Sunday, August 23, 2009


A normally sweet Boxer named Lucy had one odd quirk: she hated United Parcel Service drivers.
While on her usual walk with her owner, Lucy found herself face to face with a UPS man.
Struggling to keep hold of Lucy, the owner tried to ease the situation with a little sarcasm . As you can see, she just lllloves UPS men."
To which the UPS man responded..."Don't you feed her anything else?"

Well, 2leggeds think that is funny.... Personally I understand Lucy. Those guys manage to ring the doorbell at the most inopportune time. You are falling asleep... ding dong... you are in the middle of a blitz... ding dong... you are getting the first decent two handed belly rub of the day... ding dong...and what gets me is... they ring the bell and they leave! No hello, no here is a treat, no petting... they are rude. If it wasn't for the fact that momma finds boxes when they leave, I would absolutely see no purpose to their visit. They are not even the least bit social!

Lucy, I am with you!

Hey America, you now need to register to vote, but, you are no longer tied to your IP address, but to the e mail address, so those of you with 7.. or more e mail addresses. you know what to do now!!! And yes, the great money fairy has not graced my rescue yet, so we still need money, and I still need to win!!! VOTE ... please... thank you


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