell him that the Adam and the Dowi are coming tonight. You should come visit. You know my momma.  She would feed a rock if she could. I am sure she will feed you properly.
Canned.... canned food begets canned.... love.  So no more head rubs, no more snuggles, no more snarfs.  Just swipe at him and hiss at him  until he deliver the good.  Oh suck your cheeks in when he walks by. It is an old model trick it makes you look thinner.  Make him worry!

Coop, we support your quest. I will talk to my momma and she will in turn talk to the Phil.

Canned my tail!  Even a cat deserves better!"

I am re-watching Norma Rae to get some pointers.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

RECALL: PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs Sold at Dollar General in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana

Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Mars Petcare US Announces Voluntary Recall of 22 Bags of PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition for Dogs Sold at Dollar General in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana

Erin Conn, 312-988-2214 
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 26, 2014 - Today, Mars Petcare US announced a voluntary recall of 22 bags of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food products due to the possible presence of a foreign material. The bags were produced in one manufacturing facility, and shipped to one retail customer. The facility production line has been shut down until this issue is resolved.
Affected bags, which were sold between August 18 and August 25 in 12 Dollar General stores* in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana, may contain small metal fragments, which could have entered the packages during the production process. The foreign material is not embedded in the food itself, but may present a risk of injury if consumed. We encourage consumers who have purchased affected product to discard the food or return it to the retailer for a full refund or exchange. We have not received any reports of injury or illness associated with the affected product. The lot codes indicated below should not be sold or consumed.
Mars Petcare US is working with Dollar General to ensure that the recalled products are no longer sold and are removed from inventory.
Recalled Pet Food
Only 15-pound bags of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food sold at Dollar General in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana with the production code shown below are included in this voluntary recall. Each product will have a lot code printed on the back of the bag near the UPC code that reads 432C1KKM03 and a Best Before date of 8/5/15. No other PEDIGREE® products are affected, including any other variety of dry dog food, wet dog food or dog treats.
23100 10944PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 15 pound bags
At Mars Petcare US, we take our responsibility to pets and their owners seriously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this recall. Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-800-305-5206 or visit
*Affected product would only have been sold in Dollar General Stores in these cities:
  • Arkansas:
    • Perryville
    • cabot
  • Louisiana
    • Baton Rouge
    • Calhoun
    • Hineston
    • Jonesville
    • Pineville
    • Slaughter
  • Mississippi
    • Magnolia
    • Vicksburg
  • Tennessee
    • Memphis
Recalled Product Photos Are Also Available on FDA's Flickr Photostream.

The "softer"side of Chef Gordon Ramsey

Meet Rumples Ramsey.

Yes, this lovely English bulldog is the "softer side" of Chef Ramsey.
Who knew.

So, maybe, there is a nice guy underneath all that gruff exterior?

He actually gets all melty when he talks to him...

At 4:15 mark, Rumples makes an appearance. Do you think he ever got a taste of that Wellington???

One can only wonder.



Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

What to do is you find a baby animal separated from the momma.

And, want to taste these?

Apple cake

Lemon blueberry cheesecake squares

See you at:
Hickory Veterinary Hospital:

 Acupuncture Seminar that will be held in Hickory's lobby from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. 

This seminar will give an introduction to veterinary acupuncture and its therapeutic benefits and will include live demos to show the different types of acupuncture we offer here at Hickory.

Dr. Redding will also hold a question and answer session to address your specific questions about how acupuncture can help your own pets.

If you have not already RSVPed, give us a call at (757) 548-1548. We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday!

Coffee, water and light refreshments will also be served.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's National DOG DAY!!!!!main/c1o50


ADOPT don't you dare SHOP!

I am confused... in my house, every day is DOG DAY!, But fine, I will go along to get along... I am easy going.  I will eat a celebratory meal. And anything else you got.

No diet today, right?


Yes, it is OUR Tasty Tuesday!

It is supposed to be about US. THE DOGS.  The faithful four leggeds. But the woman was thinking about hijacking this post and I am NOT even remotely going to let her get away with that!  Kol ehmmmm???  Are you asleep???? And let me tell you, in her circuitous pseudo logical approach, she tried to argue that a post about dessert that she is making for my dogtor is about "the four leggds". Nahhhh. 

Here was her rationalization, such as it is. 
Tomorrow, my Dogtor is hosting an open house/seminar on acupuncture  Here is the invitation:

Join us this Wednesday for our Acupuncture Seminar that will be held in Hickory's lobby from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. 

This seminar will give an introduction to veterinary acupuncture and its therapeutic benefits and will include live demos to show the different types of acupuncture we offer here at Hickory.

Dr. Redding will also hold a question and answer session to address your specific questions about how acupuncture can help your own pets.

If you have not already RSVPed, give us a call at (757) 548-1548. We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday!

Coffee, water and light refreshments will also be served.

That last line is what you need to focus on. And focus hard because I am fully resentful. Momma tried stealing my tasty Tuesday because she is making hooman stuff for this event. Hooman as in not for dogs. The nerve.  The absolute chutzpah. The hypocrisy!  I am simply out of words.  I have been woofing and grumbling, but she as they say "OB livious!" 

So a bunch of hoomans, are going to get together and watch how needles are stuck on some poor four leggeds and my momma is making food for the hoomans on my Tasty Tuesday.  It is just as it sounds.OUTRAGEOUS. 

Auntie Robin, for real?  You are going too???? I can't.... 

You have a peace offering? Talk, I am listening , I am open minded. Deep breath.

What is that? Long bones? What are you doing? Roasting long bones for the marrow. Who is getting that? [I am about to have a hissy fit....] Oh. Really? That sounds all right. 

Momma is roasting some long bones because we are having marrow with our dinner.

I suppose I can live with that. here is her recipe:

Marrow bones  [we use lamb because of allergies to beef, but you can use any long bone] She had our butcher cut them in 4/5 inch pieces.
Coarse kosher sea salt

While some people skip this step, momma finds that "koshering" the bones actually makes the marrow taste better, cleaner.

1. To kosher, brine, remove the blood from the marrow, place the bones in a bowl of ice water with 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt per 1 cup water. Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours, changing the water every 6  hours or so and replacing the salt each time. Drain and refrigerate until you are ready to cook the marrow. Be sure to use it within 24 hours or freeze the drained bones for up to 3 months.
2. Preheat the oven to 450°F (230°C).
3. Drain the bones and pat them dry. 
Place them in a roasting pan or like she does... in a cast iron skillet.
[She does put thyme on them sometimes, and a sprinkle of pepper- We like both, but not necessary]

If the bones are cut crosswise, place them standing up; if the bones are cut lengthwise, place them cut side up. Roast for 15 to 25 minutes, until the marrow has puffed slightly and is warm in the center. It is done when the bone marrow itself is HOT HOT HOT and leaking out of the bones.

Hoomans eat it hot on bread, Like butter. Moi, I like it cooled and served up with my food. It is more like a treat than a meal because it is very rich.  So, a little will go a long way.

Seriously delicious. Cheapo only gives us about a tablespoon. But hey at least she did not screw up tasty Tuesday.

Dr. Redding, I love you like a month of Sundays, but... needles???? I think I will stay home. Happily so.


Monday, August 25, 2014

How to "work" the daddy.

This is not me. This is Juliet. she is "working" her daddy, uncle Bob.  She is "bonding him". Juliet knows that her momma cannot do this. :) She is short one fantaboulous tail and Bichon charm. Hey, it's a fact.  It's reality. Deal with it. Bichon girls have THE advantage. Cassie. Marie and Fiona  in that same household are secure and past the "teenage" years.  Wait Marie is not so secure, yet.  I have seen her lose it when her daddy is out of sight.  Once secure, the daddy bonding is much more subtle. It evolves. But Juliet is still in the learning phase. She has no brakes.  She goes all out. And uncle Bob tumbles head over heel...over and over and over...

Auntie Paula, turn a blind eye. It will hurt less. Go over to Kip and Toby and get your fix

That is really all you can do.

My momma is is nodding. She knows... And when my boy gets home this weekend and my daddy gets back, THEY ARE MINE.  Momma will quietly take her back seat until I am done.  I will let her peck them once,  but they are mine.

It is what it is...The "other woman" is thinner than you, younger than you, fluffier than you and... she will always be that. Sniff. Wagggg.  It's good to be Bichon.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy DANCE time!!!

Egggsssss-tatic.   Fantaboulous news!  Wunnerful! Supercalifrrigilisticaldelizioso!

I can make up words!  It's MY blog!

It is time to do the happy dance because Reese has a forever home! Whooooohoooooooooo!!!!
Thank you Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue!

Auntie Robin has made another heaven sent match.

Can you resist THAT face? [I taught him that look.] It is a hint a Tigre with a drip of Blue Steel and a dash of Silvieon4. It's patented.  You can use it.  I give you permission. "You" does not include my daddy. He just looks ridiculous when he tries it!

Reese, make us proud. Be the best Bichon you can be. And remember your TBFR family is always here for you.

Love, the dancing diva:

 Reese, let's JOIN BLACK AND WHITE SUNDAY!!!!  Ohh THAT looks works so well in Black and White!!!!  Need I say it?

Well then: ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!!!!!!

Nola and Sugar, gracious hosts, THANK YOU!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It is SEPIA saturday! Time to get the heck out of dodge!


Are we going?

Well, yes, it's Saturday!!! Daddy said WE ARE GOING someplace!
Momma wrinkled her face, but daddy is ignoring that.  WE ARE NOT STAYING HOME TO work--- or watch her work... [it is boring you know!]

Yes. The daddy said, long ride, he packed water and snacks and stuff.

Over the bridge, over the sea, over the hill and past the border even!
 The stripy building is the goal!  They call it a LIGHThouse.  I call it stripy.

I am not entirely sure what the attraction is... I smelled every inch of that place. Mhh, nothing special but my two leggeds like it and I like the picnic they packed, so I am going along to get along and get my fair share of goodies.

You know, momma has a small box with a picture of this stripy building. Horizontal stripes... I guess it's tall enough and skinny enough to get away with that...  She says that lighthouses are "rheumatic" Oh? JD says she said "ROMANTIC" . Nahh rheumatic makes more sense.  Have you seen those steps?

Ehmm, momma, can we stop at the Coach outlet on the way home?  I would like to take a look at the new coats... I am trying to save you money, I said OUTLET!  And I have my own closet now, so it's not like I don't have a place for my stuff.

I looked at your stripy building, why can't we do something I want to do??????

Hoomans.... sometimes... ya' know...  Can we get some raspberry ice???

Dibs on your lap momma.  I want to be held on the ride, ok?


Thank you Ruckus for hosting

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Hank

So.... this is Hank. Hank is The Milwaukee Brewer's mascot. Yes, he is a hard working dog. This ehmm handsome specimen of four legged perfection walked on to the field and got himself a job, a life and fame! Hoomans called him a "stray".  Stray my tush. You think he walked on to the field by accident? Hahaha... riiight.  The Brewers took care of him while they "looked" for his owners. Nobody "claimed him" [as if he could be claimed by anyone but the world!] So, they named him HANK after Hank Aaron and voila` the rest is history!  Hank found a way to get rescued and get famous at the same time. WAGGGG to his swag! He is now the hardest working mascot with his own line of toys, books, a blog, a twitter account, etc. etc. He is his own brand! He has been named MVP!  {Most Valuable Pooch!}

You can read all about him here. Note how much better he looks all groomed and fluffed! And here...

[Now, normally I am not the kind of girl that gets all mushy over a celebrity.  But THIS is HANK we are talking about.  He is like the poster dog of  self enterprising, successful dogness!]

And he does charity work!

So, let me address this to Hank directly:
Hank, I read that yesterday you got to meet your name sake. Cool. I live with my name sake. But that's a different story.

You know Hank, the only thing that could add to your life is a great looking fluffy Bichon girl from a great family, a successful rescue, who could  be paw candy and supportive and give you the kind of companionship that only another four legged can provide. It would not hurt if this Bichon girl could help you negotiate contracts, etc. etc.  Hank, I could be THAT girl! I am sending you my pic. And here is my message to you:


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday: THE first aid kit You never want to think about this.

[don't worry it's removable tape]

In our front hall closet, there is a box that momma calls FIRST AID. It says FIRST AID- Dogs on it.    [I caught momma using it on her cut finger... I am just saying...] It is a box that we hope to never ever ever use. And yet, it is there. It sits quietly taking up space.  And over the years, it has been taken out and rifled through and has had things "updated", but it is always put back in the same spot.  Why?  Because in any emergency the one thing you don't want to waste time thinking about is where the emergency box is. Let alone where the stuff that goes in that box would be. Time is of the essence and there are basic things that are essential.

Obviously every's box will be slightly different as it should be tailored specifically to your particular's pet health issues, but the basics are the same for everyone.

What are the "basic"?

  • Individually wrapped, large absorbent gauze pads We like the 4" and the 6" inch.
  • Adhesive tape- paper tape is good.
  • Antiseptic wipes, lotion, powder, or spray
  • Blanket (a foil emergency blanket)
  • Cotton balls , cotton swabs  
  • Gauze rolls We have 3 in 3 different sizes
  • 2-3 rolls of self clinging  stretch bandages
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting—do this only when directed by a veterinarian or a poison-control expert)-this is the item that gets swiped out every 3 months so that it is still fresh dated {Hey Jd... remember this?  This is what you got when you swallowed the bird... long storyyyyy... for some other time}
  • Ice pack and heat pack
  • Non-latex disposable gloves 3 pairs
  • Petroleum jelly (to lubricate the thermometer)
  • Rectal thermometer (your pet's temperature should not rise above 103°F or fall below 100°F)
  • Scissors (with blunt ends)
  • Sterile non-stick gauze pads for bandages
  • Sterile saline solution (sold at pharmacies like the stuff you buy for your eyes)
  • Tweezers and nail clippers
  • Small pen flashlight
  • A pillowcase to confine your cat for treatment is you have a cat....but it is also good for small dogs.
  • A pet carrier-
  • ear wash and eye wash
  • Benadryl [know the dose for your pet- write in on the bottle!]
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Styptic powder or pencil
  • Eye dropper and plastic syringe
  •  A bottle of rubbing alcohol
  • Two small plastic trash bags and two small zip bags.
  • Needle nose pliers, small.

One huge BASIC is the CPR chart that is laminated and hanging on the inside of the closet door

These are the new guidelines as set by  AVMA on 7-15-2012 [check your chart for accuracy!]

You can get a good chart  HERE  that you can print.

For those of you who are tech savy, you can get an app for your cell phone. Here:

Besides the chart, we have names, phone numbers and addresses, of the closest animal trauma center, er and vet. 

ASPCA poison-control center, which can be reached at 1-800-426-4435

Pet-specific supplies:

Short, concise medical history for each pet with allergies, list of meds and known a sealed plastic bag. 

Common-sense advice

Add whatever your vet  has recommended specifically for your pet. YES you do ask!
Keep it all fresh and updated. Check the supplies in your pet's first-aid kit occasionally and replace any items that have expired. Just put in on your calender along with check the batteries on smoke alarm and replace air filters....
KEEP IT SAFE! Inside the closet, out reach of pets and children.

And that's all I have for Thoughtless Thursday!



Thank you for Hosting!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday NOT. Lots of words!

Where did you go?
I know what you did!  WITHOUT ME!

My nose tells me the whole story.Why did I NOT get my fair share?

I am not stoopid. You had taita` without ME!  And zighini. And the egg!  And you know I love the egg!
But I am confused. I was here the whole time, I didn't sniff anything. But I know what my nose is telling me is true. And I sniffed daddy.  He ate some too! [He ate a lot!  I smelled sciro on him!] Where is mine?
Who made it?  Nonna is in London, so she didn't do it. Dowi and Adam are in DC... so.... SPILL, where did it come from?

Wait, did you go to DC without me?
Oh am I mad.
I am never wagging my tail for you again.

Don't touch me.  I am pouting. 
You did not go to DC. Aha.  How do you explain the smells?

What new restaurant?  There is?  An Ethiopian restaurant? Here?  In Tidewater?
For real? Prove it to me! 
No, I did not see the phone pics... SHOW ME!

So... what you are telling me momma is that we no longer have to depend on you to get our fix of Ethiopian food.  Fine, you can hold the Eritrean food monopoly. [Hairsplitter] But I can find taita`... elsewhere. Life is good.

This woizerit [young lady] has something new to look forward to.  I saw some leftovers... I am set to taste.

Hey, daddy, do you need a lunch date?  I am available.  You know I love spicy.  

Still it is Wordless Wednesday, so I am shutting up until I get some of those left overs.

Whaaaaat??? It's not my fault.  Momma cultivated my taste buds.  I am a dog of the world!

No, I do not eat storebought.