Monday, October 31, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Momma must have chocked off blood flow to her cerebellum when she put on the stupid pink Spanx.

[There are times that I wish technology had progressed enough for me to have filmed that whole "activity" and put it to music. It was quite the choreographed effort and I do believe that momma has invented a new kind of music. A cross between rapping and panting.  I do think she has invented the PANTING -RAP.  She really should patent that as it has great entertainment value]

While it had great performance value, I do wonder what the insurance requirements would be for the audience.  I mean, how much faith can one put in a piece of fabric before it reasonably snaps off and takes out an eye or something?

In any case, she spent 15 minutes putting on, and 3 minutes taking the poor pink thing it off calling it evil. It the end they both lay across from each other, both looked exhausted, defeated and worn out and truly you could not tell which was live and which was memorexed...

Starting the day like that has put momma in  a seriously funky mood. And apparently there is no  mood reset point.  None that I found anyway. Although licking her ear seems to send her into some strange dance ritual which ends with ear washing, it is NOT a reset. Whatever.

Let's talk about how unhinged the woman has become. I was the "good" baby this morning after I ate my breakfast.  She told me ten times what a good girl I was.

Then she did the SPANX performance piece...  Post breakfast I went out for my constitutional and I might have ...dragged my tush in the grass or mud. It itched.  When I came back I got picked up , turned over and immediately washed. From bits and pieces to paws... And I was told how bad I am....

About 10 minutes ago, she, the now fully fowled mooded momma, said I need to get groomed and that I am ugly.

Should SPANX come with full disclosure of side effects???? I think they should.  Now, do any of you know how to defunk my momma ... cause I might be a lot of thinks, but UGLY is NOT one of them.

'vie....I am still beautiful right? 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Auntie Robin


Look, soup. I want to know why momma is not sharing.
She said I need to talk to you, get your blessing.
So bless me already, it's getting cold!!!!

Once and for all!


Do you have this type of problem?  Do you live with a delusional self appointed king?  Does he think that he gets to do everything first just because he is male?

If all this sounds familiar... then you know how frustrating it is to have to deal with it day after day.
We come downstairs after a lovely night and a grand sleep, we are going outside for our morning walk and such... and Mr. Delusion decides that he has to be first. He pushes, shoves, growls, snarls and tries to bite his way to the front. Even though.... he ignored the momma's call to go outside until the very last minute.  Well, the Wendy might be ok with playing second banana to this banana... but I am not!  I am not putting up with it anymore.

This is not just about me. Females before me have struggled for equality. If I allow Mr Delusion to claim the front spot, I disrespect all my sisters in the struggle for equality. I will not do that.

Like Gloria Steinem said:
"Women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it”
I am not backing down, JD. I am not going to let you get away with it. You want to be first? Earn it. And by the way, you can put away your big angry growl. Do I like like I am buying it? 

In this house you are an equal, you are not a better unless you earn it. Now back off and shut up.
JD, leave me alone or I will kick your sorry butt into tomorrow.

Some guys... just are too stupid for their own good. Yea, go run to momma, see how far that gets you.

It should not be this hard to be female. It's 2011, seriously!!!!

getting liberated was hard, staying liberated is harder. 

Friday, October 28, 2011


Traffic- redifined. Stuck in traffic....

Are we going over that??? help....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A mother like no other | MNN - Mother Nature Network

A mother like no other | MNN - Mother Nature Network

sniff, stuff like this makes me so proud of being a dog.


What really goes on at those meetings?

Momma belongs to a bunch of BOREDS. Yup that's what she calls them. Boreds. After sitting in a meeting of one of these Boreds I know why they are called Bored's Meetings.
I was always curious to see what went on during those meetings. Well I got my chance to sit in on one yesterday. I no longer envy momma going to the meetings of the Bored. I pass. Wait I took notes, so you can see for yourself why I have no interest in ever going with momma.

Blah blah kiss hello, hug blah blah smiles. Hand shakes. [such a human thing to you can tell anything from that! A polite butt sniff would be so much more useful, but whatever...]
Blah blah sit, pour water sip sip, blah blah paper shuffle paper shuffle, paper shuffle big pink paper labeled AGENDA.

Quiet for a minute. Everybody reads AGENDA

[I never even knew you can name papers, I would name mine ASTRID, it is way prettier than AGENDA which really sounds old.]

The the real talking started, blah blah blah, cough, cough mint candy, blah blah blah. 

Get this ritual, I had never seen this, it was actually fascinating. They do this thing they call a "show of hands". I know, right? And they only show the one hand by holding it up.

And not everyone did it. I heard a couple of the Bored members talking to each other, one said  that the guy who did not show his hands is a real PITA.  He did not look like bread to me. Chalk it to up to weird humans.

Oh yes, there was lots of talk about momma moving and having to appoint new a new Bored member. Good luck. I mean why does anyone want to be a member of the Bored? I can think of a biziollion things that are more fun!

More talk, blah blah blah, another show of hands [really one hand] then more AGENDA shuffling, and they "tabled: a discussion". What can I say, I must have zoned out because I did not see what this "tabled discussion" looked like.

So, I maybe took a little nap. Can you blame me? Do you think they call it a meeting of the Bored for nothing??? Boredom is really what they do. And for this I got brushed... WOW.

At some point they called it. The PITA actually said " I am calling this meeting". You know, just like House calls time of death when one of his make believe patient is a gonner, the PITA, called the meeting ADJOURNED. They all got up, shook hands and were happy to have gotten so much done. ?????? What did they DO???? What did I miss???? The whole experience was underwhelming to say the least...

Dowi, when you "take in a meetings" is it like a meeting of the Bored? UGH.... Adam I know you go to meetings of the Bored, do you have to show your hand??? Can you paint a puppet on your hands and spice things up?

I don't know. I thought with thumbs and all, two leggeds lived a more exciting life... Nop... and BTW noooooo foood, just water.... When we get together at TBFR, there is ALWAYS food. It is always a CELEBRATION... this felt more like a funeral.

Momma, if you go to any more of these meetings of the Bored, count me out. I can be way happier at home.

 Caught mid yawn at the Bored meeting

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you Rachel Zoe, you are a true gourmand!


Oh world,  are you ready for a shock? Wait until I tell you what happened.

My house is filled with an insanely delicious smell.  The kind of smell that make my mouth water to the point of leaving puddles.You know, I have a pretty sophisticated palate. Momma has exposed me to the best cuisine and I know my way around everything from lobster to zighini, from pate` to caponata. I consider myself a gourmand. So, impressing this girl is a tall order when it comes to food.

But I have to hand it to Rachel Zoe.  She did what Bobby F. could not do.  Last night as we watched Rachel, momma said: "OMG I have not had baked salami in years!!!" Rachel served it at a picnic.  Wait, baked salami?  I have never had that! I was intrigued.

Well, today, momma got a hold of a fab kosher salami which I would have gladly eaten "raw".
She sliced it, sort of... Fanned it is more accurate, covered it with apricot marmalade and orange zest and baked it. OMD. TO DIE FOR smell .... TO DIE FOR taste... OMD why have I not had this before???? Heyyyy come back here. Why am I not allowed more than a taste?  Why???
Calories schmalories, just hand it over. Fine,  I will bark until I get some. 

Hey, it is my birth right. I want some more baked salami, and dip it in that grainy mustard... you know, you should make those pretzels knots and serve them with this... DE................LISH!!!!

Rach, are you thinking what I am thinking?  A  Rachel Zoe fashionable cook book???


just in case... stay away from me if you have the flu.... please

Cuddle me

Definition of CUDDLE
transitive verb
: to hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection

My definition of cuddle: to hold close, to facilitate the sharing of intimacy, non verbal transference of feelings of love and comfort, security and affection. The act of displacing feelings of isolation by the closest proximity to one you love.
The highest expression of trust between two beings. [Now, that's a more accurate definition of cuddle]


Momma, I will give you 10 valid reasons why you should cuddle me today.

1. I miss my daddy, I need to be comforted.
2. I am ultra soft .
3. I smell wonderful. Really, Capricci  is so the right scent for me.  
4. I miss my Dowi. That girl knows how to snuggle!
5. It would lower your blood pressure. [ Yours is low?] Fine, it will lower MY blood pressure.
6. When you cuddle me, our hearts synchronize. They beat as one. How grand is that?
7. I miss my Adam. I am his cupcake and he has been dessert free way too long!
8. Is there anything more important that you have to do, then cuddling me? NO.
9. Did you know that nonna calls my eyes the "olive nere" [black olives] I miss her too.
10. Cuddle me, because you want to, you know it... because I love you.


can we have toast and marmite with our cuddle?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how to start your day

a quiet chit, a small chat with the Wendy

A little rumble with JD

Pre breakfast smooches

Yes, I always wake up happy!!! Wanna play?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bash YaYas

Beware White Dog Cottage residents, one of your hooomans who shall go un-named was caught in multiple pictures canoodling with a Poodle. Capoodling. Seriously. Brazen of the Poodle. Even more shocking from our own ... Bichon Rescuer Par Excellence.  I only bring this up because you guys must re-assert territorial imperative.  Rosie, while you were off sulking do you know what your momma was up to??? Hmmmm??? I am just saying.  She was capoodling. Nuff said.  Said poodle was later seen canoodling with Freddie's daddy. Freddie, my momma questioned him and made sure he knew he was capoodling. Credit to my momma, I did not see her capoodling. Did she? Really? When? Rolling eyes. Groan.  Hooomans. Loyalty with them is always optional. Vickie, I understand the Poodle lives with you.  Was this on purpose? Are you Bichonazing her? I hope so.  And she understands the hierarchy and all, right? I know, I know, your momma is a rescue angel, I am just trying to understand it all. You know, protecting our own, if you will.

Lets's see, other good yayas... Gordon looks like the Wendy. Zackly same face and potoush. WE think they are related. Wendy is not convinced.

Yes,yes, Mrs. Marsha won the cheesecake again.... Or should I say again, again, AGAIN. Momma had made two, some one else won as well. Wonder how she does that trick.

And it was cool to be able to talk to momma with Ms Diane. Really cool.  Maybe now she will share her perfume with me more often.  And not the clear bottle, I like the one with the black top. I really do. And yuh, I am too worth it.

And to prove to you I am not a breedist...I really really loved a certain Maltese dressed as police officer. 

Momma lied. She told the two leggeds she sucked all the calories out of the rye bread and the Boursin. It was a lie.  I watched her make both. The calories were still in there. Sorry guys. skip lunch or something to make up for it.  And the cheesecakes each had 4 lbs of cheese and calories... just saying. Because I did not get any and maybe I am a wee bit bitt"a"...


TBFR October 2011 Bash pics

Thanks to Kip's daddy, we can share October Bash pics!  Look here:.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies.
Civil disobedience presupposes willing obedience of our self-imposed rules, and without it civil disobedience would be cruel joke.
Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless corrupt.
Civil disobedience means capacity for unlimited suffering without the intoxicating excitement of killing.
Disobedience to be civil has to be open and nonviolent.
Disobedience to be civil implies discipline, thought, care, attention.
Disobedience that is wholly civil should never provoke retaliation.
Non-cooperation and civil disobedience are different but branches of the same tree call Satyagraha (truth-force). 
M. Gandhi


[Kill me now. If I am to wear this get up at the Bash, show mercy and kill me now. Horizontal striped, OMD!  And BAD DOG????  oh irony. you want real irony?  I was RESCUED to end up like this!  Now that's irony. --- no more words. Silent treatment and passive resistance]


It's Octobash time!

Today is the October bash....wake up, wake uppppppppp I don't want to be late! GO BACK TO SLEEEEEEEPPP IT IS FIVE AM!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Be honest with me, please.

JD and the Wendy just dismissed me.  They think I am an alarmist. [I don't even know what that is, and I don't have one of those dinging things in my tush, so I have no idea what they are even saying...] but I am concerned and I just have to reassure myself.

With four leggeds you never know what is normal vs abnormal.

Yesterday momma had one purple eye.  Just one. She said the shingles gave it to her.  She was not even outside and no shingles came off the roof.  So why does she keep blaming the shingles? This fixation is strange. She is getting so weird. The shingles make her cranky.  They make her sleepy, they make her achy.... the shingles get blamed for everything.  You get the picture? Then we drove to a place and she went to see her "eye doctor". Yea, for real.  Human Vets only do parts apparently. They don't do the whole thing. This one must have been a right eye doctor. Do you suppose the left eye doctor is next door?  After a long time, momma came back with a tiny bottle and started squirting stuff in her purple eye. [Let me tell you a secret. When I saw that purple eye, I kept hearing the one eyed purple people eater song which has always fascinated me. Are there people eaters?  Do they ever stray and eat small white dogs as appetizers? No? Does anyone know for sure?]

Anyway, this morning the purple eye was not purple anymore. Momma seems happy. She said that she is battling the shingles with a full arsenal of pharmaceuticals.  If you ask me, all I see is pills being swallowed left and right. And, get this, she does NOT wrap them up in delicious prosciutto or liverwurst. She just swallows them. Talk about missed opportunities! This alone makes her abnormal in my eyes.

I think this whole shingles thing is strange. Why does everyone keep validating it? Really.  Someone should confront momma and force her to face the fact that shingles are good. They keep the rain out of the house. And the bugs, and the bird poop, and dirt, and leaves...

And then there is that whole bony issue. Momma's lap is getting uncomfortable. She is getting bonier and watching her get dressed in the morning is a real show.  She does this "B- bye" thing with clothes that are refusing to stay on her body. "B-bye" and they get put in a box.  BUT she keeps the PJs that swallow her up. Seriously. They are so big that the pants are all bunchy because the string has to be tight for them to stay up. The top looks like an ugly dress. But no b-bye for them.... She loves the tentjamas. I call them that. Explain that to me. 

Like I said. She is getting weirder and weirder. Even for momma.

One more thing. the B-bye attitude apparently does not apply to shoes. When the shoe is too big, there is moaning, groaning, whining, sadness, inserts, cursing, and all around misery. 
So far, only one pair has gone into THE box.

And then there is that whole wake up in the middle of the night issue. JD and Wendy just ignore her. They at best open one eye, and then go right back to sleep. Moi, I am cursed with loyalty and duty. If she goes to the couch, I follow... if she decides to go cook, I follow... I wish she would stop it and stay asleep. This is ruining my sleep patterns. Yea, you got it, she blames the shingles for this too. And can I tell you something?  For a woman who can't operate a TV remote, she has actually figured out how to operate it enough to get her on demand stuff. You can never have too much screaming  from Abby Lee Miller... in the middle of the night... 

So... what do you advise? A shrink? [I worry about shrinking her too much. As it is, she is pretty "shrunk down". Any more and she might not be able to reach my treats.] An intervention?  I have watched those on TV - [Yes, of course, right after Abby Lee Miller's screaming fits, crying and whining and interventions are a natural follow up...] or do I just let her "ride it out" and hope that it resolves itself?  

I just dunno....
perplexed moi


Thursday, October 20, 2011

my one and only alternative to the neiman marcus fantasy book

4.5L V8
570 HP / 398 LB-FT
7-Speed DCT
0-60 Time:
3.3 Seconds
Top Speed:
205 MPH
Rear-Wheel Drive
Curb Weight:
3,384 LBS
19.9 MPG (est.)
$257,000 base

a true Modenese...

Dear Santa, if you are taking notes, or making lists, or whatever it is you do... you can forget the fantasy book for me.  Just remember Ferrari 458 Spider. I know I am in love. I would look so good sitting in the passenger seat of this exquisite car.  Did you know my family is from Modena?  


It's THAT time of the year already????

I don't know... we have not even had the BIG CHICKEN named after the country...
it just feels rushed to me...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

APB* issued for momma's sanity and taste

Silvie: "Why are we running off? Costumes??? OMD, that time of the year.  Do we even know what this year's humiliation is?"
The Wendy: "I don't know, but I am scared to death.  You know she is dressing us for the Bash on Saturday. And... she has some sort of black schmatta that is supposed to be her costume".
Silvie: "Ugh... she has a costume? theme???? what is it with her and "themes"? Well look before we go bonkers, we need to know what the atrocity will  be. So, you go take your usual hiding spot under her chair with your butt hanging out and I will go investigate. Wish me luck"

Silvie: "Mh.  3 costumes all the same... weird striped wrapper. big ugly black and white stripes.
Come on, take it out of the OMD. NO NO NO NO NO... the ugly stripes are on the costumes!!!! Woman are you insane? Horizontal stripes? I am going to have to go on a juice cleanse just to put that stupid thing on and not look like a continent! Hours of watching Rachel Zoe, Stacey and Clinton, the two Brits and you learned nothing???? In which universe does a female want to wear horizontal stripes... ever??? What the @#$%T!@! kind of costumes is this?
Prison wear???? If I had thumbs they would be down my throat and I would be tossing my cookies. Really, come on, you really don't expect us to wear this in public... at a Bash, in front of our friends? Do you understand the depth of humiliation you are inflicting on us? And where is your stupid striped costume?? Oh no stripes for you. convenient. your costume looks like...a judicial robe? OMD, did you steal it from daddy???  No? It's really yours? No wonder the legal system is in the toilet. I am having a conniption... no I am having  discomfiture, neurasthenia, call DR Klemm!  I can't go out on Saturday!"

The Wendy: "I think I am going to die...of shame... her taste level has hit a new low... horizontal stripes...prisoner... I thought nothing would be as bad as the Daisy Dukes she put on me... Have I NOT suffered enough?  I am a rescued dog, I paid my dues, why are  you torturing me??? "

Silvie: "How many calories are in water?  Because I think I will be dining on water until Saturday. I used to love you momma... "

The Wendy: "Wait... if we lick button 1 on the phone, that calls daddy! Can we call daddy and tell him that the old gal has finally jumped the track? Maybe he can talk to her....let's lick 1!!!!"
Don't bother calling Dowi...she is dressing like a dinosaur of some kind with horns... [yea... for realsy, on purpose even] and Adam... he is also doing some sort of costume... they are infected with Halloweenitis...

Stripes...OMD... we have been pigs...skunks, pirates, fairies, angel winged...chef hatted...what is wrong with this woman??????

Halloweenitis is a horrible disease.... horrible...

*ABP is an all points bulletin... cop lingo for we are telling everybody on you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Notification Program Current Animal Food GRAS Notices Inventory

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Notification Program Current Animal Food GRAS Notices Inventory

Animal & Veterinary

Current Animal Food GRAS Notices Inventory

The following table is provided on an interim basis, until the Animal Food GRAS Notices Inventory database is launched. The data provided are current through 10/14/11. A decision on FDA's part to file a submission as a GRAS notice has not reflected our judgment as to whether the notice addressed all issues or discussed all critical data or information.

AGRNNotifierSubstanceIntended Use Intended SpeciesDate of Filing FDA's Letter
1Resonant Biosciences, Inc.Chlorine dioxideTo be used as a processing aid, with a maximum application rate of 55 ppm per batch, in the production of non-food grade ethanol, food grade ethanol, and distillers grains for animal feed use for food-producing animals.Food-producing animals.12/21/2010pending
2Lallemand Specialties Inc., doing business as Lallemand Ethanol TechnologyPenicillin G potassiumTo control the levels of contaminants and their by-products in the production of non-food grade and food grade ethanol and distillers grain for target animal feed use at a level not to exceed 6 ppm of commercial product or 2.7 ppm of penicillin G potassium, in the fermentor.Livestock including beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine, and sheep. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.12/23/2010At notifier's request, FDA ceased to evaluate the notice.
3Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.alpha-Lipoic acidTo be used as an ingredient in dry foods for adult dogs at levels up to 150 ppm (150 mg/kg food or 0.0150%) as a cellular antioxidant and cofactor of enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids.Adult dogs (i.e., at least 1 year old).2/8/2011pending
4Lallemand Specialties Inc., doing business as Lallemand Ethanol TechnologyVirginiamycinTo be used as a processing aid in the production of non-food grade and food grade ethanol at a level not to exceed 6 ppm of commercial product (3 ppm virginiamycin) in the fermentor.Livestock including beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine, and sheep. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.3/16/2011At notifier's request, FDA ceased to evaluate the notice.
5Emerald Carolina Chemicals LLCHydrophobic silicaAs a component of a defoamer used as a processing aid, at levels up to 20 ppm, in the production of dried and wet distillers grains with added solubles.Food-producing animals.5/12/2011pending
6Emerald Carolina Chemicals LLCPolyethylene glycol (400) dioleateAs a component of a defoamer used as a processing aid, at levels up to 64 ppm, in the production of dried and wet distillers grains with added solubles.Food-producing animals.5/12/2011pending
7Emerald Carolina Chemicals LLCPolyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monostearateAs a component of a defoamer used as a processing aid, at levels up to 20 ppm, in the production of dried and wet distillers grains with added solubles.Food-producing animals.5/12/2011pending
8Rubinum S.A. Animal HealthBacillus cereus variant toyoiTo be used as an animal feed ingredient to help maintain the animal's gut microflora.Livestock including swine, cattle, broiler chickens, turkeys, and rabbits.6/10/2011pending
9Vitamin Derivatives, Inc.1-alpha-HydroxycholecalciferolTo be used as a dietary source of vitamin D up to 5 micrograms per kilogram in the finished feed.Broiler chickens.7/13/2011pending
10GevoInactivated modified Saccharomyces cerevisiaeAs a component of animal feed when used in the fermentation and distillation of corn to produce isobutanol.Beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.8/25/2011pending
11Lallemand Specialties Inc.,Penicillin G potassiumTo control the levels of contaminants and their byproducts in the production of food grade and no-food grade ethanol and distillers grain for target animal feed use at a level not to exceed 6 ppm of commercial product, or 3.0 ppm of Penicillin G in the fermentor.Livestock including beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine and sheep. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.9/15/2011pending
12Lallemand Specialties Inc.,VirginiamycinTo be used as a processing aid in the production of food and non-food grade ethanol at a level not to exceed 6 ppm of commerical product (3 ppm Virginiamycin)in the fermentor.Livestock including beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine, and sheep. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses.9/15/2011pending
13GevoIsobutanol distillers grainTo be used as a component of animal feed.Livestock include: beef cattle, dairy cows, broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, swine and sheep. Pets include: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and horses.9/29/2011pending

Be the Change for Animals -- Blog the Change Event

Dusting off my soap box. Climbing on. Smoothing out my curls, and fluffing my tail. Deep breath. Go.

If you have one of those gentle souls or innocent view of the world, please, go do something else. Don't read this. If you lack courage to face the truth, go fluff something. 

On the other hand, if you are tired of feeling that lump in your throat, that ache in your heart anytime you hear "puppy mill" or "back yard breeder",  get off your butt.  Join Be the Change for Animals Blog the Change Event. To learn more about BtC4A or to Join us on today's blog hop as we ask Petland USA to STOP SELLING PUPPIES, go to

I am not stupid. I don't think any one single action will actually create effective change. I do believe that awareness has a cumulative effect. The more aware we are, the less tolerant we become, the more likely we are to demand our legislative bodies to legislate NATIONAL, UNIFORM, EFFECTIVE LEGISLATION which will OUTLAW permanently animal abuse and close down puppy mills because there will be -0- profit for puppy millers. Use RICO laws, go after these souless merchants of pain. INTOLERANCE FOR THEIR KIND IS A VIRTUE.

PETLAND... HUNTE ... your days are numbered people are learning about you.

Where would puppy millers move to if we had national laws with federal penalties that applied equally and uniformly?  They would be OUT OF BUSINESS and that's what we would like!!!!
What can you do?  Plenty!!!!

Educate yourself.
Educate others. 
Do you live in a state that allows the "operation of commercial breeding kennels?" Translation... does your state allow greedy people to profit from the pain of innocent animals?

Is the local sheriff, police department, the local humane society able to adequately police the kennels? Or are you dealing with a good ole boy who occasionally bets on dog fights?...

Have they promptly responded and acted on complaints of abuse or neglect?

The United States Department of Agriculture Animal Care Division only governs  "wholesale" breeding facilities (those that sell puppies to other businesses who in turn sell the puppies to the public) and that is a tiny portion of puppy mills. And that is why there is such disparate application of laws. And that is why we NEED NATIONAL LEGISLATION.

If you have the curiosity gene, a list of currently licensed breeders and some of their most recent inspection reports are available on the USDA/APHIS website.

Speaking of  HSUS, the HSUS Puppy Mill Task Force tipline, 1-877-MILL-TIP, is available to anyone with information on a possible crime involving puppy mills. Insider knowledge is valued and any link to law enforcement is also appreciated.  BE A HERO. If you personally witnessed neglect, abuse, etc and wish to file a complaint with the HSUS, please call 1-877-MILL-TIP or report it here »

The next time you are at the Mall and you walk by the "pet shop"... stop in, look around, [ Is the place clean?  Is there adequate water, food etc.?] have the courage to tell them that they need to find a new business. NO ANIMAL should be sold like chattel. Tell them that you know they are active participants in the torture and abuse of animals for profit.  All they can do is ask you to leave. Be polite, clear, firm and non menacing. You are stating facts. You are telling them that their sanitized BS and lies about where their puppies comes from no longer works.  Remember that poor breeding practices cause pain to both the innocent animals and the ignorant victim owner who BOUGHT the animal from a pet shop. These places exist only because people "support" them by buying from them...

Obviously ... do I need to say it?  DO NOT BUY FROM PET STORES.  Pet stores should sell goods, NOT ANIMALS.

Some of us are friends with mall cops now.  :) Do not be afraid to tell the mall cop how you feel. Convert him or her.

Your feelings are right, proper and legitimate.  You have a right to participate in the creation of the community you want to live in.  If you have a phone you can and should express your opinion to every one of your legislators.  After all, your attitude should be" if you want my vote, you need to hear my voice."

And by the way... if you need inspiration... re read Thoreau's Civil Disobedience  "Civil Disobedience" in three parts: One - Two - Three...

I love my humans. If they were baby milling I would be out there barking SHUT IT DOWN... 

Mr. President...   what have you done to date?

Phew. I need to get some "pucino foam". My BP is climbing. Santa Cleopatra!

Friday, October 14, 2011


So I hear that the inaugural Shirlington Restaurant Week is underway. Normally I get bored to tears reading about humans and how they can get food for a fixed price and stuff their bellies until they fall into food coma... BUT  I just read something that left me with my mouth wide open. Humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a delicious fixed-price meal during  this week-long event.  AUntie Robin, don't read this.  You need to go pay attention to the oven, those liver slivers might be burning or something.... So skip this, go....

Dogma Bakery (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) is offering a three-course meal for dogs as part of Restaurant Week. You get a house-made “gar-lick cheese bite” appetizer; a main course of fish, chicken, beef or venison kibble, with a side of vegetables; and a dog ice cream, cookie or muffin dessert. The meal is available for dine-in or take-out. Your human can join you for a sit down at The Bungalow .The meal costs $7.50, and 100 percent of the purchase price is going to benefit a rescue dog named Chief (pictured), who was abused and now needs a prosthetic leg and paw on either side of his body. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, which is fostering Chief, needs about $800 for the prosthetics." Such a great cause.

So... How much gas do we need to drive to Shirlington and contribute to the cause?  I figure... we should be there for at least 3 meals no?  3 meals x3  would make the whole trip worth it.

And I need to ask... why are the restaurants around here so lazy that they have done nothing like this??? I want to move...


Human speak

JD is the human speak master at our house. The boy just simply knows everything. His knowledge of human speak is so fantastic that he knows first generation, second generation and third generation words that will lead to food, ride, walk and or fun.

One, he is a master at watching the two leggeds.  He never gets bored. Two, he is fantastic at reading their faces. But three, and this is a big one, he has mastered the art of understanding two leggeds because, JD knows how to link word to consequence. For example who knew that momma saying "We are out of milk" means a ride opportunity?  Well it does! JD taught me that.
Here, he is just watching momma talking to daddy. To most dogs, it is a lot of "Blah blah blah blah blah...."

Does JD walk away? No.  He simply watches. Then he hears the magic word combination..."Sale, need and today". Just when I was going to go upstairs and fluff up a pillow for a long nap, JD alerts me that we are going out.... momentarily. How does he do it?  How does he know?

So, I stand up and get ready... I know that JD is never wrong!   I ask him what the magic word was that triggered the two leggeds's action.  I mean... how do we know they are going to be going out? He said "SALE" and "NEED" always equal out.  If you add today.... it means out really soon. Wow. I am in awe of him. He gave us a short lesson last week. He gave us a list of second generation trigger words... "Stir crazy=ride, needs gas in my car=ride, dropping off stuff, picking up stuff, going to the bank, to the post office, dry cleaner, errands, all = ride" Anything followed by "we are out of...."= ride opportunity.

And this is The Wendy who is happy to have smart JD to tell her when we are going for a ride. And that second generation word stuff works for food opportunity as well. Momma saying "I am starving" means food is coming out. Momma's starving is a short window of  food opportunity . Her starving is good for about 3 bites. Where daddy would actually get a plate out, make a sandwich, get accouterments, etc. Momma is likely to eat 3 tablespoons of yogurt and call it a day.  So if you want something get there quickly and be resigned to the possibility of yogurt or tofu... or cucumber.  And that brings me to another important point. All two leggeds are NOT the same. Some are more food beneficial and some are more ride beneficial and some are just plain more fun. [ I am not naming names because... I know which side of my bread is buttered.. ehmmmm human expression applicable even to those who use fake spray butter... I am not naming names... ick fake butter....brrrrr shiver.....]

So, we four leggeds have to learn to navigate the household and master the humans around us. I hope to become as proficient in human speak as JD.  Until then, I bow to the master.


Thursday, October 13, 2011



Guys, come quickly!!!  We have to do an intervention.  Momma is ogling her stuff and talking about eating all the Challah with her home made marmalade and then eating the whole apple cake. She said it is her own version of a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou. No, no, I have not seen any wine yet... But she is going for butter.  Unless you guys want to be her nurse when she gets sick, it is time to intervene... BARK and RUN around.... just do it...

the things I have to do to keep my humans from doing stupid things.... it has raisins for DOG's sake, how good can it be????

BUSTING out my best moves!!! Dance time!!!

Eric the gorgeous and Zena the cutie went to their new forever homes....wait for it.... TOGETHER!!!!  now everybody dance!  I think I will do my blitz dance!!!! I love starting my day with great news. Love it with a passion!  You know,  there are days when I think that the world is deaf, there is no love left and finding homes for all of the White Dog Cottage residents is an impossible task.  But then, I am proven wrong. Some wonderful family comes along and our TBFR group gains new members and a forever home is found!

Thank you auntie Robin for your usual efficient super screening process. I get all melty  [it is too a word... like in a melty cheese samnich]  knowing that my buddies have it as good as I do. Safe, fed, loved, and cared for. I never take any of those things for granted. Really, I don't. The possibility of any of those things not being there scares the heeeebeeegeebees out of me. [Better give my momma a good tail wagging today, oh heck, I am going to give her my belly to rub!]

And ... for those of you two leggeds who just cannot make the leap of love into adoption of a rescued four legged, hey, there are other ways you can help!  Take out that checkbook, write a check to TBFR, your contribution will feed, vet, provide for a dog who is waiting to be adopted. There are no administrative costs, no paid staffers, no... other places for that money to go to. 100% of your contribution which is tax deductible, goes to the DOGS! Our volunteers provide foster homes, share their talents, paint, write, bake, hold sales, give their money, love and time and because they see the need,  they work and work and work....

So,  join us, in your own way, become part of the best representation of humanity, contribute to rescue.

Dancing... ohh the macarena?  I am in I am in I am in.....


Friday, October 7, 2011

Ambition?? Delusion Or Puppyhood?

5772 or 2011

JD-  Really? Daddy is coming home???? Ohhhh that is fantastic!!!!!! I love the daddy.
JD- You are not messing with me momma, are you? I mean... if daddy is really coming home... where are the goodies?  The fantastic meal, the delicious delights, the daddy spoilage? I smell nothing... Momma, are you really serious he is coming home?

The Wendy- Well, I was not born yesterday.  Something is not right.  Daddy is coming home and you have not baked anything, and I don't see any of his favorites. What kind of welcome home is that?  Momma,  is that any way to treat my daddy? What is wrong with you? You need to get in that kitchen chop chop and start something. I don't know... How about a couple of his favorites... and throw in that pastry he loves, with the lemon curds and caramelized layers of puff pastry...

The Wendy- If I had thumbs that daddy would be coming home to a liver souffle. I know I love those. How about a fat roasted chicken with the baby carrots ? Everyone loves that! And how about a delicious apple cake?
Add caption

Silvie- Momma, follow me in the kitchen, come on, let's make something for daddy before those two kill you. You know that they are daddy crazy... Ok, I am listening. I have no idea what you are saying. What do you mean this is not an eating holiday? How can it be a holiday and NOT involve food???? I feel a headache coming on. Two leggeds... All right. Explain, please.... I think I better sit down for this.

Day of Atonement? Fasting? Cleansing of the soul. ...Too deep for me. I do have one question. Does this whole thing apply to four leggeds?   No? NO!!!! Pheeeeewwwww.  Bottom line is,  Daddy is coming home to starve. With you. Great... two grumpy humans with a low blood sugar headaches...Ehmmm Can the three of us go stay with Adam or Dowi?  They are fasting too?  Ohhh that sucks.

Last week when daddy was home it was New Year. And now he is coming home to starve. When is the big chicken holiday. You know, the one where the chicken is named after a country? TURKEY.... Yes that one.  I like that holiday.  Soon. Ok.Let me go explain this to The Wendy.

And they think that living with humans is easy. OY.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Working the cuteness factor

So, she found the corner of the pillow all chewed up? She is red in the face?  And she is stuttering in tongues? Oh that's angry Italian?  Ohhh she really is mad.

Chill out, don't lose it.

This is a psychological game. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR because you are going to work the CUTENESS FACTOR.

Guilt?  Innocence?  Meaningless. Who cares about that!. Fluff up, make sure that pink tongue is framed by fluffitude. Own it. Bows match the tongue, tilt he head. Now [and this is the hard part] let the cuteness well up in you and spill out of your eyes. [Tyra Banks, I could teach you a theng or two about smiling eyes and sparkly eyes and emoting emotion...]  Let it build slowly.
Keep your eyes fixed on the momma while she rants and vents.  Disassociate from her anger. Focus on your own cuteness and how she must want to hold you.  Give her a peak of pink belly.
Not too much.

Of course you are still out of breath from tugging at that stupid pillow corner, but never mind.  Focus. EMOTE.  Do nothing more. Wait.  Any second now she is going to scoop you up, point to the pillow and and she will repeat "bad bad bad".   The pillow is bad. I get it. Now, how would you like to rub my belly and de-stress?

See how that works? And that is a lesson in working the cuteness factor.

I will now take questions from the audience.


Is the truth finally leaking out?

Hey, ad team for Beneful, wanna come over for dinner?  Momma wants to serve you some yummy Beneful and see how you like it....

Chef Micheal,  same invite, and wait guys, we can do this as a huge party. Then you can all DIG IN...

Dog food manufacturers... your consumer is smarter than you think. You can spend your $ on Madison Ave or you can pony up and actually create healthy food, until then.... mommaaaaaa I think the lamb chops are ready, they smell done!

One more thing.... if your vet has a junk food isle, take the hint, his interest lies elsewhere, not with your four legged's health... find a new vet.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where is the logic?

It's late at night. Very late. Momma is up and I have to be up with her. So many things about two leggeds do not ever make sense.  She is up watching the news. Most of the time watching the news upsets her. Why does she watch the news? Really, what the Vick? Where is the logic?
Momma parks the car in garage. Momma says she needs to get to a car wash soon. It is raining outside, so, why not leave the car outside to let the rain wash it?

Momma takes orders from the Nuvi Box and yells at the Nuvi Box. She yells "Do you know what you are doing?" I really don't think the Nuvi can hear her. Otherwise it would have reacted at momma's second guessing it and it would have retaliated. I am glad the Nuvi is deaf. Where is the logic?

Ever watch daddy when he is watching Ohio State football? Biz....arrrreee.  sometimes he sits on the edge of the seat and talks to the TV. No future in that, trust me. JD carried a love affair with Lala from the Teletubbies and he tried for years talking to her on the TV. I think the TV is deaf too.  Where is the logic?No, wait... I have seen daddy on the TV talk to momma, he could hear her. I am so confused. But I did like the ballet slipper the football players were wearing. All sparkly. I love sparkles.

Why are two leggeds s so entirely fascinated with themselves? Momma will not watch a nature channel because it showed a fox eating a rabbit. ??? Yet she watches the news with all sorts of gory murders and crimes...No, I don't get it. Where is the logic?

Furs. Please, someone explain to me why necrophilia is chic!  Skin of a dead victim on your body. Ick. Where is the logic?

Humans get divorced. They give their dog to rescue.????? Your marriage failed. Your dog should not be the one being punished. He/she is probably the only successful relationship in your life!  Put your spouse in rescue and keep the dog!  Where is the logic?

Don't even get me started on puppy mills....... helllloooo world, upfront profits at the expense of innocents are NOT enough justification for puppy mills because poor breeding produced long term losses and massive suffering. Where is the logic?

It is so very late.  I am getting loopy, I need sleep and I need this woman to go to bed. I am going to whine and yawn that will give the hint. She is very tired, why is she still doing stuff?  Nobody is making her!  It is all her...compulsion... Where is the logic?

Finally.... we are going to bed. It is 2:00 am. Daddy, when you are home, she does not do caca like this.... often... anyway...
night world


Monday, October 3, 2011

Bark in the Park Pictures

We thank our friends MS Eleanora MCClenney and Mr Bob Jones for contributing the pictures taken at Bark in the Park. Someone... left her camera on the desk... someone who shall go "nameless"...

Uncle Bob and Kip and I see Frannie's leash. Did you happen to notice that two legged who own Bichons are really much more attractive that non Bichon owners?

This is a picture of efficient preparation. Timmy in his buggy with his momma, auntie Eleanora. I bet he got ice water... and a real bowl.

Timmy and auntie Crissy. They matched outfits! And you know what?  The Wendy actually let auntie Crissy hold her. Seriously and that has never happened before!!!

Frannie in pink, Eric in black, meeting, greeting and looking for their forever homes.
These pictures are from Auntie Eleanora

Eric who is looking for his forever home. He is tall, handsome and...available. Woof.That is all I am going to say.

Freddie, a TBFR grad who is now a certified therapy dog. Nothing better than a guy in uniform. But the human popsicle took us home before Freddie arrived.  Sigh....

Ms Belle giving the "look.  She must hang around Bichons...That's a Bichon look.

A tired Eric, looking for someone to pick him up... hey forever family, step up to the plate already!!! Is it me or is he sooo cute?

Kip going home. Tired, Happy, Tired, Snuggly....
These pictures are from Uncle Bob.

Thank you guys for contributing the pics. You all know what we are dealing with here with the momma....

nuff said