Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like this smell!

The painters are gone. The plaster guy is gone. We have the house to ourselves. So much for leaks! Momma cleaned up all the dust and yuck that was left behind. So.... call me crazy, but I like this smell! Momma used a concoction of apple cider vinegar, vanilla and water on the floors and everything smells... delicious. And it is supposed to be "green". Well, anything that does not make me itch is grand by me.

Did you know that Bichons are particularly sensitive to ammonia based cleaning products? Momma's rule is.... if she can't lick it , it is not safe. Hahahahahaha... I would pay money to see momma lick the floor. Can we say "germ-a-phobe?"

Anyway- I like this smell. It is familiar. And lickable!

happily itch free

Odds, ENDS, what NOTS on my mind.

Congrats to Skyler a lovely Bichon from Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue who just joined the ranks of the newly adopted! He has a good forever home and he arrived there in time for his 2 legged daddy's birthday. Just think, they will never forget his anniversary!
Skyler, for advice on how to handle your humans, just look at past posts.

Humans, listen, have you seen gorgeous LAYLA???? [look at my photo album to see her pic!] Why has her forever home not come round yet??? You want her growing up without you? You are missing her supercute formative months!

On the same thought Timmy , Paige, Frannie, Nina and Owen are also waiting. Tapping my paw here.... well???? Hurry up people!

MHH. Have you looked at my photo album lately? How delicious is Marshmallow? I loooove purple. She is very very cute!
And from south San Francisco CA[did I hear Cioppino???? you know love scallops...wiping my drool...] Suzi sent her pic in. What a smile on that one! Another beauty.

I am not prejudiced. Bichons are simply GOURGEOUS. We just are. It is our reality. :))

You know... a Bichon's booty is God's best expression of that body part.
The tail simply had to be as beautiful and the rest had to match, least I digress...

Mhhh. I think momma is thinking swim. I am thinking nap.

living the summer life,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Puppies Dressed As Babies - Lemondrop

Puppies Dressed As Babies - Lemondrop


How would you feel if I put a collar on your baby and hung him up to dry?

Put the baby bichons down!!!!

A very very upset

HUMANS! Can't live with them, can't live without them!

Summertime and the living is EASY

Just groovin.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dogology: What Your Relationship with Your Dog Reveals About You

Dogology: What Your Relationship with Your Dog Reveals About You

Momma, I see you as a soul mate, angel momma. Don't disappoint me. Master... is whatever it is , is overrated....

JD... "Maybe my soul mate... not yours... I was here first"

Wendy "You guys are unreal. Rescue= angel-- Just like auntie Robin and uncle Jack, 'cept they are experts too, I guess. "

Let's stick to soul mate. Trust me on this. I am not giving up the bed....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Again: TIRED happens!!!!

I played.
I swam.
I played some more.
I chased momma in the water.
I chased the water and the pool thingie they call Polaris. Or Monica. That is what momma calls it.
I played, I splashed, I kicked. I floated.


You know why?
Cause TIRED happens!!!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunning and hanging ABOUT

There is something special about hanging 'round with your best girl friend sharing yaya's and what not. And sunning on the deck affords us plenty of time for bonding. I do think that momma is a wee bit jealous of us. She interrupted to snap this pic. Oh well. Let's just cooperate and give her a pose so she can be done and we can go back to "our" private time.
It is a hot hot day and I know I would love an ice cube. Mhhh Mommaaaaa...... can you bring us ice and ... mhhh snacks... say some chilled baby carrots????

the help these days.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Get closer.

I wanna tell you something.

You, with the $$$ sign in your eyes.

Yes, you. You wannabe backyard breeder.

Come here, listen. Don't litter. Spay & neuter. Don't breed for greed. RESCUE.

Your soul cannot afford any more bad karma.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All day long momma had told us that the daddy and the Dowi would be arriving from DC.
But, really... we did not believe her.
You know how it is. I was not hearing anything... I was not smelling anything and I was not seeing anything. But then, suddenly at 5:30 JD heard something by the door to the garage.

I quickly joined him and started to sniff. My nose is a very good nose you know. I can sniff out anything long before I can hear it or see it. Could it be that momma was telling the truth?
Could it possibly be that the Dowi was really coming home?

Ok you caught me. I did push Wendy out of the way. BUT in all fairness Miss Tush herself is always swinging that butt and kicking everything and everyone out of her way. This time I was not going to be pushed out. Dowi was coming home because of my prayers to Saint Bichon!!!

Finally, JD felt the door open! OMG, is it daddy? Is it Dowiiiiii???? LET ME seeeeeeeee!
Notice sneaky Wendy... is headed for the stair case so she can make a grand entrance. That girl
is all about the drama!

Dowi can barely walk in - A flurry of licks and whines and yelps greet her. Oh is this FUN!!!
Dowiiii memememememememememmmmeee!


I love homecomings! It's the goodbyes I hate.

Miss you.
So very much.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remember my prayer to Saint Bichon?

Well, guess what? He answered some of my prayers!!!!

I got a visit from my Dowi. And I made it pay off. I snuggled my way into her soul. Way past her heart and mind. Deep into her soul. Wanna see??? Look!

Now let me tell you a soul stealing snuggle is an art form and it does not just happen.
You can apply the basic 10- step process to achieve a basic snuggle, but soul stealing is something you learn over time. No formula, it is an individualized act.

1. Entice your snugglie to sit comfortably. Lots of pillows and lots of soft stuff around.
2. Kiss your snugglie up. Make your snugglie relax.
3. Snugglies specially on 2 legs are very responsive to sounds. So moan, groan, grunt, whine, whatever it takes to convey to your snugglie that you like what is happening.
4. Offer up the belly and get them involved in a good belly rub.
5. don"t forget to make the appreciative noises!
6. Relax. Make their heart rate match your heart rate. Deep breaths. Let yourself go limp.
7. Lean into your snugglie,
8. Share warmth.
9. Share the quiet.
10. Share the sleep.

You are now into your snugglie's soul.

I love my Dowi.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Wendy " There is a big big 4 legged, a blond in our yard!!! Look"

JD: "Whaaaaat? 4 or 2 legged? Let me see!"

Silvieon4 "I wanna see!! I wanna see!!!"

Wendy "Who is he? Why is he here?"
I am right! it is a dog a big one in OUR yard"

Silvieon4 "I wanna see!! I wanna see!!!"

Wendy: "OMG! There is a big blond one out there in OUR YARD!"
JD: "Whaaaaat? 4 or 2 legged? Let me see!"

Silvieon4 "I wanna see!! I wanna see!!!"

Wendy "Who is he? Why is he here?"

JD "I don't know, but he is NOT staying! This is MY yard"

Silvieon4 "Maybe he is a new rescue and momma forgot to tell us"

Wendy "No way- he is not Bichon!"
Silvieon4 "Breedist"

JD- squinting his eyes at Silvieon4- "Consider yourself lucky you are still here. I don't want or need another 4 legged around here. As it is getting my fair share of anything is work!"

Wendy "I want to go outside!"

JD "me too! I want to got teach the intruder a lesson... coming into my yard... the nerve"

Silvieon4 "Guys- look, momma went out there! Without us! He is going to eat her!"

"NAhhhh, that thing is just a confused boy- he is wagging up his tail like he is campaigning for election.... butt kisser... trying to cozy up to MY momma!"-JD

Wendy " I want to go outside!"

Silvieon4: "Hey guys momma has the phone with her. She is telling someone about the intruder.
Look she is looking at the jiggly things on his collar! I bet she is calling his humans! "

Wendy: "I want to go outside!"

JD: "He is not staying. Ugh he is in my pool! Just let me out there so I can deal with him!"

Silvieon4 "For a big guy, he is kid of cute, and he looks familiar"
JD: "You need common sense... cute... ick "

Wendy: "I want to go outside!"

JD: "Wait a minute. I know him. BEN. That is BEN from next door. OOOH I want to go teach him a lesson! He was trouble even when he was a puppy!"

Silvieon4: "Ben from the other side of the fence? Ohhhhhh, told you he looked familiar! He is cute in a blond big kind of way... I am just going to watch him."

JD: "Frumpt. His human is here. I should have been let out so I could have done my job! You people frustrate me to no end!!!! GRRRRRRR"

Wendy; " I still want to go outside.... I have to tinkle... nowwww!!!"
and so the excitment ended


PS Wendy really had to go!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prayer to San Bichon de Frise

As I lay me down to sleep,
My thoughts I gather in a heap.

Patron Saint of Powder Puffs
I pray to thee, is that enough?

Keep mine and me all safe from harm
and please maintain my Bichon charm

Food and shelter are very nice
so are air conditioning and ice

Toys and rides are always grand
and fresh food is better than canned

Keep me healthy and free of fleas
so I keep doing what I please

Make the Wendy play with me
and let me outrun JD

Give momma lots of energy to bake
so my treats she will make

Make the daddy take us out
we have fun with him without a doubt

Send the Dowi home for a bit
so I can play with her and visit

Tell the nonna to come over
my zampina needs a mover...

San Bichon de Frise I end my prayer now
'cause I am sleepy and tired somehow

I did make you proud today
because I was the most Bichon I could be
NO work - all PLAY!!!

Oh yes, please keep an eye on the rescue Bichons
looking for forever homes.



Image of San Bichon de Frise can be purchased at http://www.siriusrepublic.com/retro-bichon-saint.html... they have lots of neat stuff!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruits and safety issues for DOGS

Hmmm. We got a few private emails expressing concern for my safety. Some people thought that fruitsicles are poison to 4 leggeds. But honestly they are wrong. Here is a reliable resource what is safe for your pet: Welcome to Healthypet.com
The article reads:

Prevent Poisonings

Have you taken inventory of your medicine cabinets lately? Are you properly storing lawn and garden pesticide containers? When you tidy up around the house, do you put food, liquor and tobacco products safely out of harm's way? These precautions are second nature to households with children, but homes with animals must be just as secure.

Aspirin and other pain relievers are in almost every home, and these poisonings can be severe. When aspirin is prescribed for animals, the dosage must be strictly followed. Too much aspirin can lead to anemia and bleeding stomach ulcers. Ibuprofen and naproxen will cause painful gastrointestinal problems. One 200mg ibuprofen tablet is toxic to a small dog.

Never give acetaminophen to a cat or dog. The drug affect cats oxygen in the blood and it produces severe depression. It also produces abdominal pain in dogs. If not quickly eliminated from the body, just two extra-strength tablets in 24 hours will most likely kill a small pet. Clinical signs in cats develop within one or two hours and include excessive salivation, paw and facial swelling, depression, and ash-gray gums. In dogs watch for anorexia, vomiting, depression, and abdominal pain. High doses are usually fatal.

There are neurological poisons found in lawn and garden pesticides, insecticidal aerosols, dips and shampoos products. Signs of toxicity include apprehension, excessive salivation, urination, defecation, vomiting and diarrhea, tremors, seizures, hyper-excitability or depression and pinpoint pupils. If an animal has absorbed enough of any neurological toxin, sudden death may be the only sign.

Coumarins, most recognizable as D-Con, a rat and mouse poison, affect the ability of the blood to clot. Mice that consume the poisoned grain essentially bleed to death. Your pets will be affected the same way, and the severity of the symptoms often depends on the amount ingested. Cats that eat poisoned mice can also become ill if the levels of poison are high enough. If you find an empty box of rat poison bring your pet into the veterinarian immediately. Tell them about the recent exposure so that they can implement the proper monitoring protocols. Additionally, if you see labored breathing, anorexia, nosebleeds, bloody urine or feces and pinpoint hemorrhages on the gums, take your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

Garbage is not often regarded as poisonous. However, toxins are produced by bacteria fermenting the garbage. Rapid and severe signs include vomiting, bloody diarrhea, painful abdominal distention, shivering, shock, and collapse.

How should pets be protected from these poisons? Some very simple rules to follow are:

* Properly dispose of and store all pesticide containers up and out of sight of your pets. Make sure the lids are tight and the containers are undamaged.
* Use cords or locking lids for garbage cans. Put them in a heavy frame to prevent knock-down.
* Keep pets off lawns sprayed with chemicals. Consult with the lawn care company for proper information on drying time and compounds used. Wash pets' feet with mild soap and water if exposed.
* Keep your pets out of vegetable and flower gardens.
* Encase compost piles or use commercially made containers.
* Never assume that a human drug is applicable to an animal unless a veterinarian instructs you to use it.

What is poisonous?
Here is a quick reference guide to the more common house and garden plants and foods that are toxic to most all animals and children. If you have these plants or foods, you need not dispose of them-just keep them away from pets and children. (* substances are especially dangerous and can be fatal).Cardiovascular Toxins
Avocado (leaves, seeds, stem, fruit, skin)* in birds and pocket pets
Azalea (entire rhododendron family)
Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)*
Bleeding heart*
Castor bean*
Foxglove (Digitalis)*
Hyacinth bulbs*
Japanese pieris*
Mistletoe berries*
Mountain laurel
Rosary Pea*
Tobacco Products

Gastrointestinal Toxins
Avocado (leaves, seeds, stem, fruit, skin) in dogs
Amaryllis bulb*
Azalea (entire rhododendron family)
Autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale)*
Bird of Paradise
Bulbs (most kinds)
Buttercup (Ranunculus)
Castor bean*
Chocolate *
Chrysanthemum (a natural source of pyrethrins)
Crocus bulb
Croton (Codiaeum species)
Cyclamen bulb
Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia)*
Elephant’s ear
English ivy (All Hedera species of ivy)
Hyacinth bulbs
Holly berries
Iris corms
Lily (bulbs of most species)
Macadamia nuts
Mistletoe berries
Narcissus, daffodil (Narcissus)
Pencil cactus/plant
Potato (leaves and stem)
Rosary Pea*
Spurge (Euphorbia species)
Tomatoes (leaves and stem)

Respiratory Toxin
Chinese sacred or heavenly bamboo*
English ivy
Neurological Toxins
Alcohol (all beverages, ethanol, methanol, isopropyl)
Amaryllis bulb*
Azalea (entire rhododendron family)
Bleeding heart*
Castor bean*
Choke cherry, unripe berries*
Chrysanthemum (natural source of pyrethrins)
Crocus bulb
Delphinium, larkspur, monkshood*
Jimson weed*
Lupine species
Macadamia nuts
Marijuana (Cannabis)*
Morning glory*
Moldy foods
Tobacco products
Potato (leaves and stem)
Tomatoes (leaves and stem)

Kidney/Organ Failure Toxins
Amanita mushrooms
Asiatic lily
Calla lily*
Castor beans
Day lily
Elephant’s ear
Easter lily
Rhubarb leaves*
Star-gazer Lilly

Toxins that affect the blood

If you suspect your animal may have ingested any of the substances on this list or if your pet shows any abnormal behavior (vomiting, diarrhea, staggering, etc), you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Take a sample of the suspected toxin and its packaging with you to the veterinarian.

Individual allergies aside, many fruits are safe and healthy for your 4legged.
I love apples. I get them peeled, cored and chilled. YUMMMM.
If you are still nervous.... read this:
How to Feed a Dog Fruits and Vegetables | eHow.com

Momma wants you to know that we get fruitsicles with no sugar or additives and many times they are home made. SO.... RELAX and SHARE!!!!! Oh make sure it is healthy for yourself as well. :)


Sunday, June 14, 2009

SHARING and- Partaking 101


Main Entry:
Inflected Form(s):
shared; shar·ing
transitive verb1: to divide and distribute in shares : apportion —usually used with out<shared out the land among his heirs>2 a: to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others b: to have in common share a passion for opera>3: to grant or give a share in —often used with with<shared the last of her water with us>4: to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others —often used with withintransitive verb1: to have a share —used with inshared in the fruits of our labor>2: to apportion and take shares of something3: to talk about one's thoughts, feelings, or experiences with others
shar·er noun
synonyms share, participate, partake mean to have, get, or use in common with another or others. share usually implies that one as the original holder grants to another the partial use, enjoyment, or possession of a thing <shared my toys with the others>. participate implies a having or taking part in an undertaking, activity, or discussion <participated in sports>. partake implies accepting or acquiring a share especially of food or drink <partook freely of the refreshments>.

1. daddy +
2. delicious fruitsicles +
3. eager Bichons who love popsicles = SHARING actualized.
No, daddy, really, you have a turn and lick too! PARTAKE!!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Interview with a HUMAN

Many of you have asked about my 2legged staff, I mean uh, family. So I asked Dowi to sit down for an interview so you could get to know her better.

Hi Dowi!!!!!

Hey Silvie! How are you princess?

I'm good. I have tons of questions for you, can we get started?
Sure thing.

Why, even though you claim to understand that petting requires two hands, do you sometimes only use one to pet me?????
Wow, way to start off with a softball there! Sometimes, Silvie, I have to do other things with the other hand like pet Wendy or scratch my nose. I always do my best to use both hands.

Will you at least promise to try harder next time?
I promise.

Can I have a chewy?

Right now? You'll have to ask momma. I'm pretty far away right now. [We conducted this interview via chat.]

Speaking of far away, why do you live so far away?
Because my job is far away. You are always welcome to come visit.

Hm. I will. What is your favorite thing about me?
That's easy. I love how you think everything is exciting and fun. And I love the crazy puppy dance.

I like that about me too!!!! I also like my ears. I can move them. See?
Well, I can't actually see right now... but they are very cute too.

So, what's this thing you humans ave about not always sharing your food? I mean it really comes off as piggish... selfish...
No, Silvie, you really should not think that! It is just that sometimes, we humans eat food that is not good for you 4 leggeds. It is nothing personal, our needs are different. Just like your need for a good belly rub does not always translate as appropriate or welcomed behavior in humans.

Really? PITY you don't know what you are missing! Speaking of things that are "missed"...
Do you get this "dance thing the momma does when she is happy?
No. I am not sure anyone gets it. It is funny though, but don't let her catch you laughing, you know she is "sensitive".

Sensitive... ahh that is what we are calling it! This is what I am "sensitive" about... Dowi have you been to Adam's apartment? JD has and the Wendy has... I have NEVER been invited. So... I am curious, what's the deal?
You should not feel left out, I am sure circumstances are to blame, nothing personal. I have it on good authority that Adam is completely smitten by you.

Can I ask a question? What human breed is Adam? I figure you must have different breeds because he has a hairy face, but no hair on his head?
No, no no Silvie. Humans do not have breeds. Adam shaves his head. It is a style choice. Like when we girls wear our hair up or down.

Humans do not have breeds? OMG your species is soooooo boooringggg!! Sorry. I did not meant it that way. And I have to ask... how do you manage life without a tail? It must be so difficult to actually have to use words to express yourself all the time... And then to have to rely on words that can be interpreted so many ways... Thank goodness I have a tail! I love my tail. Don't you?
Silvie, I do love your tail, and I can't miss what I never had. Words are OK. Humanity has been doing without tails for ever. Oops Silvie, that ring is my phone. It is work, so I have to go. I love you , be good. stay in touch OK?

Work... ick. Sorry you have to go. Love you too Dowi.
This is Silvieon4 signing out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It is in the eyes

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."

~ Martin Buber

[YOU- Give me a chewie NOW. Do it!]

translated by 'vie

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ponderings and WONDERINGS

2Leggeds! They are a funny lot. Recent events have given me some new insights.
I will share these with you my 4 legged friends because maybe, just maybe, you will benefit from my observations. Feel free to add your own.

Insight no. 1. ALL 2 leggeds are CONTROL delusional.
They "think" they can and should control everything. My momma yells at weeds. You read it correctly. My momma thinks she should control what grows outside. Apparently weeds are not to her liking. She calls them "invaders". Reality check... the real invader might be the French lavender plant which is now displacing some native "weed". Have you been out in the yard? I have, and there is very little you can control out there!

Squirrel, this comment does not apply to you. Rabbit, you are my future lunch. I am just letting you be until I am ready to eat you.

My daddy talks to the rain. He uses the word "inopportune". He says the rain is inopportune when he is driving. Is there opportune rain or does that only happen for farmers? I believe that if my daddy could he would turn off the rain. Control delusional...

My Dowi is also control delusional. She thinks that if she talks to the Wii she can win more bowling games...

Adam thinks he can eat my nose. HA! As if. The boy can eat a lot of things, but my nose is NOT on the menu. It is not negotiable.

What gets me is the amount of effort that is spent by 4 leggeds trying to control things clearly out of their control. Lucky for me I have 4 legs. Yes, I too battle the control demons, but to a much lesser extent. Occasionally I like to control Wendy and JD, For sure I would love to control access to the chewies. But, because control is such a hard nut to crack, I have used my brain and found lots of ways around my control needs. For example, a tilt of the head at the right time will get me a chewie. A good whine will get Wendy to do whatever I want. I play bow will get JD involved in a game of sniff and chase.

As far as the weeds... let them grown and hire a goat I say... And one more bit of advice... surrender control and live peacefully!!!

just my dogservations

PS Adam... my nose would be DELICIOUS!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So where shall I go on vacation?

Doggy Airline now open for business

Hey momma, just letting you know I now have options. And I might go on "vacation" myself. Oh wait I might go to a "conference". Shall I call Adam and make baby sitting arrangements for you???

Better yet, I will just let you know when my plans are in place and I am on my way out the door...

Know what they say? What is good for the goose is great for the gander...

Soon to be globe trotting 'vie...

Alla mia famiglia in Italia, vengo tra poco!!!!
{Yuh I speak Italian, you don't think that listening for hours to mommma was lost on me!}

Notes for my novel...

And there was the witch [momma] stirring her cauldron [the pool] with a long long stick [pool vacuum] whispering incantations [counting the hours for flock to settle]...

Her large floppy hat with a big pink flower hid most of her face. But you knew she wore her seriously mad look. She had prepared for this moment. She had bathed, gotten rid of all traces of perfume. She had talked about her need not to be a mosquito buffet. She had dressed the part. Hat, long pants, long sleeves, sunblock and the final touch... human grade Revolution- I am told- Stuff called Bull Frog a bug repellent. Stinky stuff to me. [Poor humans, no fur to put the drops in.. they have to spray it all over their naked skin!!!! ICKKKK]

And there in her battle mode, she stood, stirring the green cauldron of goo and muttering about the lazy gardner who let leaves into the pool and for the next hour, she walked around the pool staring into the muck and directing her long stick. Up, down, sideways, up, down, sideways...

We watched. Quietly from the shade of the deck. She would stop occasionally to wipe her face. It was wet. Her face was dripping wet... The cauldron was still green. Not as dark green, but green just the same.

Suddenly, for reasons known only to her, she stopped. [Water level too low to go on] She pulled the stick out. Went to the back and did something that made the cauldron belch. Then she sprinkled mysterious blue crystals that smelled faintly of laundry day and then she took her hat off, and went inside. We followed. [I love air conditioning]. Momma washed again and changed, again and looked out to the cauldron and said "Later gator, I am not done with you yet."..... Ohhhhh more stirrings to come?

And then they say "worked like a dog"??? Ha??? We only watched. She worked like a human!!!

Resting up for chapter 2.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6:00 am. Practically the middle of the night!

Why would you even own such a miserable thing like an alarm clock?
This has to be the height of cruelty! If I were fully awake, I swear I would chew up the damn thing into a permanent silence. In fact I am making a mental note. Union manifesto... NO AUDIBLE alarm clocks. Look, I am sticking my tongue out at you and your torture device.

Grrrr. I need my beauty sleep.... KILL THAT NOISE!

Humans. Can't live with them, can't live without 'em....

back to sleep....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Management dog???

Pffft. So tired. Busy busy weekend. Contemplating an offer momma made me. She offered to put me in charge of the back yard, the rabbits ad squirrels and of the JD and Wendy when they are outside. Strange offer, don't you think? I mean I was flattered at first, but then I started thinking. Why the offer? Why now? Hm. Could it be that momma is pulling a fast one? Once in "charge" I would be considered "management" and once management I would no longer be able to participate, organize, or in any way take any active role...in union activities... I could not UNIONIZE. OMG! How positively manipulative of the momma!

I will have to consult with my legal team. {Dowi whe you have time- daddy, at your convenience} but I am sure I will be turning down this "offer".

Sometimes... sometimes... Just when you think you know someone...

not fooled