Saturday, March 21, 2015

the TALK and the WALK

So, my hooman brother is in NEW YORK which apparently is called the BIG APPLE. Wonder why. I wonder if it smells like a golden delicious or a pink lady. Hm. I will have to think about that. Will Adam come back smelling like a Golden delicious?  If he does, he better bring me some smoked Gouda. I like cheese and apples.

My Adam sent me a very interesting set of pics. I call them the Talk and the Walk. This is a very familiar scene to me.  In fact, This is a UNIVERSAL occurrence. [Nahhh Paramount has no claim, but there has been talks about Miramax hahahaha, it's a joke, get it?] All four leggeds complain about it. It is the no. 2 topic whenever we get together.  No, I am not going to tell you what number one is. There are some things we only discuss with other four leggeds, You would not understand.

What is it about hoomans that they feel compelled to "talk" anytime there is interesting stuff around?


You get nervous because of traffic, because the wind is blowing, because there is a feather in the air, because the sky is blue, gray, red, pink... whatever... and immediately you demand that we sit down. We get a "sit down- and a talk-down" because YOU ARE nervous.

Let's face it, two leggeds are uptight They only do well within the architecture of artificial boundaries. So very few of them can abandon themselves to the moment.  Loving a brisk walk in the snow? Ha!, They lose that joy to traffic, to noises, to a zillion insignificant things.

It is insanely infuriating. JD totally ignores the momma. Obviously this handsome boy in the pics is doing his level best to live up to his hooman's expectations.

But. Please notice one thing When finally the walk occurs... who is holding the leash?  Riiiight.  That smart boy is walking his hooman and NOT the other way around.

Nice play, nice play....
Meanwhile Adam, you got snow?  We have rain... 

Miss you.... Kisses 

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