Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carpe diem , or leave the mess, it will wait.

Seriously momma, get dressed!
It is a glorious fall day out there and the daddy has talked about Williamsburg, and I am ready and JD is ready and the Wendy is ready. You know this train does not go anywhere without the caboose.

No, no I did not mean that.  I just mean, we are all waiting for you. The "mess" as you call it, is NOT going anywhere. It will wait patiently for you to come back. On the other paw, the sun and the perfect day... they are on a  schedule.  Come on.  Daddy is loading our blue buggy is all decked out. We are all fluffed out and we are all waiting.

Momma, no.  Wear something casual, no killer heels. Williamsburg... brick walkways... we plan on being out at Merchant's square. You know that place with the good cheese and the good bread?  I want to go there!

JD is right. How about this.... Momma, the Outlet shops.

There you go.  More like it. I better go round up the rest of them. I LOVE going places with the daddy. He is up for adventure. Yesterday we crossed 8 bridges! Big huge ones. One over the James River which looks like an ocean to me. 

Come on momma, I can take a nap on your lap while we get there and you can rub my belly while I am snuggled in my neck pillow.

Hey, can we stop at the Candy store? I love those funky crackers with dates and olives. I only got a tiny taste the last time. "Blah blah blah... not for you"  OK OK OK ... How about the Ventresca tuna?  That was to die for. We can get some of that.

What do you mean I am food obsessed?  I am YOUR daughter.

Time to go!!!  Ciao, I might blog from the road.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

you better tell mom to start listening to you
Benny & Lily