Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sepia Saturday: Time to go OUTTTTTTT!

Don't waste my time.


Daddy is all mine and I want to go out.

Get your rags on and forgetaboutit when it comes to "housedoing". I am feeling Williamsburg, lunch out, walking at Town Center, something FUN.

Hoomans. Priorities all screwed up. Hey you do know that you ONLY live once, right?

You can rest when the we watch the Oscars. Seriously, how much more passive can you get then?

Tell you what momma, I will talk the daddy into getting you one of those fried soft shell crab thingies you love, you forget the words dust, must, have to, blah blah...

We go out, we have fun, we come back exhausted, we will get all comfy and veg out watching the spanx parade  on the red carpet. It's a plan no?

Why did they settle on red for the carpet anyway? Makes no sense?  I would have gone with midnight blue. Stars shine better on a blue background.

Think about it.

Earl and Ruckus, thank you guys for co hosting!

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