Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rampage

Momma is at it again.... You know what I am talking about?  She does this every so often.  I call it the "DE- STINKING RAMPAGE". Hoomans seem to lack the ability to leave things alone...

She starts with my toy boxes. She picks some toys and sticks them in the dishwasher. [NOOOO THEY ARE NOT DISHES!!!! ] Some toys end up in the washing machine,... mostly the stuffies...  They come  out of the dryer all puffed out and  almost smell less...And, not that I am pointing paws, but I am... Momma did manage to wash a couple of chewies here and there...Unintended casualties of her intentional rampage.

Then it is food bowls, trays, and such. Apparently the daily washings are not enough. Something about disinfecting. You would think that we were contaminated or something.

And then the most painful part of this routine... our dog beds. We only use them to lounge, but she attacks them like they are full of Ebola. Off come the covers and what does not get washed gets the vacuum...

And yes, every nook and every cranny of our fav spots get the vacuum and the mop treatment.  But why????

Pollen residue, grass residue, dust mites, dander, she says... I can't see anything!  You know, we have tried to find out what the trigger for this behavior is... to no avail.  I have tried to distract her with my best tricks to just refocus her attention. Nop, nothing works.  This seems to be something inevitable.  So we just watch her do it.

The upshot is she wipes herself out and at the end of this rampage she looks like a crumpled tissue. She will take a long hot bath and we will get to snuggle up with a clean, tired momma.
Every cloud has a silver lining. Unless her rampage ends with us getting groomed.

Nuff said.

Do you suffer through one of those? Weekly? Monthly?  Daily??? How obsessive is your hooman?  Have you been able to distract them?  How?

Yes... rampages also include the car!!!! Nothing is SAFE.

How do we stop this?

Share the knowledge!


rocky-dog said...

I TOTALLY get it. Mama does the same thing here too. Beds got washed this weekend and me too! Luckily she was too tired to do all of my stuffies, but I know that look! And I think mama found where I hid many of my chewies!

I can relax for a few more weeks I think. As long as mama had to keep cleaning up at work for "THE BIG MOVE" I think I'm safe at home

Kolchak Puggle said...

Ugh, Mama did that on Sunday. There's not one good smell left in the whole place. It's AWFUL.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom does all that nutty stuff here. It's spring cleaning every day
Benny & Lily