Sunday, December 30, 2012

£1 Fish Man - One Pound Fish - O-Fish-Al Video

Check out this video on YouTube:

Hey daddy, how about the Maine Avenue Fish Wharf for lunch? I have shook all the sleep out of me and I have a taste for a big fish samnich, no mayo.....I am on a diet you know. Fish is good for you,  and I need to be good! 


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DC bound

I am sleepy. But I am sleepy on the go.

I am Wishingtomb bound. Yes, Wishingtomb. It is where some argue that dreams go to die.

I get to see my Dowi and my Adam. Yeeeea. Momma is going on her annual pilgrimage. Amateur hour is ovaaah. She is in her track suit and Potomac Mills bound. The word of the day is..."shopping".

Daddy told her about some new restaurant at Potomac Mills. Snear. Snort. Like she is going to waste time on eating. Ha. Clearly he does not heed the "call of the shoe". It is powerful, like Pon Farr for Spock. Oh well, I am going back to sleep. Wake me when we get there.

I am on my way.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The mystery is solved.

Momma's alchemy.... turns lemons into hooch. She calls the hooch... Limoncello. Hooch. Like I said.

Why?  Why stink up the house for pepper jelly??? Hoomans.

Mystery solved.

That 1/4 of a lb I gained. I know where it came from!

The smells. Momma smelled up the house with foods. The smells went into my nose and made their way to my tail. You know... the smells had no way out of me  once they got into my nose. And they settled into me and became extra weight.
You did't know? Yea, you do gain weight from the smells!  I swear it.  And there were so many more things I did not even take pictures of. Like a mammoth lasagna. And biscuits, and crab and lobster and artichokes...  Yea smells and talking about food makes you gain weight.

So I am just going to shut up and go sniff some soap or something.
What am I to do????

Yes, I do have an orange face. It is what you get when you eat punkin.


Miss me?

                I shopped my little heart out

I managed to look maaahvelous even in cold temps! Whatttt?  I am no necro!  It's faux!

We walked our paws off shopping all the sales! I need a pawdicure!

Shopped some more!  We felt the Pres and the economy needed a boost! No, not that icky liquid kind either.

Then we COLLAPSED under the kitchen table. Oh Mabel Mabel... under the table, I am soooo Pooped...

But DO NOT FEAR, the very next day, CUTENESS was here and we took over the Holidays!

Sooooom how was your holiday?

'vie who is still stylin and profilinnnng....

Yea, I got some new rags, what are you going to do, Hooomans!

Friday, December 21, 2012

WHAT A grand idea! Great WEB SITE!

"NeighborHound Watch is your free, online community board exclusively for dog lovers. By registering with DogHeirs you become part of an invaluable network of dog lovers aiming to help protect our best four-legged friends and reunite missing dogs with their families.
Read and post alerts of dangerous situations and lost dogs in your area. Alerts include:
- predatory wildlife sightings
- animal abuse activities
- pet food recalls
- infectious disease outbreaks
- environmental hazards"

What a wonderful idea!

What a great web site!

We scanned it and looked for what was going on in our neighborhood!

What's going on in your "hood?"


Interesting... in a strange way interesting...

Meatball the four legged hero

DogHeirs NeighborHound WatchAnd while we are on topic.... WE LOVE THIS WEBSITE!


We are observing a National Moment of Silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

more MUGs with good sentiments

we know this is a real sentiment at my house...

I do that 365 days!

I am the one who understands momma.
JD is the who is your doggy type.... deluded...
Wendy Poooh is the truthful tail.

Kol  I was thinking you with this mug...

I am not going to lie to you... Momma bought some of these... She did....

And you think I have mental issues... ha... who do you think gave them to me?

still starving.... and steeping in fake bread stick shame...

Sep 09, 2012
What a wonderful array of mugs! But I only see one worth buying... Yes this last one. It looks really "functional" and appropriate. Just lose the lid. I can;t get to the "pucino foam" with that thing in place! 'vie. Posted by silvieon4 ...
Nov 19, 2012
Wonderful mugs-now I wonder where we can get some! Hope you have a splendid day! Noreen & Hunter ... Mama has a whole set of Doggy theme mugs from Our Name is Mudd. She loves them! November 19, 2012 9:41 PM ...
Jul 11, 2010
Geisha,Grover,Lily,Bailey,&Wrinkles. July 11, 2010 8:41 AM · Mommy, I'm Home said... Hmmm... I think I need to get myself one of those... July 11, 2010 10:00 AM · Honeygo Beasley said... Your momma really needs THREE of those mugs.