Friday, June 5, 2009

Ponderings and WONDERINGS

2Leggeds! They are a funny lot. Recent events have given me some new insights.
I will share these with you my 4 legged friends because maybe, just maybe, you will benefit from my observations. Feel free to add your own.

Insight no. 1. ALL 2 leggeds are CONTROL delusional.
They "think" they can and should control everything. My momma yells at weeds. You read it correctly. My momma thinks she should control what grows outside. Apparently weeds are not to her liking. She calls them "invaders". Reality check... the real invader might be the French lavender plant which is now displacing some native "weed". Have you been out in the yard? I have, and there is very little you can control out there!

Squirrel, this comment does not apply to you. Rabbit, you are my future lunch. I am just letting you be until I am ready to eat you.

My daddy talks to the rain. He uses the word "inopportune". He says the rain is inopportune when he is driving. Is there opportune rain or does that only happen for farmers? I believe that if my daddy could he would turn off the rain. Control delusional...

My Dowi is also control delusional. She thinks that if she talks to the Wii she can win more bowling games...

Adam thinks he can eat my nose. HA! As if. The boy can eat a lot of things, but my nose is NOT on the menu. It is not negotiable.

What gets me is the amount of effort that is spent by 4 leggeds trying to control things clearly out of their control. Lucky for me I have 4 legs. Yes, I too battle the control demons, but to a much lesser extent. Occasionally I like to control Wendy and JD, For sure I would love to control access to the chewies. But, because control is such a hard nut to crack, I have used my brain and found lots of ways around my control needs. For example, a tilt of the head at the right time will get me a chewie. A good whine will get Wendy to do whatever I want. I play bow will get JD involved in a game of sniff and chase.

As far as the weeds... let them grown and hire a goat I say... And one more bit of advice... surrender control and live peacefully!!!

just my dogservations

PS Adam... my nose would be DELICIOUS!


bichonpawz said...

Sure would be nice if we COULD control the outdoors....especially WEEDS!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Bichons should control the world, actually!