Sunday, June 14, 2009

SHARING and- Partaking 101


Main Entry:
Inflected Form(s):
shared; shar·ing
transitive verb1: to divide and distribute in shares : apportion —usually used with out<shared out the land among his heirs>2 a: to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others b: to have in common share a passion for opera>3: to grant or give a share in —often used with with<shared the last of her water with us>4: to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others —often used with withintransitive verb1: to have a share —used with inshared in the fruits of our labor>2: to apportion and take shares of something3: to talk about one's thoughts, feelings, or experiences with others
shar·er noun
synonyms share, participate, partake mean to have, get, or use in common with another or others. share usually implies that one as the original holder grants to another the partial use, enjoyment, or possession of a thing <shared my toys with the others>. participate implies a having or taking part in an undertaking, activity, or discussion <participated in sports>. partake implies accepting or acquiring a share especially of food or drink <partook freely of the refreshments>.

1. daddy +
2. delicious fruitsicles +
3. eager Bichons who love popsicles = SHARING actualized.
No, daddy, really, you have a turn and lick too! PARTAKE!!!!



rocky-dog said...

Silvie, is it hard to have to share??? I don't have to do that as I am an "only" in our house. Mama says I hafta share the bed though (and John-daddy says I'm not even supposed to be ON the bed!
That icee thing looked really tasty -- Mama, you really need to get me some too!
I guess I need to be nice to mama though, she's been not feeling well -- she has something called 'lergies and asma! It makes her voice sound funny and she makes a very funny barking noise. Not at all dignified like my bark!
Take care Silvie -- your paw-pal Rocky-dog

silvieon4 said...

Very familiar with 'lergies. My momma makes honking noises. [sounds like a broken horn to me...] Yes, you need to talk your momma into getting some fruit icy things. I love watermelon ones, and they are good for me!
Tell your momma to watch for concomitant allergy triggers. [My momma is telling me that.?!]