Monday, March 30, 2015

I rang them bells... and rang them bells...they must be deaf

They are working me to the bone. I know I am a Bichon, I know that giving my hoomans attention is my raison d'etre, but this is nuts.

First of all my whole routine has been disrupted by that Johnny come lately you all call Cosmo.
Dude has some issues. Like FOOD.... He needs manners.  He will steal food right out of your mouth if you let him. I mean, really! Even got into a confrontation withe daddy. We all watched. Daddy won.

If that boy was up to actually taking advice I would tell him that before daddy became HIS HONOR, he was a union president. He has had plenty of practice of not letting go of any bone that is in his mouth!. But momma keeps reminding us that this is a process and that Cosmo has to learn to fit in. Until then, he gets fed in the Florida room, with the door closed. Apparently this prevents him from raiding our food after he has inhales his.

I do believe I have successfully established some snuggling boundaries. No way in heck will that boy take over momma's lap at night.  That lap is my throne and I am not about to give it up.  I was generous. I let him lay at her side, but that is as far as that goes.

Watching him is a hoot. He is the never ending source of faux pas.  Yup we watch him and judge him.

I really wanted momma to buy him this placemat.  She refused.

You know momma. when she is not with the Bichons she loves she loves the Bichons she is with.

We have watched her give him snuggles.  And he has had the nerve to fall asleep in her arms.

I must admit that having Cosmo around has infused lots of "ENERGY" in JD. I am not at all sorry to be the lucky recipient of that "ENERGY".  Although, auntie Robin, can we chat????

Auntie Robin, you know I love you. BUT, how come all the boys that come to my house from TBFR have NO idea what to do with a stunner like moi?  I fluff my tail, I play bow, I send out all the right signals and I do "ring them bells" just like Liza said to do....

And you know what??? NOTHING. Cosmo thinks that all there is to life is blitzing. I am mean really??? JD gets all intense when he sees Cosmo around me... and then... NOTHING.

Look, you need to have a talk with these boys.  Either that or book me on a cruise to Yugoslavia.

BTW, guess who is silent today.  And I mean zero voice, She looks icky too, Momma.  When she coughs she sounds like she is barking or trying to. I have ordered her to bed, we settled on the couch. If you tally up all the time I spent nursing that woman I should have enough life credits to be awarded a practical care nursing degree. Well at least, she is put. She is too dizzy to be anything but "PUT". Not to be judgmental, but this was long coming with all the non stop cleaning and dusting and dusting.... and reno... this was longggg coming.

And of course... it is MONDAY and it is raining...what a shock...
Going back to snuggle momma. and I need a belly scratch, Ha.... Cosmo is looking for Splish. Splish went for a ride inside the washing machine,,, Ha. Live with it boy she is a germaphobe and that thing had a nasty brown belly from you suckling it,


Friday, March 27, 2015

KING JD update

So..... my JD is a drama queen. To say that he is "milking" his post op would be a grave understatement.  If this were a cow, she would be Elsie the Wisconsin champion Dairy Queen!

Look , I wanna be all kids of supportive with the boy, but I mean... what a "man"... what a male behavioral model he is...  ONE eye only... k?  ONE eye.  One little cataract. He comes home sporting a dual frontal poodle paw. He is wearing a clear collar and he will not eat or drink until the thing is taken off of him. SERIOUSLY. He is the picture of "paw-thetic".

Let's not forget that he spent last night issuing orders to the two leggeds. You should have seen him.
Growl- I want to go sit by the window. Growl, I want to try the bed. Growl. I want a chewie.  Growl, I am bored. Growl. Rub my belly.  I am talking orders non stop.  He issued so many orders I thought we were in the army and he was a drill Sargent.

But, let's focus on the hoomans. Having "recovered from the trauma" of their golden boy's disability..[ eye roll]  and having agreed that expensive means worth it when it comes to his sight...[eye roll, again--I do not think the same standard was applied to his "olives" as those came off without ceremony-- I am just saying...] they spent the entire night and all of today catering to his every suggestion of a whim. Heck, I am thinking I should give this cataract thing a try.

Maybe not.  But momma is all kinds of "soft" when it comes to JD, even though...she had the same cataract stuff done, BOTH eyes, and you know what??? Daddy did not fall apart, not even one bit and she did not have everyone catering to her whims. Heck... nobody hardly noticed squat. Oh yea, she is not male.  But she spent today tap dancing on the head of a pin to make JD happy...

He had his pressure check. All A- ok.   Dinner was served and hand fed to his royal pain in the tuchus. He got belly rubbed.  Thank Dogness for Cosmo. He is the "distractor" as that boy is all kinds of energy and craziness,

Moi?  The Wendy?  Yea, we are thrilled JD is ok..  But when he is better... he will pay. Trust me he will.

Oh, his royal pain in the tuchus would like me to convey a message:

"Please thank everyone, four and two leggeds who prayed for me, supported my pawrents and conveyed their best wishes. I do love social media. [what a shock...] I appreciate and love everyone of you. I apologize for not writing sooner, but you know, I do feel like a one eyed Jack and I am recovering  [Oh boy, I do want to gag right now...MEN!]

Thank you Dr Neidlestein and staff. I am not really sure what you did.  I think I fell asleep..., but Yellow CAT better realize that he cannot hide from me anymore! So, I do have one question...Who thought it was funny to give this Bichon -Poodle Paws?????? - I am not happy with that part, I just wanted to let you know and I will be dropping off a picture of a Poodle next to a Bichon so that you can use it as a reference point in your OR.  I will be spending the next few weeks explaining to some two legged that NO- I am not a POODLE... thanks..."

His royal pain in the tuchus has declined any pictures. He went on a tirade about flash and his poor retina... blah blah blah.  so no pics. For now.

But we shall be posting  those, soon.

Meanwhile, I am breaking in Cosmo. But that's a dif post!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosmo -What were they thinking of?????

  1. Cosmo Cosmo... Cosmo what were they thinking when they named you?


"One entry found for cosmos.
Main Entry: cos·mos 
Pronunciation: primarystresskäz-mschwas, senses 1 and 2 also -secondarystressmomacrs, -secondarystressmäs
Function: noun
1 : the orderly universe
2 : a complex harmonious system
3 : a tall garden plant that is related to the daisies and has showy white, pink, or rose-colored flower heads with usually yellow centers "

Image result for cosmos flower

My chewies on on the drink, 'cause you are one crazy boy!!!

Meanwhile, please send good thoughts to my JD who is having surgery today.  I frankly think he is doing better than my hoomans... Will post as soon as it is over. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I love my new Lollygator!





Case Background

A Settlement has been reached in class action lawsuits claiming that Waggin’ Train or Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treat products imported from or containing ingredients imported from China (“Dog Treat Products”) were defective and that some pets may have become sick and/or died after consuming the products. A list of the Dog Treat Products can be found here. Defendants Nestlé Purina PetCare Company and Waggin’ Train, LLC have denied any wrongdoing. The Court has not decided which side is right.

Defendants have agreed to create a $6,500,000.00 cash Settlement Fund from which eligible consumers and/or pet owners may receive a cash payment for up to 100% of certain documented economic damages related to their purchase of or their pet’s consumption of the Dog Treat Products, after the payment from the Settlement Fund of the costs of notice and Claims Administration, attorneys’ fees, Class Representative awards, costs, and taxes. Economic damage means the expenses you incurred related to your purchase or your pet’s consumption of the Dog Treat Products, and include veterinary screening or treatment bills and other expenses related to your pet’s illness and/or death.

For each of your pets that used or consumed Dog Treat Products, you may recover up to 100% of certain reasonable economic damages you claim you suffered if you can provide documentation showing the economic damage.

In addition to compensation for expenses supported by documentation, you may also receive up to a $300 payment per pet for reasonable economic damages for which you do not have supporting documentation. You must still complete a Claim Form and provide information about your economic damages to be eligible for payment of your undocumented expenses.

The total amount available for product reimbursement is $700,000, and the total amount available for healthy screenings is $100,000. Reimbursement of Claims may be subject to certain pro rata reductions and other limitations described on this website.

SUBMIT A CLAIM The only way to get a payment. Submit your Claim Form by mail, facsimile or email (.pdf) to the Claims Administrator no later than April 1, 2015.
EXCLUDE YOURSELF Get no payment. This is the only option that allows you to not be bound by the final judgment and release and to be part of any other lawsuit concerning the issues being settled now. You must exclude yourself from the Settlement Class by no later than February 10, 2015.
COMMENT ON THE PROPOSED SETTLEMENT Write to the Court about why you support or oppose the proposed Settlement. If you want to object to the Settlement, you must do so in writing by May 25, 2015. Filing an objection does not exclude you from the Settlement.
GO TO THE FINAL APPROVAL HEARING Ask to speak to the Court about the proposed Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing, scheduled for June 23, 2015 (date subject to change).
DO NOTHING Get no payment. You will not be able to bring or be part of any other lawsuit concerning the issues being settled now, and you will be bound by the final judgment and release in this case.

If you would like further information about the claims asserted in this case, you can review a copy of the Settlement Agreement here.

NOTICE: This website provides a summary of the Settlement and is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the text of this website and the original text upon which it is based, the text of the original document shall prevail.

Questions? Contact the Claims Administrator at 1-866-329-9963 or

Wordfull Wednesday

I know, it's supposed to be wordless Wednesday...BUT I have many words and many many thoughts.

First of all, the noisy strangers. You know momma has been allowing strangers in our home, and they are noisy messy, dusty, and all around unwelcomed by me. They all need to go home and stay out of MY house.

Second. Changes. What the hey momma. Every time I turn around you are changing something. Really? I am all about new dog beds, but you even let Cosmo come live here. I have to be honest. At first, I was not really thrilled with this. You are MY person. Sharing you is not my preferred status.

But, I must say, so far the interloper has been a hoot to watch.  He is food and toy obsessed, he blitzes like the wind, he is fixated on momma -too bad for him- because she is mine and while I share,  I am not giving her up. And then there is that whole sneezing thing, Cosmo freaks out when momma sneezes. He literally freaks out and has to sniff her up and make sure she is OK.

Hellooooo boy, momma is the poster momma of allergies. She will sneeze 100 times a day because of dust [strangers in my house are making dust like it is their job....I am just saying they NEED to leave] she will sneeze at everything and anything.  Get used to it. "Lergies" is her middle name.

Ehmm Cosmo, jumping in momma's lap is admirable, but there is a time and a place. The bathroom should be off limit. [Yea, if you are reading this, the imagery is 'nuff to make you swear off of Bichons]

Cosmo, We have noticed that yesterday you did not suckle the duckie once. In fact... I moved it for you and you still have not noticed.  But we did notice that you found Max's toy and that you have been hiding it in various places.  You are still not quite secure enough to want to play in the back yard. But that too shall come. 

Now listen boy. Tomorrow JD is having cataract surgery. The hoomans round here are on pins and needles. Momma will be weepy and hysterical by morning and impossible to calm down. When the woman gets started she leaks like a drippy faucet. Back off, let a pro deal with her, It is my hugs and kisses that work to calm her down. Have you noticed she keeps kissing JD on the head and telling him it will be all ok?  Yea, that's hooman self soothing.  It really does not work. There will be pacing, hand wringing, phone calls, more weeping and until JD is back home and sleeping, our world will be in flux. So... having warned you, you need to understand that they cope better with stuff being done to them rather than having stuff done to us. 

Oh yes, Cosmo, no FREE SNIFFIES.  Not yet boy.  On my time table not yours. And why are you obsessed with wearing your TBFR collar? I had one, I still have it.... in the armoire.  If I am going to wear a collar it better be my Coach collar!  

Oh, before I forget, Cosmo, the Wendy wants you to know; SHE IS WATCHING YOU!

And I want you to know... I AM WATCHING YOU!

And what is this offering up the belly thing you have been doing??? Kind of forward of you this early, no?

Just remember, I am the alpha dog in this here pack.


[JD and Wendy are laughing and snickering at that statement]

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to own a Cosmo- By Silvieon4.

Mommmmmmaaaa are you getting this???

Loooooooook, mommmmmmmaaaaaa

 Told you I own this boy....See???
But I am so very very CUTE, no?

[I love new boy toys]

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Black and White Sunday: COSMO is HOME!!!

Yes, Cosmo. This is home. Forever + one day.
You are safe.
You are loved.
Yes Cosmo, kisses on demand, and hugs too.
You want a lap?  Here it is.

JD, The Wendy and Silvie are just watching. They get it. He is scared. He will be ok. They know this.
That far away look will soon be a thing of the past. Promises made that will be kept.
Forever plus one day.

Little boy has not let go of Splish. His stuffed duckie. It still has the tag on it because he won't let it go.

Welcome Cosmo.

The family.YOUR family. Forever plus one day.


Bichons- Amore--- revisited

We are Cosmo bonding, he is home!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

the TALK and the WALK

So, my hooman brother is in NEW YORK which apparently is called the BIG APPLE. Wonder why. I wonder if it smells like a golden delicious or a pink lady. Hm. I will have to think about that. Will Adam come back smelling like a Golden delicious?  If he does, he better bring me some smoked Gouda. I like cheese and apples.

My Adam sent me a very interesting set of pics. I call them the Talk and the Walk. This is a very familiar scene to me.  In fact, This is a UNIVERSAL occurrence. [Nahhh Paramount has no claim, but there has been talks about Miramax hahahaha, it's a joke, get it?] All four leggeds complain about it. It is the no. 2 topic whenever we get together.  No, I am not going to tell you what number one is. There are some things we only discuss with other four leggeds, You would not understand.

What is it about hoomans that they feel compelled to "talk" anytime there is interesting stuff around?


You get nervous because of traffic, because the wind is blowing, because there is a feather in the air, because the sky is blue, gray, red, pink... whatever... and immediately you demand that we sit down. We get a "sit down- and a talk-down" because YOU ARE nervous.

Let's face it, two leggeds are uptight They only do well within the architecture of artificial boundaries. So very few of them can abandon themselves to the moment.  Loving a brisk walk in the snow? Ha!, They lose that joy to traffic, to noises, to a zillion insignificant things.

It is insanely infuriating. JD totally ignores the momma. Obviously this handsome boy in the pics is doing his level best to live up to his hooman's expectations.

But. Please notice one thing When finally the walk occurs... who is holding the leash?  Riiiight.  That smart boy is walking his hooman and NOT the other way around.

Nice play, nice play....
Meanwhile Adam, you got snow?  We have rain... 

Miss you.... Kisses 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughtless Thursday- Overcoming the stress of living with two leggeds

Achieving this level of relaxation is NOT easy.

My hoomans are forever multi tasking. That means doing 12 things at once.
Sometimes they look like marionettes... tune out the sound and it is quite comical.
Specially if you can imagine circus music around them.
[Visual... momma baking, cooking, doing laundry, while on the phone talking legal, and computing...while fixing the intake valve on the vac... while doing bloggy stuff, while running every appliance in the house...] Momma' OCD makes her perfect staff! She is compelled to DO... Bless her little soul. No supervision needed, most of the time.

Survival means learning to tune  OUT  the STAFF and maintain  your own relaxing schedule.
Hey!  The have THE thumbs!  With THUMBS come responsibilities.
So while STAFF works, as it should and as I have many needs that have to be tended to, 
I practice my relaxation techniques. And you know I am a trained YOGURT MASTER*

I find that the remote to the noisy box is a wonderful "pillow" And they can't turn the noise on if you are sleeping on that remote. Right?  Genius!

Anyhow, yawn.  If you are lucky enough to have good dependable STAFF, please take full advantage. RELAX... After all, it is Thoughtless Thursday!

who leads by example


*silvieon4: Yoga, Yogurt...whatever
Jan 17, 2013
And, in case you are wondering that is the "twisted phoenix" pose I invented based on Yogurt principles. Yes , yogurt. I like yogurt. Yoga? Nahh I like yogurt better, ... 'vie. Posted by silvieon4 on ...
May 13, 2009
I am creative. I owe much of that to my meditation practices. And, in case you are wondering that is the "twisted phoenix" pose I invented based on Yogurt principles. Yes , yogurt. I like yogurt. Yoga? Nahh I like yogurt better, ...

Thank you blog hop HOSTS:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First day of Spring... Wordless Wednesday

On my to do list today:

MARK MY HOOMANS before you know who gets here.

I am watching the "springing of spring". I see nothing?


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tasty Tuesday.... Saint Paddy??? I pass

No, no words.

Hooooomans have no real taste buds.Proof positive that two leggeds will EAT anything! Even a gimmick...


Happy St Patrick's day

Sunday, March 15, 2015

MOOOOORE dancing with JOY!!! MICA IS HOME!

I swear it is in the air!

I have more good news to share!

Hey did I just rhyme??

Man... drop a dime,

Let the world know... MICA HAS HER FOREVER HOME!!!!

I think I am still in rap mode.

Welcome Mica's family, you are now my family too. Blessings be yours, Mica, be yourself and let the love fest begin.



HEY, don't forget the Bash.


Dear Cosmo- Dancinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg AT MY HOUSE!!!!!

So.... we had Cosmo boy visit yesterday.  Daddy was Cosmo's "transport" from that place to Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue.  THAT place will never be mentioned again because it belongs in the past, in the forgotten past as soon as possible.

So when the call came, the daddy picked up Cosmo and shared a ride for 75 miles.
And this is where things got "interesting". We really don't have all the details as daddy is stingy with info, BUT... here is what we know.  Ever since that ride, daddy has asked about Cosmo and how he was doing etc etc. Mind you, momma stayed out of the whole ride thing because as you know, momma is a hoarder and if one eye of hers sets on something... IT will come home.

In the noisy, dusty, messy reality of renovations, the conversation about Cosmo moved to the quiet hours when exhausted humans were about to fall asleep. "How is Cosmo?"  "Have you talked to Robin about how Cosmo is doing?"

Hoomans... the handwriting is on the wall and they are looking for IT...

What it boiled down to was a startling realization.

DADDY FLUNKED TRANSPORT!   You know how many hoomans flunk fostering? My daddy flunked transport! How is that for a first? He had 75 miles of bonding with Cosmo. which of course leaves only one logical course of action. [I do love logic...]

But not so fast...
Mind you, momma had never met Cosmo.  Of course, the "caucus" [Dori, momma, the Wendy, myself, and even JD, and Max and Adam...] talked about daddy and Cosmo in front of daddy behind his back... Dori and momma went into committee mode. That means more talking, Cosmo was invited over for a play visit, We all got to meet him and he got a full tour of the house, etc.

So now....


would you like to become part of our family?  We are a bit crazy, [I love you momma], we love hard, we play hard, we work hard, and you have tasted momma's chewies... nuff said.

Just a reminder, little boy, I am empress for life of this kingdom, so you take your orders from moi.

Why is JD sneering?  And what's with the raised eyebrows on the Wendy???

So, Cosmo boy,  what do you think?

[Ohhh, Madonna, Juliana, Mariah, JLO, do share the 411 on younger men, I am about to catch me one.]

Yes, yes yes, here is COSMO:


Friday, March 13, 2015

Working on my "rap"

Nothing in my pockets
Chewies on my mind
Got to work the momma
make her feel "so" kind

Chewies on my mind
Chewies on my mind

Ya'll know the drill
wiggle and
wag the tail 
Give momma her thrill

Chewies on my mind
Chewies on my mind

Gots to do
what I got to do
what it takes is what you do
don't judge me you

Chewies on my mind
Chewies on my mind

[Is it working yet????]


Thursday, March 12, 2015

The WHITE HAT society was at it again!

They party as if they have NOTHING to think about!

                                                           The White Hat Society Luncheon 3/11/15

Imagine yourself sitting quietly browsing a menu in a neighborhood restaurants, anticipating your lunch order. Everything is quiet, Everyone is immersed in their own thoughts... after all, it's a work day and many people are squeezing in lunch between meetings and piles of paperwork.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the place changes. As you become aware, you take your eyes off the menu and set aside the monumental decision on the fries or salad and you look up.

WHOA. A "gregarious" [It's my new word!  I am not loud, I am gregarious!!!!] group of people has walked in following a white fluffy stuffed dog on a stick... being carried proudly... But the picture is not complete until you  notice THE WHITE HATS!

Yes, the whole group is wearing WHITE HATS. You are curious as heck. But you are not going to intrude. Or are you?   You ask the waitress. She has no clue, but now she is curious as well, so, she decides to go to the table the group has been seated at, and before she even takes a drink order she asks: " EHM, what's with the white hats?"   You know, our Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue family...
they love to talk about Bichons, without "boundaries". They love to educate and lobby and inform... the world about rescue. Give them an opportunity and you will get a cheerful earful from any one of them. Times that by 12 or 13... Before you know it, the whole place is involved in a discussion about Bichons and rescue and voila` there is another Bichon family there! Now they have allies! Now they have officially TAKEN OVER the place.

And now, your ordinary day has been  transformed with glitz, glam, humor, and watching these people have such a grand time, listening to their laughter and their conversation, you wonder if you could ever belong to a white hat society. Yuh you could. IF you qualified to adopt a Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue dog. IF. Talk to them, ask them. Can you handle unconditional love? Can you handle becoming a Bichon family? Do your homework. FILL OUT the application. It is more than having a gorgeous fluffy white dog. It is about love.

Meanwhile, my crazy momma and my crazy TBFR family carry on their love fest, and you know what?  Us, Bichons are SO WORTH IT!

So, if you are a restaurant owner and you are blessed enough to host my TBFR family and the White Hat Society, be prepared for a gregarious group that will liven up your place! Also if you see my momma, make sure she orders something I like so I get some "doggy bag" yummies. SHHHH let's not tell auntie Robin or Dr R. Who am I kidding. That woman will never order anything like that...



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Progress????? Wordless Wednesday...

Kind-a ... We have floor... we have MESS, WE HAVE DUST...

Which means... SNEEZING IS A  MUST!

It's wordless Wednesday.... I look around at this mess I am not wordless... I am 

there is NO ROOM to get WILD!!!!!!


Monday, March 9, 2015

BANG BANG Whoshshhhh Bang bang WHOSHHHHHHHH clouds OF DUST

BANG BANG BANG , WHOOSH, BANG, dust, and dust some more... it is a mess in here and it is loud, noisy and everything is tossed like a cheap salad. [that would be plain iceberg, no mache and no endive...]

Momma is in a weird mode. She does not cope well with disorganization. We are talking torture for an OCD queen.

Her coping method? Baking

This while she can't "lay hands" on most of her baking toys.

I have tried and tried today to tell her that it is 60 degrees out there and we should be having FUN!!!


We have to be here with the "stallers".
They are stalling floors.
I am so fed up with with RENO [momma calls it that]...
 Know what I mean???

I was groomed, I am beautiful, I am not meant to be cloistered away in this messy, noisy place.  I should be off somewhere being admired and petted.

I was going to call auntie Robin, but she has the same RENO dude going on at her house!

it's enough top make you crazy!