Saturday, August 23, 2014

It is SEPIA saturday! Time to get the heck out of dodge!


Are we going?

Well, yes, it's Saturday!!! Daddy said WE ARE GOING someplace!
Momma wrinkled her face, but daddy is ignoring that.  WE ARE NOT STAYING HOME TO work--- or watch her work... [it is boring you know!]

Yes. The daddy said, long ride, he packed water and snacks and stuff.

Over the bridge, over the sea, over the hill and past the border even!
 The stripy building is the goal!  They call it a LIGHThouse.  I call it stripy.

I am not entirely sure what the attraction is... I smelled every inch of that place. Mhh, nothing special but my two leggeds like it and I like the picnic they packed, so I am going along to get along and get my fair share of goodies.

You know, momma has a small box with a picture of this stripy building. Horizontal stripes... I guess it's tall enough and skinny enough to get away with that...  She says that lighthouses are "rheumatic" Oh? JD says she said "ROMANTIC" . Nahh rheumatic makes more sense.  Have you seen those steps?

Ehmm, momma, can we stop at the Coach outlet on the way home?  I would like to take a look at the new coats... I am trying to save you money, I said OUTLET!  And I have my own closet now, so it's not like I don't have a place for my stuff.

I looked at your stripy building, why can't we do something I want to do??????

Hoomans.... sometimes... ya' know...  Can we get some raspberry ice???

Dibs on your lap momma.  I want to be held on the ride, ok?


Thank you Ruckus for hosting

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