Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you know how I see this?

Well I know they are capitalizing on this shaming your dog trend. 

But I hate the song. I don't see an "egg sucking dog" whatever THAT is... 

I do see an absent minded, negligent owner. Hmm keys are meant to be placedon a hook, in a bowl... somewhere And if you know that your four legged has a theng for keys... DEAL with it! 

Word to my peeps... Keys? Really? What the hey??? Is it the taste? Or is it they key chain that does it for you?

In any case, I suppose you have to eat a whole can of pumpkin and a whole bowl of rice to facilitate the "disposal" of those keys. Oh my... surgery? Momma says sometimes they have to cut them out of you! Not happening here. That is awful. 

Word to the dude... now will you invest in a "safe spot for keys habit?"

Shaking my pretty head... I am just baffled by people...


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