Thursday, March 12, 2015

The WHITE HAT society was at it again!

They party as if they have NOTHING to think about!

                                                           The White Hat Society Luncheon 3/11/15

Imagine yourself sitting quietly browsing a menu in a neighborhood restaurants, anticipating your lunch order. Everything is quiet, Everyone is immersed in their own thoughts... after all, it's a work day and many people are squeezing in lunch between meetings and piles of paperwork.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the place changes. As you become aware, you take your eyes off the menu and set aside the monumental decision on the fries or salad and you look up.

WHOA. A "gregarious" [It's my new word!  I am not loud, I am gregarious!!!!] group of people has walked in following a white fluffy stuffed dog on a stick... being carried proudly... But the picture is not complete until you  notice THE WHITE HATS!

Yes, the whole group is wearing WHITE HATS. You are curious as heck. But you are not going to intrude. Or are you?   You ask the waitress. She has no clue, but now she is curious as well, so, she decides to go to the table the group has been seated at, and before she even takes a drink order she asks: " EHM, what's with the white hats?"   You know, our Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue family...
they love to talk about Bichons, without "boundaries". They love to educate and lobby and inform... the world about rescue. Give them an opportunity and you will get a cheerful earful from any one of them. Times that by 12 or 13... Before you know it, the whole place is involved in a discussion about Bichons and rescue and voila` there is another Bichon family there! Now they have allies! Now they have officially TAKEN OVER the place.

And now, your ordinary day has been  transformed with glitz, glam, humor, and watching these people have such a grand time, listening to their laughter and their conversation, you wonder if you could ever belong to a white hat society. Yuh you could. IF you qualified to adopt a Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue dog. IF. Talk to them, ask them. Can you handle unconditional love? Can you handle becoming a Bichon family? Do your homework. FILL OUT the application. It is more than having a gorgeous fluffy white dog. It is about love.

Meanwhile, my crazy momma and my crazy TBFR family carry on their love fest, and you know what?  Us, Bichons are SO WORTH IT!

So, if you are a restaurant owner and you are blessed enough to host my TBFR family and the White Hat Society, be prepared for a gregarious group that will liven up your place! Also if you see my momma, make sure she orders something I like so I get some "doggy bag" yummies. SHHHH let's not tell auntie Robin or Dr R. Who am I kidding. That woman will never order anything like that...




Two French Bulldogs said...

That is hilarious
Lily & Edward

ruckustheeskie said...

So fun! We want to be a part !