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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The irony of wordless'all about the word. So why are you surprised???

So, I was just signing on when I casually saw momma's e mail from TBFR. And this e mail caught my eyes: 
Hi all! Just wondering if any of you have to spell out words in front of your fluffs...for example, “out, goodies, hungry, walk, bark park, mommy or daddy” etc...and now we have to whisper or mouth the words to each because they understand what we are saying when we spell it out!!  They are way too smart!!!  Just thought I ‘d ask...

Of course there were a ton of replies. All saying yes... they are so smart, they know the words... and what struck me was the mix of surprise, a little bewilderment and a whole lot of bragging.

All right, first of all, hellllllooo it is our job to learn to speak your language. It is how we fit in.
Underneath this wonderful white fluff there is a serious brain, you know. When it comes to things that effect our quality of life, we do invest in learning the "words".  The rest of that jibber-jabber is just "blah blah blah...." So while your entire discussion about the merit of laissez faire economics might be lost on Wendy [she really does not care about the strength of the US dollar v the Euro as it is effected by trade regulation] you just try and mention going for a walk and yea... she gets that.  And she is smart enough to have figured out... "W" means walk, as does constitutional, promenade, passeggiata, or parade. By the way, I take offense to being told that my walks are a parade. 

Ob, [yes, ob.  short for obviously...that's what's hip... language is all about adaptation]  I have great command of the spoken word, although trust me, my barked word is far more eloquent.

My question to you  is, why are you shocked, or surprised that we do what we are expected to do? 

I am also chuckling because at the Bash we, the Bichons had similar discussions about you guys. You meaning the two leggeds.  How cute you are when you are worried about us. How happy you are when you get your face licked, and how sweet you can be.  Yes, there is also a lot of griping about your needs to control our diet, your reluctance to walk, etc. etc.. But hey
c'est la vie...

oh, by the way... I am 


Roxy the traveling dog said...

That's too funny, and yes it goes on here too.

Tucker The Crestie said...

No one who has ever known a Bichon can deny that there IS a serious brain underneath all that white, fluffy gorgeousness!

Marshmallow said...

My mama thinks that saying a word in a different language will keep me from understanding her. Silly mama! I am way too smart for that to work.

silvieon4 said...

Marsh, right? I know! I speak it all, if it is spoken around here I get it... Italian, French, Eritrean, .... I get it all. Why are they shocked? It's like they get all nutty because we know how to open doors. Of course we can, unless you lock it... and then we are about at the same level as daddy at opening them... Momma, calling chopped liver PATE` does not negate the yumminess... now I know you have to starve today, but I don't... know what I mean?

Flea said...

You're right. It's normal for dogs to pick up on our lingo. It's frustrated for the people, though, when even spelling doesn't work. Shoot, even a look ...

Flea said...

Silvie, I actually blog at dogtreatweb dot com.

Kristin Fields said...

You are a very pretty, astute girl. My boys would like you to know that they understand pig latin, and they know when mom says nonsensical things to test us -- no vocal intonation clues. My only question is, if the boys are smart enough to understand language, why can't they figure out that there isn't a secret exit in the bathroom or closet that I might use to get away?

silvieon4 said...

Ms Kristin, perhaps they are not fearing your "get away" perhaps they think you are having a fat piece of pie in there, just like one of hoomans that was shamed admitted to doing.... eating pie in the bathroom with the door closed. Do you have pie in your bathroom?

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