Friday, June 24, 2011

Spectating life is fine...but partecipating is better!

There is serious method to my madness. I pulled out some old pics. This is the start of operation 4th of July. These lili livered yellow bellies need to be reminded of how much fun swimming is. I always ditch the orange thing and I do my swimming solo., but in compliance with safety rules and with an eye toward public responsibility and all that rot, look at how much fun we had!

You guys look like you were going to hang ten, you know, like a surf board. "Nop, we were  were just looking to stay afloat"

JD you are a natural, with the lines of a champion. look at the back legs! They should have posters of you. I bet you would be wayyyy more famous of what's his name..

JD: " Really... I was aiming for the steps".

Wendy, your eyes are so beautiful!!! You are the embodiment of grace!

"I see steps!!!!!!"

What were you thinking here? Love? Trust, Joy, Surrender? Your face is so expressive!

Wendy "I was saying Kadish..."

All right what will it take for you to go swimming with everyone on the 4th?
Wendy:  "Beer butt chicken , ribs and burgers"

JD: "My own lamb shank bone"

So... assuming I am able to deliver on my end... we have a deal?
I will draw up the papers for review and paw prints, etc.



Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh you guys are so darn cute! Tell me something, do you like your life jackets? Mama has been thinking about a few for us for at the lake house. We're a little scardey cat of the water and maybe a big floaty might make us feel better? What do ya think?

silvieon4 said...

JD and the Wendy are useless without their life jackets. I am talking dog paddlento the nearest steps with the heart pounding out of their chest. I hate the life jacket. I am a great swimmer and I like swimming naked. I will do laps, join momma, get my kisses and belly rubs and then go off for my swims. I love swimming to my fav music and my yellow towel better be all hot when I come out.

bichonpawz said...

Chloe and LadyBug aren't fond of their jackets either...I mean...I simply cannot figure out WHY. One of them is a Louis Vuitton and the other is a Posh Pink Polka Dot! What could be cuter! They think they are too confining! Bah...
the Mama (You all look fabulous!!)