Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sepia Saturday SHOPPING

There is an art to spending daddy's money. And I am an "artiste"! [I am momma's prodigy]

Saturday shopping is a bonding experience between a daddy and his fluffies. The thing is... everybody does this differently.

I know before I get in the car EXACTLY what I want to get. That does not mean I will not see "additional" things that will catch my eye, but I will know what I am after.  JD is more the "thing will find me" kind of guy. And then there is the Wendy. She has not quite mastered shopping.  Someone else will have to pick something out for her and she is always so surprised that it is for her.  And while I don't consider food = shopping... I mean it's food... it will be gone in a minute.. and most store bought food is yuccky, the Wendy likes bought food. So- so- so- strange!

The one thing about our shopping trips that really bothers me is when two leggeds refer to us as the "triplets". Hellooooooo... you need to get your eyes checked. We look nothing alike, we are different ages, and we are related only by love/ [which by the way it is the best kind of relativity].

Anyhow. I am looking for a PINK gel mat.  I have a big blue one, and a smaller white one. I was hoping an end of the season sale and a PINK one.

Horrible roomer, btw... while I don't know this first paw, because the woman is devious...the Wendy said that she overheard the momma tell daddy that she found Halloween costumes. Drat, Double drat, even *(&%^&$@#$$ !!!! yes, I know language!  But we all know how I feel about costumes! The Wendy says momma was chuckling that this year she was "inspired".  Really.  What is that phone number again?  You know, that abuse hot line????

Back to shopping!
Daddy... I don't have a spinny cat thing!  Maybe we should get one.  Cooper loves his.
Why  do you think only cats would like it?

Noooo... I hate pjs.  I don't want clothes. Daddy, can we look at the gerbils?



Groovy Goldendoodles said...

So, don't leave me hanging - what did you buy?

bichonpawz said...

You TOTALLY crack us up ' tell us...what did you end up with?? Did you find the pink mat??

Unknown said...

Did you get a spinny cat thing?