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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dear Splish

Dear Splish, 

I am HOME, I really am home.  

This is my forever + one day home.

I KNOW this not just because the momma says so, all the time, but because I FIT in.
I have my family.  MY FAMILY.

I have clothes, and many many collars and toys!  I even have a nickname now! I am the Cosi Bear!!!! I love that, it comes with snuggles and kisses! 

I get to  play ball with daddy and do zoomies  and blitzies with silvieon4 and I play I got your nose with momma and peak-a-boo with the Wendy and follow the leader with JD! 

Hey, did you know that I have an Adam, a Dowi and a Max? I even have a nonna! I tell you, it is a family!!!! 

And you know what? I am forgetting that life I had before because I am so busy being loved and being a PART of my family!

Dear Splish, you will always be part of my life, but please understand, I don’t need you as much as I did. When I get nervous now, I have laps and petters and I get lots and lots of kisses and hugs. It is really nice.

But... I do need you when I have strangers in my house.
Yea, I know, right? I have a house!  I have a home! I have a family ! 

I have you Splish and you are part of my family!

Love, Cosi-Bear.

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