Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dear Cosmo- Dancinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg AT MY HOUSE!!!!!

So.... we had Cosmo boy visit yesterday.  Daddy was Cosmo's "transport" from that place to Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue.  THAT place will never be mentioned again because it belongs in the past, in the forgotten past as soon as possible.

So when the call came, the daddy picked up Cosmo and shared a ride for 75 miles.
And this is where things got "interesting". We really don't have all the details as daddy is stingy with info, BUT... here is what we know.  Ever since that ride, daddy has asked about Cosmo and how he was doing etc etc. Mind you, momma stayed out of the whole ride thing because as you know, momma is a hoarder and if one eye of hers sets on something... IT will come home.

In the noisy, dusty, messy reality of renovations, the conversation about Cosmo moved to the quiet hours when exhausted humans were about to fall asleep. "How is Cosmo?"  "Have you talked to Robin about how Cosmo is doing?"

Hoomans... the handwriting is on the wall and they are looking for IT...

What it boiled down to was a startling realization.

DADDY FLUNKED TRANSPORT!   You know how many hoomans flunk fostering? My daddy flunked transport! How is that for a first? He had 75 miles of bonding with Cosmo. which of course leaves only one logical course of action. [I do love logic...]

But not so fast...
Mind you, momma had never met Cosmo.  Of course, the "caucus" [Dori, momma, the Wendy, myself, and even JD, and Max and Adam...] talked about daddy and Cosmo in front of daddy behind his back... Dori and momma went into committee mode. That means more talking, Cosmo was invited over for a play visit, We all got to meet him and he got a full tour of the house, etc.

So now....


would you like to become part of our family?  We are a bit crazy, [I love you momma], we love hard, we play hard, we work hard, and you have tasted momma's chewies... nuff said.

Just a reminder, little boy, I am empress for life of this kingdom, so you take your orders from moi.

Why is JD sneering?  And what's with the raised eyebrows on the Wendy???

So, Cosmo boy,  what do you think?

[Ohhh, Madonna, Juliana, Mariah, JLO, do share the 411 on younger men, I am about to catch me one.]

Yes, yes yes, here is COSMO:


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bichonpawz said...

This is just fabulous! FABULOUS A! Myou, dear Cosmo, just won the lottery and you have the BEST brothers and sisters in the whole world!