Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Abandonment, WHITE HATS and MVP Rescue honor

So... momma abandoned me again.  YES. she left me at home. Alone - So technically not so alone... with Wendy, JD and the nonna. but as far as I am concerned I was ALONE! All this because of the WHITE HAT SOCIETY.  You tell me, is this place worth leaving your beautiful, faithful, wonderful, fluffy, sweet, delicious, smart, cute, cuddly, kissable, loyal and humble baby?  Not in my e reader. [I get my books on e reader now....so that expression... "not in my book" has to change.

These pics I "gleaned off" momma's camera.
She... got all gussied up for this lunch. I must say, it was refreshing seeing her out of her slippers.
She has been attached to them for a while.

Ohhhh look, a BICHON memorial sweater! I posed, I guess.  I just don't remember.

But as you can see that cuteness factor is MOI!
Ok, Auntie Robin... stand still.... you  have feathers on your head!.  Where is the cluck that lost "dem" feathers?  Did you make soup? Momma has one of those hats too, and I swear we ate the chicken that gave up its feathers!

Ohhhh this must have been when things got quiet and serious! Auntie Diane is officiating a ceremony.
Uncle Bob, in absentia is receiving an award. An MVP award! He rescued four dogs, and two are not even Bichons!  Now that's real dedication!
Congrats uncle BOB! 




Yup, uncle Bob is one of the good ones. And momma said he can cook too!  Mhhhh, you know how I feel about having "back up" families, right?  He is on my short list!

We love ALL of our adopters!

And I am feeling less abandoned.

But.. I am milking the guilt... cow.


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rocky-dog said...

hmph, at least you got to stay home with JD, the Wendy and nonna. Mama went out to lunch today with the rest of the costume department to celebrate Yen's birthday and I had to SIT IN THE CAR for the whole time they were in the restaurant. Mama says that's because they wouldn't let me in the restaurant and she couldn't leave me at work alone either. hmph!