Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosmo -What were they thinking of?????

  1. Cosmo Cosmo... Cosmo what were they thinking when they named you?


"One entry found for cosmos.
Main Entry: cos·mos 
Pronunciation: primarystresskäz-mschwas, senses 1 and 2 also -secondarystressmomacrs, -secondarystressmäs
Function: noun
1 : the orderly universe
2 : a complex harmonious system
3 : a tall garden plant that is related to the daisies and has showy white, pink, or rose-colored flower heads with usually yellow centers "

Image result for cosmos flower

My chewies on on the drink, 'cause you are one crazy boy!!!

Meanwhile, please send good thoughts to my JD who is having surgery today.  I frankly think he is doing better than my hoomans... Will post as soon as it is over. 


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