Monday, September 3, 2012

Dogs in the White house. How much do you really know?

Who was the dog that served two terms in the White House?

Which President had the most dogs?

Which dog was accidentally left behind during a trip to the Aleutian Island and had to be "rescued"?

Laddie Boy sat in Cabinet meetings and had his own chair. Who was president then?

Pete had thing for fashion and when he saw what the French Ambassador was wearing... he  could not stop his indignation...he ripped his pants off. They just did not go with the outfit and the crease was all wrong!  Who was president then?

Do you know who Pushinka was?

Ahh so you don't know as much as you think... Well then... Look here for all the answers:

Personally, I would never allow anyone to serve without the wise counsel and advice of a faithful friend. A human without a dog is a friendless human.

Hey Bo, I have my own TY too, actually I own 4 all Bichons like me, what are yours?


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