Monday, August 31, 2009

RIP Chanel

Chanel, World's Oldest Dog, Passes Away at 21 - Paw Nation

Rest in Peace and thank you for sharing your life and showing us all how to age gracefully.


Momma is showing me the camera

Ohhhh I get it. The blinkything makes the picture!!! I want my own camera! I think it would be fun to show you what I find interesting, Mommmaaaaa pleaaaaaaseeeeee giveme a camera....

Momma, I think my blog readers would love to see my world from my own vantage point. I could have it on my collar and the blinky thing could snap away what I see....

think about it momma


Sometimes I am so proud to be called ANIMAL

I'll be your mummy and you be my little kitty cat: Anjana the chimp shows off her parenting skills...with a puma cub | Mail Online

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it's raining pink

In the pool, on the grass, on the deck... it's raining pink petals. Lots of pink petals. Pink petals that stick to you and make you have pink spots. I like pink, but I don't like the pink petals.
I don't like being brushed out each and every time I come in from outside. Why is the tree dropping its petals? They look nice on the branches, not on my paws! Pretty soon the tree will be naked and all the petals will be gone. Maybe, we should use some of that white goo to stick the petals back on the tree. Momma says everything has its season. I guess I like that season that sticks to the petals to the tree and not on me!

It's MONDAY. Usually that means the house gets upside downed. Yes I spelled it correctly. Upside downed. Momma usually cleans up the entire house and erases the weekend mess.
No upside downed today. Momma is walking around pointing to things that "need" to get "done." Silly woman. Nothing "needs" to get done except my belly. I need a two handed belly rub. It has been almost six hours since my last one, sigh. I am not complaining... much...

I'm loving seeing all the new pictures in my photo album. Thanks for adding yourselves! I love seeing all of you! You are all so you very attractive. I love knowing that you are out there and knowing that you read this blog. And to everyone that has been tirelessly voting, THANK YOU! I keep pushing because that money is really important to all my friends.

Oh yes. I have to say something. To the lady and man who left their Chihuahua in the hot car all locked up for almost an hour.... ARE YOU NUTS? WERE TRYING TO KILL HIM OR TO COOK HIS BRAINS? And to the sweet couple who called the police. KUDOS TO YOU... You share your life with a rescue, a Jack Russel Terrier called Jonas. Hi Jonas. Your mom and dad are terrific. You should be proud of them. And yes IT IS A CRIME in VA to leave your dog locked up in a hot car. GRRRRRRRRR Criminals.

I am going to coax momma into my belly rub. Start your week right, VOTE and look for rainbows. [No I have no idea why, but that is what momma has been saying for 3 days... she must have misplaced her rainbow... I dunno....]


Sunday, August 30, 2009

MORE on Idioms and such

You know I am completely fascinated by idioms. In my ongoing quest to understand my 2leggeds I keep trying to learn idioms.

Momma is a rich source of foreign idioms, but you have to discount anything she comes up with in English, because ... simply put it is NOT an idiom, but more like a "mommaism". Usual phrases like "sourcasm" and mixed metaphores that come out of her mouth daily, are particular to her and nobody else and you have to accept that. "Sugar lump of dirt" ??????????? Term of endearment? Insult???? Sort of like her hand jive dance. Sorry human brother and sister. I did spill the beans on that one. I know I know... embarrassing family secret. But I don't know how else to illustrate my point.

I digress. In my quest to understand 2leggeds, I started looking for foreign idioms that could be understood in English. Oh my, oh my.... what variety and what it reveals about humans!

"E' il formaggio sulla pasta".... to be cheese on pasta... means... to be perfect in Italian.
I would have thought it meant that something was cheesy... but why let logic ruin a perfect visual?? PS. I do love a good Grana!

"Onions should grow from your navel".... Yes that is a yiddish insult. Onions? Ick.
I get that. But... there would have to be a lot of dirt in that navel. The mommism on this is "You have enough dirt in those ears to plant corn"... I know... like that is even possible! But if it were possible... it would be white corn with beautiful curly white silk!!! I know, that would be awsome!!!

"To make a slice of bread and butter" in French used like this.... No need to make a slice of bread and butter.... meaning: no need to complicate matters. Sooooooo confusing, bread is not complicated, and neither is butter. But they are delicious.

In Hindi, when one refers to a recluse, one says: He sits on eggs. To me that would have meant he is "chicken". No?

He is salt in Arabic. He is a ladle in Italian and he is a cook's spoon in French all mean the same thing.... He mixes in everything. If you are going to refer to me as salt, please call me Kala Namak. It is momma's favorite salt because it tastes like eggs!

Tie one on in English , buying a monkey in German, both refer to being drunk. I just have no comment on that, but are many monkeys sold in Germany? Is Octoberfest monkey sale time?

Breaking the rice bowl means becoming unemployed, looking like a clump of cooked rice is looking stupid and eating bad smelling rice is going to jail. These are all Japanese expressions, but just when you thought that all idioms in Japan are rice based, they throw in one like: "brewing the dirt from someone's fingernails and drinking it" Ick... really ICK... it is supposed to mean learning a bitter lesson from someone else's errors. Surely in a language with some many alphabet characters you could come up with something less... offensive???

This is "the tip of the iceberg" .... [ha I am using idioms!!!!] and now you know what I have been up to, what is your favorite idom and why?

vote already, It is a new week....
yes, I am still trying to win!!!!

Just saying...

Friday, August 28, 2009

keeping COMPANY

Shhh, be very quiet. I am on duty here. I am momma sitting. That is her head next to mine.

JD got the early shift because we all know he has to patrol the front windows at night. He has his paws full. The corner house across the street has new owners and they have a 4 legged that we have not met -yet. JD has been putting on a show for his sake. You know that whole dominant male strut and all.
[I am so not impressed!]

Wendy gets the early night shift because she is a good snuggler.

I get the tougher shift because I am the best momma minder. And you thought my life was CAKE! I work and sometimes it is tough work. Did you know that Bichons have a degree of empathy? Well, we do.
My breed was developed for companionship and empathy is a very essential quality of that companionship. Basically that means that I feel what goes on around me more. Even when others try and hide it. The "little momma" comes out in me. That nurturing part that wants everything to be ok and whole. So, there I am at work. I am trying to shhhhss everyone around me. Giving the evil eye to the camera! Go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Now, I do have to say... having momma in healing mode has its rewards. Like... you don't have to compete with the vacuum cleaner for her attention. She has not looked at "sucker upper" in 3 days! She is actually laying down during the day! I know. And we don't have to say anything because when she tries to do something her ouchies bite her.

Also, you get the daddy at home. And he takes you for rides and takes you to the store.

Momma says that she will be all fixed in a few days and back to normal soon enough. I am counting on that!

I also have to thank my visitors. Yesterday I had company drop in on me. Hi Elizabeth and friend! Where was Victoria? I appreciate your visit and your votes! Keep it up!

Time for my foam and breakfast, then I have to escort momma and try and talk her into a nap.
Why is it so hard for 2 leggeds to nap? I mean, just close your eyes and lay still. Naps happen for me all the time!!!

Back 2 work

Now....cheeseburger in a can!

You too can enjoy a cheeseburger in a can...



If you are going to eat that, I am going on a diet, an uncanned food only diet...

Wait... I am on that diet already!

Way to harsh my burger love....


Psssssssssst you...

Hi, I am incognito.

You know.. a la Mata Hari...

Get closer... did you?

Yes I am asking. Did you?

I need every single vote, so do it.

Use your secret email address. Use all your email addresses.

Just Vote.

It is the thing to do.


Don't bother to sniff it 's all fake....

You eat that candy, your teeth will not fall out, they will break !
Sorry daddy, but the momma put glass candy in that dish a long time ago!

I thought you knew....
Yes, I know, she is strange that way.

Did you know that she dusts it?

SOOOOOO strange

Daddy, we can always share a fruitsicle!


Thursday, August 27, 2009




It's not easy being me

Have you voted today?

Got to keep trying to win....
lots of rescue to be done.


Where do you put your purse?

The daddy said he is tired of picking up my purse. Hm. I did not tell him to pick it up! I left it where I want it. On the couch.

If he decides to take us for a ride, I will have it handy! Hint RIDE as in a CAR as in out of the in going to a STORE... Mentally channeling that vision... to daddy...

But instead, daddy keeps tossing my purse into my toybox.

Look it is my purse, not my toy.


It is a Muttsoni, you should NOT be tossing about like it was worthless!

Boy oh boy, I do miss Momma.

She gets purses. She gets girls' things.
And she likes to go shopping.

How do I keep this daddy from messing with my stuff?

Where do you put your purse??

vote ok?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daddy I want to go outside!

You know, you actually have to tell daddy that you need to go outside!

Momma knows it without being told.

Daddyyyyyyyyyyy we have to go out and check the backyard.

Are you coming down? Oh you are coming out too? mmmh. Why?

Daddy you don't need to come out.

Daddy stay here.

[Oh brother, there is not going to be any rolling in the grass with him around...]

Pretending to be looking for the rabbits and the squirrel.... See daddy, boring stuff. Dog stuff..
You don't need to be here, in fact, maybe you should be folding laundry or something...

Did it work????
Did he go back in?



Daddy, you should be telling people to Vote for me, not watching the rabbits... That's our job....


Morning foam and momma sitting

Actually chilly this morning. I am having my morning foam on my foam day bed. How appropriate is that? This way daddy can work on breakfast and I can be out of his way.
I am very cooperative. Really.

Momma is broken, so daddy is taking care of her. Actually, that responsibility falls on the the three of us. JD, Wendy and I. We work in tandem and our day is never done. Daddy's job is to make her food and do errands. We are the consolers, caretakers, watchers.

I don't know how this keeps happening, but momma has gotten stitched again. And... brace yourself... they did not put in a squeaker or anything. So what was the point of stitching her?

I dunno, I am confused. 2leggeds, they are a pawful.
Well going upstairs to check on the squeakerless one. BTW my loyal voters, please keep voting, cause I am down one momma and my campaign is suffering!

vigilant 'vie

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smartest Dog Ever - CollegeHumor video

Smartest Dog Ever - CollegeHumor video

1. No that 4legged is NOT smart.
2. If it were smart [like me] she would be sitting down getting served.
3. All that soda is NOT good for anyone! A smart dog would have brought back water!
4. Heyyyy you dropped the box of tissues!
5. Have you tried looking cute and batting the big eyes for treats?

It works. I know. I have done it many times. And you needed better lighting for the video.

Just saying.... And you let them drink Mountain Dew????

Smarter than that.

Not a NAG

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Where did that monkey go??? Hmmm

Phew. I spent so much time looking for it, that now I am too tired to play with it! Bad monkey.
Gonna be one of those days!!! I need system to manage my downstairs and upstairs toy boxes.

You know, it is great fun to make it rain toys from the balcony, but then momma is "sloppy" about which toy makes it back upstairs. maybe if she has a list to work from.... hmmmm...

VOTE for me world!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Petting your keyboard??


Silvie on 4!
or at the very least....
"pet away" that thing and vote for me. Why don't use Dragon naturally barking??? You are sooo retro... type type type.....


If you are walking and you are HOT

Sunday outings are FUN!

The boardwalk is a nice place to sniff out, but, it gets hot and the ocean mist makes me puff out!

When you get hot.... Take a rest! Have a sip or two of nice cold water. My 2 leggeds carry water all the time. [It is a 2legged duty, I think. Carry the water] I also love the wet paw wipes. It is really neat to get your paw pads wiped. It is cooling and it feels great. Pity 2leggeds have to wear shoes, because really they would love a paw wipe.

Make sure you don't miss anything when walking about. After all, you are there to see and be seen - that is why we call it "public appearance".

Find a shaded bench
Ever been to the Candy Store in Wiliamsburg? This is their bench and really it was placed there for me. Why we have to wear the dumb leashes, I don't know. Ohh maybe to stop other two leggeds from claiming us! I mean Wendy, JD and I are not moving an inch off that bench. I like the breezes and the shade and the smells.

We got to visit MRS BONES in Williamsburg. Wendy ate all the treats the pretty lady gave us. Wendy has self control issues when it comes to treats... I did some cursory look over, you know, I have this mental wish list I keep. There was a little veranda swing which was cute, but JD sort of snorted at me. Unless it is air conditioned or equipped with humans with giant fans... he is not interested.

We really had a very nice Sunday despite the heat. I did some campaigning for votes [YES the contest and did you vote yet? From all your email addresses????] and we did some educating of folks who were sure we were for sale. ROLLING MY EYES....

You know I don't assume that a 2legged with 3 kids is selling kids. Why do 2leggeds assume that momma is selling us just because there are 3 of us??? It just boggles my mind.

What's on your plate for the day?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marketing Ploy!!!



little old 'vie
'wiped out from all this campaigning


A normally sweet Boxer named Lucy had one odd quirk: she hated United Parcel Service drivers.
While on her usual walk with her owner, Lucy found herself face to face with a UPS man.
Struggling to keep hold of Lucy, the owner tried to ease the situation with a little sarcasm . As you can see, she just lllloves UPS men."
To which the UPS man responded..."Don't you feed her anything else?"

Well, 2leggeds think that is funny.... Personally I understand Lucy. Those guys manage to ring the doorbell at the most inopportune time. You are falling asleep... ding dong... you are in the middle of a blitz... ding dong... you are getting the first decent two handed belly rub of the day... ding dong...and what gets me is... they ring the bell and they leave! No hello, no here is a treat, no petting... they are rude. If it wasn't for the fact that momma finds boxes when they leave, I would absolutely see no purpose to their visit. They are not even the least bit social!

Lucy, I am with you!

Hey America, you now need to register to vote, but, you are no longer tied to your IP address, but to the e mail address, so those of you with 7.. or more e mail addresses. you know what to do now!!! And yes, the great money fairy has not graced my rescue yet, so we still need money, and I still need to win!!! VOTE ... please... thank you


Saturday, August 22, 2009

CRAZy puppy dance time!!!

OK do it with me... It is easy, it is just like the time warp! Yes, you know what I am talking about, Rocky Horror!
It's just a jump to the left And then a step to the right With your hands on your hips You bring your knees in tight
and this is where the choreography differs...

you wiggle your butt to the left
then to the right,
wag your tail real hard
and blitz out of sight!

It's the crazy puppy dance!!!!

This time I have to do with with momma for RACHEL. Seems that Rachel's family have flunked fostering! Imagine that!

Rachel girl, I am so very proud of you, just tween us what got them? The innocent way you bat your big eyes, your tail wag and tush wiggle? Ohhhh maybe it was that falling asleep in their arm while looking ever so innocent bit!!! Congratulations!

You found your forever home! Have your new momma take a pic of you and Zoe and send it to us!!!

My heart feels warm.


SATURDAY, ease into the weekend.

What are we looking for? Where is the rabbit? I don't see anything.
I really don't feel like running out to the wet grass....
You guys go I will sit here and watch, if you really need me, let me know....

I see nothing. wait a second. I smell something.... Guys, I am going back in. I smell coffee, I need my morning foam.

Mommmmmmmaaaa let me back in, I am here to share the foam....

Ahhh what a pretty site. That's the way to start a day. Wake up sleepy heads, have some java, share your foam....and go VOTE.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Foster Mommas, Angels in the Shadows

OWEN and his foster Momma Susan. Owen was found in the streets and was left unclaimed. He is now a TBFR foster looking for a forever home.

Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue [TBFR], has parents of rescues who volunteer to foster other Bichons. TBFR pays all medical expenses and extraordinary expense of all fosters.
What is a Foster Parent? A foster parent provides a temporary home for Bichons in need. Fostering can last from a few days to several months depending on factors such as the amount of care or socialization or behavioral modification that is needed. It is the love, care and devotion provided during this time that affords a dog a second chance to be adopted by a loving home. What are the rewards of fostering? The intangible knowledge that you made a difference, the tangible change in that dog's life; the love, attention and devotion of that fostered dog. KARMA points for the foster mommas. Yes Karma.
Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue operates out of White Cottage. Shout out to my buds at White Cottage - Wooohooo!!!! But, space is limited. 17 dogs with special needs is a lot of dogs to care for. Providing adequate housing and an easy transition is crucial to rehoming. Foster homes are ideal. Many times, a dog will need special care and individualized attention, like a very young puppy or a very old dog or a dog with health or behavioral needs. Often, without the temporary foster families, many of the animals would be have to be turned away., their fate unknown... FOSTERING saves lives!!

When we have our annual Bash I love to sniff out all the foster mommas. They are the ones most willing to give you a two handed belly rub, none of those anemic one handed absent minded pseudo rubs!

Truly those wonderful mommas are angels in the shadows. Their act of compassion and kindness is extended even when life is inconvenient. And, [I am chuckling now] I love it when a fostering momma fails fostering and adopts her foster. I am chuckling because that means that her Bichon truly understood how lucky he was and he "worked it"... Hiiiii Ferguson.... And to all to those mommas THANK YOU!!!!! You are Angels in the Shadows, but we see you and we love you and we appreciate you.

Fostering is another way Tidewater Bichon Frise accomplishes its mission. Nina who was recently adopted, was a foster!

And ya'll, how cute is Owen????!
vying for that cool mill to keep the rescue mission going!!!

IDIOMS and such

2Leggeds! Sometimes I think I will never understand you.

Idioms. Don't roll your eyes at me. You use them every day and each person, each family, each city, each state has added their own "coloratura" if you will, which individualizes that phrase even more. So, as a 4 legged trying to acclimate, we have to quickly "come to speed."

What started me thinking about this was the "raining cats and dogs" comment I overheard momma make to daddy. I am a dog. I know about dogs. I have never "rained." I am NOT water!

I tapped momma on the leg when she said, and again when she repeated it. She gave me two weird explanations for that phrase. One was upsetting. I stopped listening after she said dogs and cats were kept on a thatched roof which caved in routinely in heavy rains. Roof???? MOI????? Never!!!! The other was more palatable, but weirder. The Teutons of Jutland back in the days.... like 100 BC or something, believed that it rained hard when their god Odin was chasing a cat which took the form of rain. Shaking my head, so where is the dog in that? NO SENSE.

Momma is always demanding that I "spill the beans." She usually does it when she discovers that all the pillows "fell" off the couch or when JD, Wendy, and I make a puppy-ladder to get treats and eat the whole bag but we forget to throw out the bag and she finds it (oopsie). But we didn't spill any beans! We don't even like beans! Google says that the expression comes from the ancient Greeks (I love their olives!). Beans were used to vote. Candidates held an empty helmet, people tossed a bean in the helmet to vote for the candidate and at the end, beans were spilled and counted. Winner had the most beans. And dinner to boot. Oh and no hanging chads!!!

The phrase that I find funny is "hanging out." My humans say that. I have never seen them hanging. I would be very disturbed if I did. Turns out that that phrase comes from England, where shopkeepers used to hang out flags with products and prices. People would stop to read the flags and they would gather. So it means gathering. Put away the clothes pins and rope, no real hanging. Phew!

There are myriads of these phrases like beating around the bush, talking through your hat, by hook or by crook, coming to speed. You see how difficult it becomes to learn what is meant vs what is said?!?

Momma has her own weird phrases which are idioms in some other language, but do not necessarily translate to English, and that is a whole different post.
Suffice it to say I take great consolation in watching daddy struggle with what she is saying at times. It IS NOT JUST ME.

Oh one more thought, add dialects to idioms, and then inside family jokes and you have a whole new language. Really guys, if you had a gorgeous tail, you could do away with words and learn the simple art of tail communication.

Speaking of tail, I am having a perfect tail day, I hope we go out today.

Before I forget, you know... you have to VOTE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ajani, Razi, Dakari and Zarina

The four cubs shortly after they were born, in May. Photo courtesy Virginia Zoo.
The Smithsonian's National Zoo has given us plenty of baby animals to coo over this summer, but most of them remain at the Front Royal Conservation and Research Center, not on display to the public at the actual Zoo. So if you're jonesing for some cute and in need of a fix, you might consider a weekend road trip to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, where four lion cubs are making their debut today (and don't be confused by the Associated Press's story, which appears to have misidentified the cubs as tigers - they are in fact lions). The baby lions, three boys and one girl named Ajani, Razi, Dakari and Zarina, were born on May 2, and this will be the first weekend that the public will be able to see them in person. They're no clouded leopards, of course, but they'll do in a pinch.


Appealing to the 2 leggeds!!!!

See? Food that tells you to vote

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2 leggeds!!!!!

I can't believe you 2 leggeds! Momma is getting a lot of flack. Some of you are hesitating on voting because you are worried that she will give up baking. HMMMMM I am giving you my special look. My I can't believe my beautiful fluffed out silky feeling ears.

You are worried about your supply of goodies???? And they say Bichons are food motivated!!!
Well, I simply wanted momma to spend more time with me. She will not be cutting your supply line off. Lord knows we do not want some of you to "starve".

The way the house smells today... I can tell you there is bread baking, something seafood, [it is in the oven, I can't see what yet. I also smelled something blueberry and something lemon baking... So, rest assured. Daddy said momma is a pathological baker and even wanting to stop she cannot. [I hope they find a cure for that disease]

So you have no excuse. GO VOTE. Frumpt.

shaking my beautiful head

Ohhh that's what happened.

The competition website experienced a massive hardware  failure that brought
down the servers and with it the site from
approximately 3pm PST until 5am PST. Due to this interruption and inconvenience
we are extending the contest 1 extra day.

Going forward, each week's winner will be picked on Sunday at 12:01am PST
instead of Saturday morning. You have an extra day to get more votes. We
sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are doing everything possible to
prevent a reoccurence.

Good luck in the contest,



kisses kisses Going for the GUSTO

This post is for my Bichon readers:

Tired of being grabbed and kissed non stop by your two legged?
Trust me I know how that feels. And, while I know that we Bichons are impossible to resist...[Thank you God for my tail, nose, and Bichoness all around.] I also know that that our 2 leggeds are... let's face it...needy.
Very needy.
But I have discovered a way to slow them down and give you some breathing space.
When they lean in, to kiss you for the bizillionth time that morning, just stick you tongue out and lick them up.
One, they immediately close their eyes. It is so cute. Apparently if they don't see it, it does not startle them? Two, they press their lips shut and pull back and politely go to wash off your lick. Occasionally you will find the 2 legged that just sists there and lets you lick. For those types... I have no solution, sorry. That is a hard core dependant 2 legged. You might have to go with a full face lick. You can really grasp humanity in their reaction. They love the intimacy, BUT they fear germs [I think that is a word for all unknown scary things], and your boldness shocks them, but secretly delights them. Ahh humans, such a cute living puzzle. Better than a Rubik's cube!

Well, Go vote darling, it is another day and that site was down for maintenance or something....
I want to make more happy stories like Nina's happen

ciao ciao

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Congratulations NINA

Well that crazy momma is doing her spastic, ehmm correction, happy dance. I was going to make fun of her by walking out of rhythm, but then I found out why she was doing the dance. I joined her. Had to.

She was celebrating and so am I! Congratulations Miss NINA!!! Happy adoption day. How wonderful that you have a forever home! There are lots of past posts with advice on how to handle your new family Now, girl friend, I hear you have a new brother. A cute new brother. I trust you will be introducing me to Patrick, right? Just let me have 2 minutes' worth of notice so I can fluff up and I will be happy to make his acquaintance.

Nina, relax, enjoy, allow yourself to sink into wonderful sleep tonight, because you are finally... HOME.
xoxox from all of us here, Congratulations to you and your new family.

and this is why we do it!!!!! VOTE


What's on that menu?
Nose and toes???

Ick. Sometimes reading is a blessing, sometimes it's a curse.

I am keeping my nonna far away from that place!


Developing GOOD taste

Doing some reading this morning, while I wait for my breakfast. Sometimes momma has a hard time getting started until she gets some serious cappuccino in her. Truth be told, that is a habit I don't mind... specially given the fact that nothing starts my day better than my usual saucer of foam. It is part of my routine.

So, I found this article that explains or attempts to explain the physiology of canines as it relates to the sense of smell and taste. Interesting ha? Well, I have known forever that 2 leggeds are ... what is the word????? if you lack sight you are blind. If you lack speech you are mute, if you lack hearing you are deaf. What are you if you lack sense of smell????? Wiki says you have anosmia. Ha. Who knew. So 2 leggeds are basically anosmic. Don't argue with me.
Really, what you have is not a sense of smell. It is more like a sense of a sense of smell. Read it for yourself:

  • "Smell: Moisture on the surface of a dog's nose helps to dissolve molecules in the air. These molecules then come into contact with olfactory membranes inside the dog's nose. Nerve impulses are then sent to the olfactory center in the brain. The olfactory center of a dog is more than forty times bigger than that of a human and a dog's sense of smell is estimated to be one million times more efficient than humans. Dogs also have a vomeronasal organ in the roof of their mouths which allows them to "taste" certain smells. This organ transmits information directly to the part of the brain known as the limbic system, which controls emotional responses.
  • Taste: A dog's senses of taste and smell are closely linked and it is possible that dogs gain more information about food from its smell than from its taste. Most of a dog's taste buds are clustered around the tip of the tongue. Dogs can detect bitter, sweet, salty, and sour tastes, but their sense of taste is relatively poor and they have only one-sixth the number of taste buds that humans have (Whitehead 1999)."

So... if I get it right... we 4leggeds can out sniff 2leggeds 1 million to 1.... we can taste certain smells, but we are only one sixth as able to taste...

That figures. The way I see it, taste is a developed skill. More exposure would develop my taste buds more! Mommmmmmmmmaaaaaa... I need more food. I need a bigger range of food! Look, I am doing this for my species. Centuries of scraps and poor feeding practices have left us 4leggeds handicapped. Deep in my soul I know this truth: " I am a gourmand. Handicapped as I am, I long to savour pate, bask in the afterglow of a perfectly aged, marbled steak [Dogtor K don't you wrinkle your nose at me! I am doing this for my species!!!!...] Mhh I long to have a chunk of stracchino melt in my mouth and I need to experience a delicate lobster tail topped with creme fraiche. Seriously now. Don't you see how exposure would start to reverse that underdeveloped sense of taste? And I am not pointing paws.... but whose fault is it my taste buds are lacking in numbers???? Hmmmm??? Adaptation and survival. If you are fed scraps you adapt.
But we, you and I, are far past that now. We are civilized. [I am rolling my eyes] So... how about making amends and starting new. Momma, for breakfast I would like a slice of brioche, a poached egg, 2 pieces of pancetta, crisp please, some marmalade and schmear of butter... [I am watching my weight].
You know... I think I need to curl up with LaRousse Gastronomique after breakfast and make my list of ....evolutionary foods so momma has a list to work from. What do you think?
Like I said. Got to develop good taste!

Speaking of good taste. To exhibit your good taste and great eye, all you have to do is VOTE for me! SO do it now!!!

mhhh, mozarella in carozza.. that looks great....

PS... Don't you think the pink glasses are soooo ME?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The story about Silvieon4’s run for Cutest Dog in America has now been posted online at:

Eric W. Feber

Reporter Virginian-Pilot/Chesapeake Clipper/Suffolk Sun

921 N. Battlefield Blvd.

Chesapeake, VA, 23320

(757) 222-5203


Monday, August 17, 2009


Watching the sky

Isn't interesting? And weird and beautiful? Did you know that it moves? I have been watching it. It moves. The white fluffy things come and go. Where do they go? They are beautiful and strange. I would like to sniff and taste one. I wonder what they smell like.

Hey world, it is a new day and that means [staying focused here] NEW VOTE.... yes I know you know the drill, but if you were trying to figure out how to make room for one more dog in need
[as my rescue is doing now....] you would see why I stay focused.

Love and kisses to all those loyal friends who vote every day. Karma dictates you shall be rewarded.

back to watching that sky....