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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Have to...

Work it, work it, work it...

After yesterday's shaming event, I am ratcheting up the cuteness factor to the max. Good graces are hard to come by and require maintenance. Today is a maintenance day... time to "mend fences" if you will.

I gave the momma a super long snuggle last night and gave the daddy a proper face "murping".
His word, not mine. I basically licked and kissed him up until he cried uncle. Yes, I know weird.
He is always asking for his uncle. And I am not even sure I have ever even met this "uncle"dude.
And what could he possible do for daddy? I dunnoooo.  Weird .
Here I am "working momma". See how I drip of sincerity and ooze love?
I am working my tush off. It is what it is.... 

In any case...

I am working "IT". I am going to schmooze, lick, kiss, and ingratiate myself back into my rightful place. "QUEEN" of momma's heart, "EMPRESS" of daddy's soul... and I will work on Dowi and Adam when they get here... Uncle Phil, sorry, no amnesty for you. YOU have to earn me back.

That's the way I roll.

Back to the salt mines...
got to work the cute tush factor and do a proper bow play for momma.


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