Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Odds, ENDS, what NOTS on my mind.

Congrats to Skyler a lovely Bichon from Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue who just joined the ranks of the newly adopted! He has a good forever home and he arrived there in time for his 2 legged daddy's birthday. Just think, they will never forget his anniversary!
Skyler, for advice on how to handle your humans, just look at past posts.

Humans, listen, have you seen gorgeous LAYLA???? [look at my photo album to see her pic!] Why has her forever home not come round yet??? You want her growing up without you? You are missing her supercute formative months!

On the same thought Timmy , Paige, Frannie, Nina and Owen are also waiting. Tapping my paw here.... well???? Hurry up people!

MHH. Have you looked at my photo album lately? How delicious is Marshmallow? I loooove purple. She is very very cute!
And from south San Francisco CA[did I hear Cioppino???? you know love scallops...wiping my drool...] Suzi sent her pic in. What a smile on that one! Another beauty.

I am not prejudiced. Bichons are simply GOURGEOUS. We just are. It is our reality. :))

You know... a Bichon's booty is God's best expression of that body part.
The tail simply had to be as beautiful and the rest had to match, least I digress...

Mhhh. I think momma is thinking swim. I am thinking nap.

living the summer life,

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Chloe said...

Enjoy your summer days and nights...and yes, we Bichons have the best booties!

May all the lovely fluffs get to their forever homes with Godspeed!