Monday, August 31, 2009

it's raining pink

In the pool, on the grass, on the deck... it's raining pink petals. Lots of pink petals. Pink petals that stick to you and make you have pink spots. I like pink, but I don't like the pink petals.
I don't like being brushed out each and every time I come in from outside. Why is the tree dropping its petals? They look nice on the branches, not on my paws! Pretty soon the tree will be naked and all the petals will be gone. Maybe, we should use some of that white goo to stick the petals back on the tree. Momma says everything has its season. I guess I like that season that sticks to the petals to the tree and not on me!

It's MONDAY. Usually that means the house gets upside downed. Yes I spelled it correctly. Upside downed. Momma usually cleans up the entire house and erases the weekend mess.
No upside downed today. Momma is walking around pointing to things that "need" to get "done." Silly woman. Nothing "needs" to get done except my belly. I need a two handed belly rub. It has been almost six hours since my last one, sigh. I am not complaining... much...

I'm loving seeing all the new pictures in my photo album. Thanks for adding yourselves! I love seeing all of you! You are all so you very attractive. I love knowing that you are out there and knowing that you read this blog. And to everyone that has been tirelessly voting, THANK YOU! I keep pushing because that money is really important to all my friends.

Oh yes. I have to say something. To the lady and man who left their Chihuahua in the hot car all locked up for almost an hour.... ARE YOU NUTS? WERE TRYING TO KILL HIM OR TO COOK HIS BRAINS? And to the sweet couple who called the police. KUDOS TO YOU... You share your life with a rescue, a Jack Russel Terrier called Jonas. Hi Jonas. Your mom and dad are terrific. You should be proud of them. And yes IT IS A CRIME in VA to leave your dog locked up in a hot car. GRRRRRRRRR Criminals.

I am going to coax momma into my belly rub. Start your week right, VOTE and look for rainbows. [No I have no idea why, but that is what momma has been saying for 3 days... she must have misplaced her rainbow... I dunno....]



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your mama is up and around again, Silvie. I'm off to vote now...

silvieon4 said...

Yeeee votes.:))