Sunday, June 26, 2011

Closet Crisis

This is the door to daddy's closet. Daddy kept a stash of goodies in this closet. Now, because JD went on one of his mad "storming of the Bastille" episodes where he just pushes his way through any closed door, momma has improvised some bizarre bungee cables ties locking system. You can sort of push the doors but they snap back in your face. Sigh.

Wendy and I have now taken to a peaceful sit in. A protest if you will. Realistically everything is up on shelves. which are way out of our reach. Just because JD was a real twit does not mean that we don't know how to behave.  One we miss daddy,  very very much. And sniffing out his closet made us feel better. We are already so excited about him coming home next week!!!.
Two we really miss daddy. Following him into his closet was a favorite part of our day.  We never go into momma's closet. The shoe and purse sanctuary holds nothing worthy of a tail wag. LV and Fendi, Jacobs and Isabella Fiore just don't have the panache` that turkey tenders have. Mom's stash of goodies is in the big freezer. and unless you know that mantra, even JD can't storm that thing open...Three, WE MISS DADDY and being cut off from his smells and his things is cruel and unusual punishment, and unless we can work out some compromise, this will have to be brought up to a higher authority. Hi daddy.   What does she mean it won't work?

Momma, pleaseeeeee, you know we like to sit and think in daddy's closet!  Besides, that is  Wendy's safe room in case of a storm! 

How about this for compromise, you can move all the goodies on the very top shelf.  No.  I was NOT making fun of you!!! Mommaaaaa, please....ok ok, how about you go to one of those stupid places that does not allow dogs and buy a locking thing so that you can actually lock up the treats. We just want to smell daddy.

Thanks momma, you are all heart.  She just splashed some Vetiver. It's daddy's cologne.

Those pills she is taking put the nerve to sleep. Is her heart part of that nerve?

I miss daddy. Is she going to make a Sunday Brunch?  Does not look like it... So no steak and egg?  No home made bagels with lox?  ... Might as well lock the kitchen too. No quality of life, I tell you... none...



Honeygo Beasley said...

Wow, we sure missed some awesome posts. Sorry if we didn't leave comments on them all, we're lovin' all the photos and funny stories you tell, 'vie.

Not sure how to open that thing ...

Ciao for now!

bichonpawz said...

You guys always have the best adventures!!! Sure hope the Daddy is coming home soon...we can tell how much you miss him...and his treats!! And hope Wendy gets her safe room back! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Marshmallow said...

I feel your pain, Silvie. Sometimes I like to curl up in my Daddy's sweatshirt if he leaves it on the bed. It smells like Daddy and makes me feel all warm and safe and snuggly. I think your momma needs to reconsider!