PET Prescriptions Advice

Sometimes a vet doesn't have a particular drug on hand. Many times buying a prescription drug for your dog is less expensive at a pharmacy.

The American Veterinary Medical Association's Code of Ethics states that vets should honor a client's request to have medications prescribed to a pharmacy.

Many of our pet's prescriptions are the same as those prescribed for humans and are available at local pharmacies. What you may not know is that most offer some type of discount program for pet medications.
  • THE AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION (AAA) - offers AAA Prescription Savings. This program is free with membership and covers all members of the household including pets  at an average savings of 24% off the the pharmacy's regular retail price.  Savings on generics can be even more. To receive your discount: Present your AAA card to any participating pharmacy -- there are more than 59,000 participating pharmacies.  To find a participating pharmacy: or call 1-866-AAA-SAVE.
  • COSTCO - dispenses nearly 100 commonly used prescription drugs for pets and claims that it has prices lower than those charged by most vets or on-line pet medication suppliers. Costco pharmacies are open to the public; you don't need to be a member to buy prescriptions there. However, if you are a member your pets qualify for the no-fee Costco Membership Prescription Program. This plan offers specially reduced pricing on select medication (brand name and generic).
  • WALGREENS PRESCRIPTION SAVINGS CLUB - Provides for discounts off the cash price of brand name and generic pet medications (human equivalent only). Pets can be enrolled as individuals ($25 annual fee) or as part of a family membership ($35). If your savings for the year doesn't reach the cost of your membership, the difference is refunded. To include your pet in the family membership, simply add pet's name to your list of dependents.
  • TARGET -  has PetRX program. Check out its list of common pet medications at  This list is not all inclusive, so call if you don't see your pet's medication. Covered generic drugs at commonly prescribed dosages cost $4 for a 30 day supply; a 90 day supply runs $10.
ON-LINE PHARMACIES -  Be a savvy consumer and check with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to ensure you are dealing with a reputable pharmacy before making any purchase. This regulatory board provides a list of accredited veterinarian on-line pharmacies.

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