Wednesday, August 26, 2015



That is it is every single day AT MY HOUSE!!!!! I am not falling for this once a year bit. 

But hey, if I join in what will it get me? More belly rubs? more kisses? More yummies?


I called dibs.

It's my pillow now, night momma.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Do you get the feeling that we are being watched?

No... I feel I am being followed!

Mhhhh... you do know what they say... IT IS NOT PARANOIA if they are really following you!

'vie, cosmo and max-a-billion

Thursday, August 20, 2015

JD takes a stand

"Let me in woman. I am ready for Mr Myke, I am giving him what he needs. Grooming is what you decreed, so there now you have something to groom. I rearranged some of your green stuff out there. The leaf is just for you, the duck poop is for me, I like wearing it all over my belly. Whattttttt? You are the one that insists on sending me off for a bath!  Why are you mad? Just let me in the house.  I can't wait to ride in your car smelling as good as I do right now."

We all bit our lips...had to... else momma would have seen that we were all laughing and that would have fueled her anger even more. Ehmmm momma was actually speechless. Stunned even...Her eyes fixed on JD, her mouth open...Ahhh she is cute when she is stunned.

Well played JD well played....

She will rethink announcing the trips to Mr Myke from here on...


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

MAX was here... and when you say MAX...

It's all about THE TAIL!

See what I mean?  Enviable plumage worn with panache!

Miss you Maxie boy.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's ABOUT TIME!!!!!!

Mollie Halpern: The FBI this year prepares to collect data on animal cruelty crimes through its National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS. I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau with FBI, This Week.
NIBRS is a collection of detailed crime statistics that law enforcement agencies from across the country provide to the FBI. Unit Chief Amy Blasher says the Bureau partnered with the National Sheriffs' Association and the Animal Welfare Institute to make the change...
Amy Blasher: They believe that animal cruelty was an early indicator of violent crime, and that’s really what led the discussions with our law enforcement partners throughout the country.
Halpern: The FBI will collect data on four types of animal abuse...
Blasher: Examples of which would be organized abuse, which would include dog fighting and cock fighting, and animal sexual abuse.
Halpern: Implementing the change is a year-long process.
Blasher:  We do a lot of outreach to our partners so they understand the change and how they can ready their systems to collect the data.
Halpern: Data collection will begin in 2016 and will be available to the public the following year.
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday cruising.

You know your pawrents have lost it when they almost forget to Sunday cruise. I mean, really!

I view this as a necessity. I need to do the oceanfront, the boardwalk, the beach and I need to see and be seen!

It is one of the perks of living in Tidewater and I am NOT giving it up. So, Sunday when I realized that the momma was lost in baking translation and daddy was "MIA" in errand land, I had to do some fast reality checking with them.

I gathered my four leggeds by the back door. We sat there in protest. Long faces, the silence punctuated by JD's occasional annoyed growl.  You know the growl.  The one that coveys that
a. he is not happy.
b. his needs are NOT being met.
c. someone needs to do something immediately because after all... he is the KING.

It took the hoomans a couple of minutes because that is how far out of touch with reality they are these days. Momma's OCD brain is on overload, I personally think she has had it with construction and dust and noise, and messes. Daddy is just daddy. he is normally not as tuned in as momma. BUT.. Ultimately, she got it!  It is Sunday!  She was ready to roll in no time. And obviously we were ready.

The lure of the Sunday ride lies in the smells and sights of the oceanfront.  Sure, the wahini hoomans are interesting. After all out of towners smell differently. But for me, it is the smells and sounds of the ocean and the boardwalk sites that are paramount. Hawaiian ice scents mixed with salt water, pizza, sand, crabs, algae, shish kabob, sea shells, lattes, hot dogs and hot pretzels, and suntan oils, and overcooked sun worshipers wearing outfits that have never been in front of a mirror. It is just a cacophony of everything that is quintessentially summer. It's like walking into a live tableau. 

For JD it is all about getting pretty girls to pet him and fawn over him and be admired.  As we like to say... He loves getting a little "strange".

For the Wendy is all about the excitement of the moment. She pulls in a thousand directions and squeals with delight at everything while her tail wags like it has a new motor. And she will occasionally allow a petter or two.  But for her, it is a glorious walk.

We were all kind of curious to see how Cosmo would do.  Momma bet he would bark his head off at everything as he does at home...Daddy bet it would be a short walk because Cosmo would make it difficult. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Did you all think I would allow that boy to get out of line and ruin our Sunday???  Are you nuts?  Talks had been had and deals had been worked out before the sit-in by the garage door was organized. Cosmo had been schooled by all of us as how to act and what to expect, so, there. He was wonderful.  He loved it and showed us what a fab dog he really is. He smiled, he listened, he was polite and well mannered.  We are only shocked there was any air left at the boardwalk because Cosmo boy took the biggest and longest and deepest sniffs I have ever seen anyone take, He INHALED the whole boardwalk over and over and LOVED IT. 
And both he and JD rode on Atlantic Avenue sniffing up a storm and taking the sites in. Moi?  Honey I am the goodwill ambassador of Tidewater VA. The mere site of me makes people smile, As they should. 

Momma, next Sunday, we get breakfast and then WE RIDE!!!!!


Friday, August 7, 2015

HAPPY DANCE TIME! Dance of Joy for BIBI!


and Congrats to your family. They are now parents of  a wonderful love bug. Welcome to the family.

Now, let's dance!!!!

Put your left foot in, put your left foot out, ...

Ya know how!



Look, we have to do a dance here, Bibi girl has a forever family, and you know what that means? We dance the dance of joy anytime we find a forever home for our Bichons. We don't "place" We match. Auntie Robin is more like a Yentl the matchmaker kind of way.

So, you seriously never learned how to do the hokey pokey? Yea you did! Come on!  It's the Chicken dance!!!

Fine, watch this and try it.  I am starting you slow. But just so you know we ARE GOING TO DANCE that banana pudding you ate right off your hips.

I am with momma. Neither of us would eat banana pudding...

I need to find a two left feet dance for some people....

I love days like today! 'vie

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

happy birthday to ME!!!!!




[how dare you ask. I am not discussing my age!!!  I am a lady and I am old enough to know better! Besides, I will always be "the baby".  Momma says so].


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So. We had to "distract" the momma. Easiest way to do this is to take her shopping.

We all agreed to take the proverbial bullet for the team. Well, by all I mean the three of us. JD, The Wendy and I. Cosmo was not on board with taking any bullet. Figuratively, virtually, or otherwise.
Remind me he is around the next time we need a night light. [sorry momma, but  that boy has issues and he dared take my lap time, but that will be a different post. I need to calm down before I write that up]

anyway, we went to the local PET STORE.  PET STORE. I know in theory what both words mean.

My issue is as to actual accuracy and validity of said designation.

I was assured by momma and the owner of that business that NO PET IS SOLD THERE.


I watched hoomans run in and say stuff like "Ohh I was out of dog food"



Is a PET STORE a grocery store?

Nahhh! Seriously. there is not one apple,  not one turkey breast, no fish [out of a tank anyway despite the fact that if they had a sushi master prep some of those --- it would be grand and delicious!]
no, yogurt, no veggies, no food of any kind!  I mean they have bags of dehydrated mystery stuff, but that is like expecting a hooman to live on potato chips and such.

Where are the fresh goodies?  The stuff that makes my white fluff fluffier? 
I need real nutrition!

I can see running in to replenish the toy box. 

I can see running in to visit the gerbils or other little fluffies or even the fancy chickens! Momma insists on calling those "pair of keets"whatever,

BUT pet stores are not and should not be treated as grocery stores. And while we are at it, by law, there should be a prominent current and past list of all recalled dog food in every isle of mystery pellets and such. So the hoomans would actually know what to look for. I dunno. Momma says "non c'e` piu` sordo di chi non vuol sentire" Italian idiom that roughly translates to... there is nobody deafer than he who does not want to hear... or equivalent to, you only hear what you want to hear. But really hoomans, in this day and age, with all the information available to you, how can you possibly use the pet store as your grocery store?

Thank you auntie Robin for picking out my family. They cook. Pellets are not food.

But, do you know what we found at the Pet Store? We found new puzzles!

Now all I have to do is convince the momma to fill them and put them out.


She is lazy.


Monday, August 3, 2015

UNCLE! I give up

This mess is not going away soon.
Momma will stay crazy.
Windows X made her more crazy.

I said it! UNCLE!!!!

Ehmm?  Uncle Phil? No, I was not calling you.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's been... a WEEK .... of drama....

Phew. We survived this week. "Survived"... "EEEKED by is more accurate". The momma is having a quad. That's four shots of espresso with a drop of foamed milk,  In her life that is the equivalent to tying one on. She is on a coffee bender.

None of us are saying anything.  We are all looking elsewhere. There is a silence pact and we aim to maintain it. I personally like my head where it is. Until that caffeine kicks in, we are maintaining assured cleared distance.

The stresses of renovation ebbs and flows. Small rewards come when any little thing gets "done". But therein lies the rub. Who is defining "done"?

We are playing where is the fridge at my house.  Apparently the shipping company sent it to some other state! Momma has been on the phone with that.  And why are not all faucets created equal? And why  did they put holes all over the new walls?  Hooomans... I want to grab someone and shake them cobwebs out of their heads,,, But no. I am a silent witness, Call me Schultzie.

That whole reno issue was simply background noise, In the forefront, momma's eye surgery. Momma had to get them fixed again. Her peepers.  I suppose that spells trouble for us again, She will be able to "spot" something else to obsess about.  Then the broken toe. Yup, Misty Copland she not. She broke the usual toe. What?  It's like the third time! It is the "usual" toe.

Meanwhile, we are getting accustomed to the taste of sawdust, the smell of paint and that whole new traffic pattern that momma wants. She wants us to use the NEW door to go out in the backyard!
JD and I are in passive resistance mode. But you know the Wendy and Cosmo.  They will comply with anything....

Oh... let's not forget the major trauma of the new "Windows X". That whole update has cause more havoc than any of us can even remotely envision. It seems that Nimoy  [the Alienware] did not like windows X or it did not like the Norton update... it created issues that most programmers could not remotely comprehend. Something about "ILLOGICAL" issues. [Ehmmmm momma's puter....logic????What is that???]  And of course the desktop felt twangs of jealousy and refused to play with the new printer... and of course the I pad was resenting having to do all the heavy lifting...

All I can say is.... WE SURVIVED IT. 
Do we get a T-shirt?

Adam thank you for the patch. Unfortunately I know that you will be working on a fix when come home. But I will be giving you belly. So... it won't be so bad.

Momma keeps walking around the baking island skeleton and every single minute something is being done to that thing. Big week ahead. More holes coming., In the ceiling. UGH. Today we chill.

Deep breath. 

Yes I am itchy. Dealing with that too.