Thursday, September 13, 2012

The answer is: this is what it looks like!

 Left to right are Toby, Marie, Fiona and Kip

If your question was:
"What is it like to open your home to a rescued pet?"
Well... there four of them on a love seat, that's what  it's  like to open your home to a rescued pet.

If your question was:
"Can one person take care of more than one pet?"
All four dogs are well taken care of, and happily relaxing on the love seat.

If your question was:
Can you love more than one pet?
Toby, Marie, Fiona and Kip would all bark YES!!!

First came Kip.
Kip changed his adoptive daddy's life.
the instant bond between them was apparent to anyone around.
Kip gave his daddy total, complete, unconditional love and quietly stole his heart.

Toby and Marie were found roaming the streets. Both sick, both hungry, both in need of so much care.

Love begets courage.
With Kip at his side, daddy Bob stepped in.
No, it was not not easy.
Two very sick Maltese dogs trying to adjust to a new home.  Marie had to be hand fed...
A slow adjustment.
Love begets patience.

Kip was lonely because Toby and Marie really don't play a lot with him.
We think they were a breeding pair for a back yard breeder. 
They have to learn to play...

A trip to White Dog Cottage, a play date and Fiona found herself a family!

Toby & Marie
Kip & Fiona

If your question was, what does unconditional love look like?
The answer is... like this.

TBFR has the BEST adopters in the world!
Bob we love you.
Congratulations on your newest addition, she is a cutie and yes
there will be a DANCE OF JOY!

'vie and fan damily!

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bichonpawz said...

That is simply wonderful!!! So happy for them all!! Rescues ROCK!!
Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug