Thursday, June 9, 2011

HAPPY birthday ROCKY

To one of my best buddies in the world, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true, may love and happiness continue to color your world and may joy and health fill your pauses. We love you.

'vie and the fan damply.


shekaywy said...

Happy Birthday Rocky! Hope it's a GRRRReat one!!!

rocky-dog said...

Silve, Thank you to you and your family. I had a really great birthday. Everybody at work gave me extra rubbings and ear skritches. Mama gave me an extra treat! And I didn't have to have a bath! So all in all a good day. I hope your mama is fine. I was discussing this with my mama -- she says that when a mama gets sick, the 4legged must become a good caregiver -- making sure the appropriate kleenex is available, having daddy put water in the glass within reach, making sure the comforter is fluffed appropriately for snuggling -- you know all that kind of stuff. It's hard, difficult work, but it's the stuff we Bichons are meant for! So please ask you mama for us, to please get better. We are sending virtual hugs and belly rubs from the west coast.