Monday, August 25, 2014

How to "work" the daddy.

This is not me. This is Juliet. she is "working" her daddy, uncle Bob.  She is "bonding him". Juliet knows that her momma cannot do this. :) She is short one fantaboulous tail and Bichon charm. Hey, it's a fact.  It's reality. Deal with it. Bichon girls have THE advantage. Cassie. Marie and Fiona  in that same household are secure and past the "teenage" years.  Wait Marie is not so secure, yet.  I have seen her lose it when her daddy is out of sight.  Once secure, the daddy bonding is much more subtle. It evolves. But Juliet is still in the learning phase. She has no brakes.  She goes all out. And uncle Bob tumbles head over heel...over and over and over...

Auntie Paula, turn a blind eye. It will hurt less. Go over to Kip and Toby and get your fix

That is really all you can do.

My momma is is nodding. She knows... And when my boy gets home this weekend and my daddy gets back, THEY ARE MINE.  Momma will quietly take her back seat until I am done.  I will let her peck them once,  but they are mine.

It is what it is...The "other woman" is thinner than you, younger than you, fluffier than you and... she will always be that. Sniff. Wagggg.  It's good to be Bichon.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

We think you are all pros at working the daddy
Lily & Edward