Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dani



If you were here you could have dinner here and we could set the neighborhood on fire just lighting your b'day cake candles... That's why I don't do cake and candles on momma's b'day..

She is now shingling and going up to take a bath and a nap. And take a few pills.

Happy happy happy b'day...want some hot bread?

The bagels are ready



Now we have to wait until they cool...
so I am being patient...'vie
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Shingling...and pills

My momma has coined a new phrase. When she needs to go flop on the couch, or her meds are wearing off, she announces "I am shingling!".  You know, at first listen that sounds really interesting, nice even, for some weird reason I associate it with sparkling, with fun.  However. Yes I need a long pause. Shingling is not all it pretends to be.  Watching momma crumple like used tissue is not cool.
The one amazing thing that has all of us four leggeds in awe is the single fact that nobody has to shove pills down momma's throat and massage it to make sure they went down. And she does not use pill pockets. When momma is shingling she takes the pills and swallows them on HER OWN! I call that raw courage. Do you thing pills for two leggeds taste good? Somehow I doubt it because momma brushes her teeth and tongue after taking some of them. Something else she does ON HER OWN!  They have to catch me and literally hold me down for a tooth brushing...This morning the woke up early, took her meds and went downstairs muttering something having made gravelox and absolutely needing to make bagels and one or two epice so daddy would have fresh dinner bread. I would have argued that we don't really need anything, or that hey do sell the stuff in stores... but the next time I looked, everything is rising  nicely and the oven is preheating... so, I am just going to shut up and enjoy smelling that fat chicken that will be roasted for din din...
Until then waiting for these to go into the oven...

'vie who would like a taste of fresh bagel with a schmear....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Daddyyyyyyy

Daddy, the infamous triple threat brownies are in the freezer- it was the best way to cool the caramel cupcakes are also chilling. Momma swears this is all she is going to make, but there is a big chicken getting a bath or something. So, now will you come home???

I kind ...actually really miss you


ps. I just walked momma to the couch and her pills, so she is on peace out for a while.  ILY

the nerve of some lollipops!

So, yesterday evening we finally talked momma into a "pretend" walk. Nobody here expects her to do a real walk. Three dogs + three leashes+ a collapsible momma= disaster. But we did talk her into walking to the front yard, having her sit on the front steps and giving us full run on our leashes which means all 25 feet= all the way up to, but not including the sidewalk. Hey when you are desperate you will take anything.

So there we are, enjoying the front yard and it's occasional passerby. Many of our neighbors came up to visit, some commented that they have not seen daddy. If they had superman eyes they could see daddy. All they have have to do is look up and to the left-itsh-. While momma gave them the 25 cent explanation, we were thrilled to be exploring cat territory. That dumb big lazy invader cat who can't read an address [why else would he be in our yard all the time?] usually slithers by the front steps. JD left him a present. [That's a different story which momma did not find remotely amusing.]

Back to the lollipop. So, we are exploring, marking every centimeter, owning up our front yard, making the most of our pseudo walk when all of a sudden, out of that alternate universe that must exists...this lollipop appears without a collar or leash on. Mhhh She must have been five or six but a hard five, if you catch my drift. Wendy immediately went and sat behind momma and started growling under her breath. Well, actually it was not a growl, really... it was a running commentary.
Wendy recognized the lollipop's breed to be a Miki. [New "designer breed"] Whatever... What really set me off was this Miki's lack of manners, boundaries, respect, and...the way she walked right up to JD and gave him tail...Two seconds into the conversation with a total stranger... and she is giving him tail?
Where was she raised? You know me, altruistic to a fault. I immediately placed myself between the lollipop and JD. I don't want JD to catch some sort of disease from her. Instead of taking the hint she tried to lick up my face. NOOOOO THANK YOU. All this is going on and I am trying to distract JD by telling him I see the cat...which starts him barking so he can show off his macho cat hunting skills to the lollipop!!!!
Mercifully, the lollipop's human finally showed up and retrieved her. We actually knew it was her human because she looked and acted like her. To my sweet innocent momma, the human was shocking because she was barefoot... walking in the street barefoot [to a shoeaholic barefoot is unforgivable] and her dog was without a leash or a collar... [two capital offenses]   To me, and to Wendy... a tail offering lollipop does not belong in our neighborhood. As far as JD... we were shocked that he can be so easily chemically lobotomized by the scent of a tail fluffing lollipop. Of course we are not letting him forget it.
Oh , Oh, I must not be remiss and forget to tell you. The lollipop is "visiting for a week".


Monday, June 27, 2011

Updating the shoe bible....

It's not raining! That's something she does when it's raining!. Momma, look, sunshine! Put away the shoes. Come on, let's do something fun!!!!!!

On the other hand... if she is busy with her shoe bible we can do stuff on our own...

JD, do you think you can bust into Dowi's room????

I have never had a full tour and I saw boxes in there... new ones...

What do you mean she is not updating, she is playing. Playing? Yes re designing the shoe Bible....
So what, same dif. Bust into Dowi's room. Let's play!

How did she know????? It's RAINING!!!!!!!!!


Hey let us IN!!!


Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  let us in!!!!  we know the GE guy is in there.  Who cares!   We know him!!  It's hot out here. Ewwwww the windows are all schvitzy!  Look we are not accustomed to barking, but if that is what it will take to get back in, we will bark. The three of us could actually form a wonderful trio. We will call ourselves the "Barking Bunch" or something catchy like that.... Think about it momma. 

Oh now she is going to let us in. How wonderful.... [that's sourcasm].   There is nothing wrong with the dishwasher?  So it peed - ehmm leaked just for no reason?   Well, we know you have GE on speed dial... so be it...  

Now where is breakfast?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Closet Crisis

This is the door to daddy's closet. Daddy kept a stash of goodies in this closet. Now, because JD went on one of his mad "storming of the Bastille" episodes where he just pushes his way through any closed door, momma has improvised some bizarre bungee cables ties locking system. You can sort of push the doors but they snap back in your face. Sigh.

Wendy and I have now taken to a peaceful sit in. A protest if you will. Realistically everything is up on shelves. which are way out of our reach. Just because JD was a real twit does not mean that we don't know how to behave.  One we miss daddy,  very very much. And sniffing out his closet made us feel better. We are already so excited about him coming home next week!!!.
Two we really miss daddy. Following him into his closet was a favorite part of our day.  We never go into momma's closet. The shoe and purse sanctuary holds nothing worthy of a tail wag. LV and Fendi, Jacobs and Isabella Fiore just don't have the panache` that turkey tenders have. Mom's stash of goodies is in the big freezer. and unless you know that mantra, even JD can't storm that thing open...Three, WE MISS DADDY and being cut off from his smells and his things is cruel and unusual punishment, and unless we can work out some compromise, this will have to be brought up to a higher authority. Hi daddy.   What does she mean it won't work?

Momma, pleaseeeeee, you know we like to sit and think in daddy's closet!  Besides, that is  Wendy's safe room in case of a storm! 

How about this for compromise, you can move all the goodies on the very top shelf.  No.  I was NOT making fun of you!!! Mommaaaaa, please....ok ok, how about you go to one of those stupid places that does not allow dogs and buy a locking thing so that you can actually lock up the treats. We just want to smell daddy.

Thanks momma, you are all heart.  She just splashed some Vetiver. It's daddy's cologne.

Those pills she is taking put the nerve to sleep. Is her heart part of that nerve?

I miss daddy. Is she going to make a Sunday Brunch?  Does not look like it... So no steak and egg?  No home made bagels with lox?  ... Might as well lock the kitchen too. No quality of life, I tell you... none...


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Living with purpose

Yes, I have to look at you like this. You are absolutely killing me with boredom. The futility of your actions is killing me.  Tell me, what is the point of making the bed, day after day after day...
You are going to sleep in it every night. Yet, you waste 6-7 minutes a day making the stupid bed.
I have seen you get up and make the bed just so you can get back in it to go to sleep...[Sorry daddy, but you had the top sheet facing the wrong  side up]... Momma, listen to me.  Stop this OCD behavior.  You have a few minutes, I have a perfect idea on how to spend them together. A way for both of us to feel pleasure and relax.   Check it out....

I am going to show you how to lay on your back, assume the position and get ready. Watch and learn, tomorrow we will switch roles and you will be getting on your back... and relaxing and...

There, see my belly?  Now all you have to do is give me a belly rub. Now that's living with purpose. There is no futility of action. Both of us are  getting some wonderful pleasure out of this!

Trust me, tomorrow, when you are getting the belly rub, you are going to love it.

It's all about living with purpose. Is that not grand? No wasting time making the stupid bed...


Friday, June 24, 2011

Spectating life is fine...but partecipating is better!

There is serious method to my madness. I pulled out some old pics. This is the start of operation 4th of July. These lili livered yellow bellies need to be reminded of how much fun swimming is. I always ditch the orange thing and I do my swimming solo., but in compliance with safety rules and with an eye toward public responsibility and all that rot, look at how much fun we had!

You guys look like you were going to hang ten, you know, like a surf board. "Nop, we were  were just looking to stay afloat"

JD you are a natural, with the lines of a champion. look at the back legs! They should have posters of you. I bet you would be wayyyy more famous of what's his name..

JD: " Really... I was aiming for the steps".

Wendy, your eyes are so beautiful!!! You are the embodiment of grace!

"I see steps!!!!!!"

What were you thinking here? Love? Trust, Joy, Surrender? Your face is so expressive!

Wendy "I was saying Kadish..."

All right what will it take for you to go swimming with everyone on the 4th?
Wendy:  "Beer butt chicken , ribs and burgers"

JD: "My own lamb shank bone"

So... assuming I am able to deliver on my end... we have a deal?
I will draw up the papers for review and paw prints, etc.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

some of us- Wisdom from The Wendy

some of us are better than others at knowing how to relax

some of us need to move along and not be soooooo intrusive

some of us know how to find and claim our little slice of heaven

yes the view is nice, but that first chaise and umbrella are just perfect

some of us know that the first step to finding nirvana is to be willing to look for it.    


The Wendy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The White Hat Society Luncheon

The one think that momma has resented the absolute most about being sick has been missing the white Hat Society Luncheon... 7 .... she has 7 new white hats and her parading them around the bedroom is just pure insult added to painful injury...Yes she is glad that the society meets and carries on. But that tiny part of her really resents her not being there.

Momma's note:  While you were enjoying the food and each other's company I was surrendering to Silvieon4's greatest talents. She knows which spot to press on my back to make the pain feel less intense until the meds kick in.
I kiss those paws gratefully and I thank her profusely. And yes there might be some wonderful rewards  given here or there.  I am baffled by how she knows. But  she knows.

Bob thank you for sharing the pics.

My love to all Silvieon2

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It is time

The pool looks wonderful, the weather is cooperating, now I have to get momma to cooperate. The plan is simple. Tomorrow I am going to lure her downstairs. Then I will go out and sort of "forget" to come back in until she comes out. Then I will go lounge and she will have to come get me. Maybe I can talk her into sit and hang out for a while.
It's a tall job, but I am going to do it. A change of scenery would be good for her.I know I need it.

Wish me luck.

Monday, June 20, 2011

At my house.

Progress report on our sickie.  For some unknown reason she is into ice water, lots of of which of course made daddy start her on iron pills. But she loves her ice water.  Momma is still at the stage where the wrong sniff will end the meal, so watching her eat is "interesting". And even what she loves does not always stay down. like I said, interesting. Cukes are still the food of choice, watermelon is out. Tomatoes are in, but she "skinned" only. She also likes empty ice cream cones. The plain ones. More specifically the bottom.  And we are into eggy bread. French toast made with no sugar, just tiny bit of lemon zest. Yesterday she had some soup and today she tried toast. Verdict is still out.  Ohh wait the asparagus. She ate those last night , I mean ate them like a normal person,  so she is making progress. 

While her being sick is not fun for anyone , the laissez faire attitude that had come with the sickness was kind of "relaxing"... if you know what I mean.  We all knew it could not last forever, but we did think it would last a little longer. But then, nobody, none of us ever figured out that momma could operate on half power. Now I do know what "titrate" the medications means. It means power them up. The meds must be working at half power...

After daddy left. We figured it was going to be a slow morning, we expected momma to take a while to unpretzle herself and we prepared ourselves to spend the day playing nurse maids.

Now, let me go back a few days. When momma came back in pain and broken and when she took up residence on one of the couches in her bedroom. In her pretzel woman with troll hair, in between the ouches, momma started pointing to dust bunnies and giving them names.
Yup. She named one Karl, one Steve, one Max...and the three that were in her immediate range of vision, were named Arnold, John and Jesse. When asked why the naming momma gave us a Momma "logical" answer. "If you name them you are not in such a rush to kill them. and you can torture them a little." Really?.. Mhhh who knew.  Why and how would one  want to torture dust bunnies??? So, the last few mornings, momma would greet the dust bunnies. Occasionally she would carry on one sides conversations with them that made no sense. Dust bunny Arnold apparently had a problem with ethics, inability to tell the truth, and whatever a misogynist is, it is one. Dust bunny John is the one momma points to and laughs...the Jesse dust bunny is often referred to as the "low life". So, not only did she name the dirt...but she has given them a history...worthy of insults.Then she would talk to them about their upcoming voyage into the jaws of turbocat... Turbocat...the vacuum cleaner...

Anyway, here is what we did not expect. This morning, after taking her meds, broken momma came into the bedroom like Rambo on a mission. Walked up to Max, said "adios muchacho" stepped on the vac and Max was no more.... Systematically...Karl, Steve, got the same treatment. Arnold, John and Jesse were next. I must say...I think there was some weird glint in her eye. Arnold got the narrow tip know, the pointy sucker upper, Jesse was next and some other muti colored  lint like dust bunny clinged to it, and John was last to get the turbocat experience, with momma 's evil laugh following it. ....

I got to get a hold of that pharmacy sheet...this has got to be a side effect...of something. Now which one of these pills cause deep disdain of dust bunnies?

Well, now she is wiped out, but quite satisfied with her rampage... I wonder what's next...


Sanity break: Cat that barks like a dog — until someone notices | Raw Replay

Sanity break: Cat that barks like a dog — until someone notices | Raw Replay

Here is your did not do it... Admit nothing..


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy father's day

Dear daddy, today is father's day. You have been gone a few hours and we already miss you. I got momma to actually hand feed me. I really did it to keep momma's head busy. By the way, relax, she is taking her meds on time and she does eat her weird food when she takes the pills.

Daddy, my heart is full. You know that I love you the most and the next time you have an empty feeling or a second of feeling alone, I want you to just think about me and let your heart be full of all that I feel for you.

I buried my best chewy for you. When you get home it will be here waiting to you.

Happy father's day, 'vie

Saturday, June 18, 2011

it's all about the sleep


At my house, this week, it's been all about sleep. Sleep everywhere, anywhere, at every opportunity because keep an eye on the momma is a full time job. Have you notices how nice it is to sleep whem it is raining outside?

going to catch a few zzzzzzz