Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Such great news. Such fab news! Holly and Hamilton are finally in their forever home, together, happy and safe.

Congratulation guys. Can't wait to meet your lucky humans at the bash. Hamilton, don't forget, we have a date.

My heart is happy.

Duck watching.....

and thinking.... there will be about 90 Bichons at the Bash. Hmmm could you see a 90 Bichon blitz? Ohhhh I should try and start that! Hahahahahahaha the 2leggeds would be sooooo...

cogitating mhhhh

SPRING has sprung!

It is official! Mr and Mrs Duckie have arrived and they have taken over the pool cover and the side yard.It happens every year. I think they think this is their spring home. Where do they go the rest of the time? JD, Wendy and I have been staring at them from the French door in complete silence. No need to bark. We know these ducks! It is actually nice to see them back.

Still. I bet they would be delicious. What? It is just a thought. No. I am not going to eat them. I like my duck cooked. They are raw, and all feathery. Not the way I like duck. Anyway.... spring has sprung!!!!

Mommaaaa put the cushions out, already!

Watching ducks

Monday, March 30, 2009


Familiar things are comforting.

So much in the world is out of my control (like when momma does stuff other than pay attention to me) that routines make me feel better. I like knowing that there are certain things I can count on.

For example, starting my day with a tall dollop of cappuccino foam shaved off momma's cup is comfortable normalcy. I love the fact that she surrenders that foam without hesitation. It is the best part of the coffee, but she loves me. And I knew what giving me the foam meant the first time she did it. (Now, maybe the truth is... I let her have the coffee, but I reserve the foam for myself. But I love her too.)

Either way, sharing that foam makes my day start right. And. Yes there is an and. And I love the fact that my foam is served to me in my very own sweet shallow, colorful, homey, handled saucer. It's all mine. It is one of a kind, nobody else in the house has one. I love every thing about it, the feel, the color and its dedicated purpose. It is home. It is mine. It is normalcy, practiced every day.

who loves her life

Sunday, March 29, 2009

GO OSCAR GO!!!!!!!

OSCAR the Bichon who pioneered cancer cure

Oscar, who scientists dubbed the "miracle dog," survived an aggressive form of cancer thanks a drug known as NO-Cbl. The drug may lead to a powerful new cancer treatment for humans. (Credit: Crandall B. Huckins)

Science News

Cancer Breakthrough: Tales Of 'Trojan Horse Drug' And 'Miracle Dogs'

ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2009) — Diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer called anal sac adenocarcinoma, Oscar's future seemed bleak. Bedridden and unresponsive to chemotherapy or radiation, he would be lucky to survive three months. But thanks to an innovative new drug treatment, Oscar's cancer receded and he was walking again within two weeks.

Oscar's recovery was extraordinary enough, but his case was unusual for another reason. Oscar is a Bichon Frise, who scientists reporting in Salt Lake City, Utah at the 237th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society on March 23 call "the Miracle Dog." Joseph A. Bauer, Ph.D., and colleagues described promising results with a drug called nitrosylcobalamin (NO-Cbl) in battling cancer in Oscar and three other canines without any negative side effects. While it gives profound hope to dog owners, NO-Cbl also points to a powerful new cancer treatment for humans — one that infiltrates cancer cells like a biological Trojan horse.

"We are one of the few research groups that is offering to treat dogs with cancer that otherwise have no hope," Bauer said. "With no other options available, most people in this situation opt to euthanize so that their pets don't go through the pain of disease and trauma of surgery."

About six million dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), pets with cancer provide a win-win opportunity for cancer researchers. Scientists can study new cancer treatments in animals other than lab mice. And pets get access to new treatments that provide hope and in instances like NO-Cbl, additional time.

Bauer put it this way: "The beauty of using a dog or a cat to test a cancer drug is two-fold. First, the animal can get the benefit of the most up-to-date drug in cancer medicine. Second, the NCI gets data on pets that are exposed to the same environmental factors their owners are. They breathe the same polluted air and drink the same polluted water that you and I do every day. If you can find an agent to treat cancer that occurs in a dog with success, there is a higher likelihood that you can take that to the human population and have a much higher response rate than with mice."

Although NO-Cbl has been used in only a few dogs, daily treatments have led to promising results in each case. "In all four dogs, there has been a significant reduction in tumor size without any toxic side effects or discomfort," says Bauer.

Oscar was the first success story. Since then, Bauer has treated two other dogs. A six-year old golden retriever named Buddy was unable to walk due to a spinal tumor pinching essential nerves leading to his right hind leg. After nine months of daily NO-Cbl treatment, Buddy's tumor shrank by 40 percent and he was going on two mile walks. A 13-year-old female Giant Schnauzer with inoperable thyroid carcinoma also showed tumor reductions of 77 percent in less than 10 weeks.

"Our case studies demonstrate anti-tumor efficacy with limited toxicity to normal tissues," Bauer added. "NO-Cbl sensitizes multidrug-resistant cancer cells to the antitumor effects of several different drugs, so it may be valuable when utilized in combination regimes," he added.

The drug targets cancer cells with "biological Trojan horse technology." Cells have receptors for vitamin B12 on their outer surface. The receptors serve as docking ports where molecules of the vitamin, essential for cells to divide and multiply, attach and then enter the cell. In order to divide at their abnormally rapid pace, cancer cells grow extra B12 receptors — 100 times more than normal cancer cells. Scientists have been trying since the 1950s to exploit that vulnerability and make B12-based drugs that attach to the receptors, sneak into the cell, and deliver a knock-out dose of medication.

Bauer and his colleagues from the Cleveland Clinic attached nitric oxide (NO) molecules to vitamin B12. NO kills cancer cells. The B12 acts as the Trojan horse, easily slipping into cancer cells. The subsequent release of toxic NO kills the cancer cells from within.

The team's goal is to successfully treat 10 dogs with NO-Cbl and slingshot the drug into human use as soon as possible. Because of the genetic similarity between dogs and humans, Bauer says his approach should have a much better chance of getting through the FDA's strict drug approval chain.

But Bauer stresses he wants to get the NO-Cbl dog treatment approved, as well. "I'm committed to the animals, and my goal would be to do a dual clinical trial, Phase One human and Phase One dog," says Bauer.

Oscar is still alive and well. Today, Bauer is treating another Golden Retriever named Haley with a spinal tumor.

"This is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life," says Bauer, the owner of a two-year old Beagle. "It gets boring working in the lab, but to see the fruits of your labor in a positive outcome like this and to know you're responsible in some small way, that's pretty cool."

Adapted from materials provided by American Chemical Society, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.

DO you think so?

You think my tongue is really pink? Mhh it matches my neck pillow! And no.
It does not taste like razzzzberries!

I am just hot. We went walking and I got hot. I want momma to get me a stroller, or she can carry me. Can I get a pink stroller with a solar fan to keep me cool?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

The KING is hungry

And you thought I was spoiled! Ha. Meet the original "Pasha" of my household. My brother JD, also known as "King Farouk"...for obvious reasons. He acts like King Farouk... He has staff and he demands absolute service, 24/7.
JD is hungry... We know this because he has seated himself at the dinner table on "his" chair... [I don't have a chair, and I am not about to give up momma's lap for wood of any kind...]

Food is not ready. Frumpt. JD starts his "Frumpts". From throat clearings to out and out frumpts he is making his unhappiness known to all. Chop chop 2leggeds! Shalla`. He is hungry and he has spoken!!!

Finally, his highness smells food and lets everyone know he is ready to eat!

Now with this as a role model, I have to go a long way to be labeled "spoiled", so keep that in mind!


Friday, March 27, 2009


Momma? What?

What? I had breakfast, I walked, I am tired now. I need a morning nap! Yes I intend to sleep here!
Come on. Leave me be. Really. Go clean something else. The bed is fine... It is really fine... trust me on this... the bed is perrrrfect......

Beds are for sleeping on. Any time of the day. Not just at night. Why is this making the bed bit sooooo important?

I am tired. I just want to be for a few moments. I need to get all my sleep done so I can be productive.

Mhhhhh nice bed... why are my eyelids sooo heavy....

I am out... bye momma, go fold laundry....


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thank you auntie Betty for this SMILE



I love getting a good pawssage. Really I do. It makes me relax and want to sleep.

I like it as long as momma does not pawssage me with lotions or oils.

Hate those. they make me icky. I end up having to lick the stuff off. ICK.

But, give me a dry pawssage and I am out like a light in minutes....

I am sleepy


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have a secret.

Because it's your birthday I have decided to tell you my secret.

Daddy, my secret is... I love you the most!

(don't tell momma, she gets jealous)

Happy birthday.

your one and only,


More on Rosy

Every thing I have read on Rosy speculates that the sun will harm her. These guys below are experts and make sunblocks. So, my note now goes beyond Hawaiian Tropics. It goes out to all of them. Guys, instead of allocating x amount of $$ to some stupid commercial that is as forgettable as squearkerless toys, how about if you allocate some $$ to provide help for Rosy the Pink Ephelant.

Maybe if enough of us contact them they would listen????
I just want to keep Rosy safe from the sun.






who gets sunblock every time she is out in the pool.

A PINK ephalant!!!!

A BABY pink real live EPHALANT!!!!!!

Pink elephant is caught on camera

By Rebecca Morelle
Science reporter, BBC News

Pink baby elephant in Botswana (Mike Holding)
The little pink calf was spotted in amongst an 80-strong elephant herd

A pink baby elephant has been caught on camera in Botswana.

A wildlife cameraman took pictures of the calf when he spotted it among a herd of about 80 elephants in the Okavango Delta.

Experts believe it is probably an albino, which is an extremely rare phenomenon in African elephants.

They are unsure of its chances of long-term survival - the blazing African sunlight may cause blindness and skin problems for the calf.

Mike Holding, who spotted the baby while filming for a BBC wildlife programme, said: "We only saw it for a couple of minutes as the herd crossed the river.

"This was a really exciting moment for everyone in camp. We knew it was a rare sighting - no-one could believe their eyes."

Baby pink elephant in Botswana
The harsh sun poses a serious threat to the animal's survival, say experts

Albino elephants are not usually white, but instead they have more of a reddish-brown or pink hue.

While albinism is thought to be fairly common in Asian elephants, it is much less common in the larger African species.

Ecologist Dr Mike Chase, who runs conservation charity Elephants Without Borders, said: "I have only come across three references to albino calves, which have occurred in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Baby pink elephant in Botswana (Mike Holding)
Surviving this very rare phenomenon is very difficult in the harsh African bush
Dr Mike Chase, Elephants Without Borders

"This is probably the first documented sighting of an albino elephant in northern Botswana.

"We have been studying elephants in the region for nearly 10 years now, and this is the first documented evidence of an albino calf that I have come across."

He said that the condition might make it difficult for the calf to survive into adulthood.

"What happens to these young albino calves remains a mystery," said Dr Chase.

"Surviving this very rare phenomenon is very difficult in the harsh African bush. The glaring sun may cause blindness and skin problems."

However, he told BBC News that there might be a ray of hope for the pink calf as it already seemed to be learning to adapt to its condition.

I have learned that elephants are highly adaptable, intelligent and masters of survival
Dr Mike Chase, Elephants Without Borders

Dr Chase explained: "Because this elephant calf was sighted in the Okavango Delta, he may have a greater chance of survival. He can seek refuge under the large trees and cake himself in a thick mud, which will protect him from the Sun.

"Already the two-to-three-month-old calf seems to be walking in the shade of its mother.

"This behaviour suggests it is aware of its susceptibility to the harsh African sun, and adapted a unique behaviour to improve its chances of survival."

He added: "I have learned that elephants are highly adaptable, intelligent and masters of survival."

Ok- Everything I said about PINKIE the fish, applies to ROSY the Ephelant [daddy get over your ephalant thing already!] Yes I have named this baby, ROSY and it shall be protected and loved and cherished under my auspices as PINKIE is. Hands off, paws off, etc, you know the drill!
Hey, you geniuses you do the Hawaiian Tropics ads, and waste sooo much $$$ on vapid 4leggeds, how about sponsoring a help mission so Rosy is protected from the harsh sun in Botswana???? I mean if your product actually works....

I have spoken
all PINK beings, things, etc shall be forever MINE


PS, I did send Hawaiian Tropics an e mail....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just a reminder for all TBFR Bash invitees:

The Bichon Bash is coming .......APRIL 18TH, 2009. 1PM TO 5 PM, at
White Dog Cottage. Bring a dish to share, a lawn chair for everyone in your party and a white fluffy dog!! [Oh oh "a" dog??? Sorry JD and Wendy, you stay home! hahahahahahaha]

Those coming a long way: there is the Days Inn and the Best Western Motels on Holland Road, Route 58 not far from us....both are dog friendly. Make your reservations now as it will be spring break for some folks.

Make sure your dog is looking his/her best as there is an opportunity to have a pet portrait taken by Carolyn Fite of Pet Portrait Express.
Special package rate of $34.95!

Pet PEEVES: "air petting"

Nice 2leggeds DO NOT air pet. Period. End.

"Air petting" is the cruel practice of pretending to pet a lovable pooch (for example, me) while never actually making contact with the pup. 2leggeds go through the motion of petting, they just do it several inches above actual fur. It drives me crazy!

Like "air kisses," air pets reek of insincerity and must to be avoided in polite company. Honestly. If you cannot bring yourself to touch me, pretending is just not good enough. It is downright insulting. I am supposed to sit there and pretend to enjoy your "air petting"? Just stop it.

You know who you are. Don't make me out you. I will, you know. It is that offensive to me.

I am soft, I am clean, I smell like a cupcake, so what is your issue? Power play? Really? You are that desperate?

Peeved, miffed and muffed

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This one is for Auntie ROBIN

Dddddddieeeeet Fooooood.....

They [2leggeds] are exercising, so I am trying this diet thing, you know in support of...

If I turn orange somebody is going to be in trouble!

rabbit me

Saturday, March 21, 2009

OYSTER POINT a perfect day part 2

Ohh I love this place. Shaking my head.

Had to. Momma messed up my halo!

Why do we have to stand still if you are walking ahead of us momma?
Poor daddy having all 3 of us.

Put the camera down, you are harshing our buzz!

Sniff... ohhh I smell something good!
Follow me!

Cappuccino!!!!!!! I knew I smelled foam and... food... and can we please
get a table????

Wendy is kissing me! She is happy too.

I love this place.

Better than Paris, 'cause I am here now.


OYSTER POINT a perfect day part 1

The setting: Beautiful
The day: Perfect
The daddy: Wonderful
The Momma: [aside from the camera] Nice!

Oyster Point is pretty, but...

I did not see any OYSTERS!

Hey sniff this!

ME First!!! Me first!!!!

You know I think I smell it too...Curiosity only killed the cat. What's up there???

Nice view!

Hey, where are you going?????

Friday, March 20, 2009

Momma gets "GROOMED"

I stopped trying to understand some aspects of human behavior a long time ago... But, I just can't get over this one particular thingie.... My momma is excited because she is going to the hairdresser today. My fellow 4leggeds... the hairdresser is basically a groomer for humans. Who, in their right mind is excited about going to the groomer???? Honestly?

I need to find momma a new hobby. Or maybe she needs to get involved in something really fun. If I could just talk her into doing a blitz. Nothing makes me happier than doing a Bichon blitz. Fine. JD is pestering me. He prefers I use the more "acceptable" descriptive for it. "The BUZZ". Really.
Either way, nothing brings a new curl to your tail like a fast run around the house.

Or maybe, I need to get her to roll around on her back on good thick grass. Oh, I know, maybe she needs to have a good belly rub. That makes me really happy! I just can't see the fun in getting groomed.

Unless. Hmm. Could it be that human grooming is way different than what we 4 leggeds get? Could it be? They get their hair washed.... so do we... They get their hair blow dried... so do we... they get sprayed... we gets sprayed. They get their nails done... so do we...
No. They way I see it it is substantially the same. So, in what universe is that FUN?

I give up.
I just hope she has a grand time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

HEROs worship

I am in love!!!!! Ok. Love... mhh maybe more like a bad case of hero worship. Yes, That is it. Hero worship, pure, simple, unadulterated hero worship.

With whom? :) I thought you would never ask. With Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, P.C., Simon B. Paris, Esq. Loraine Miscavage and Heather Sullivan.

Guysssss YOU ARE MY HEROS! {I am blushing} You get it. Suffering is the same. For 2 leggeds and for 4 leggeds, Suffering is NOT species specific. It is always intolerable.

Thank you. Keep it up. If I could I would give you something stupid like that Nobel thing because you 2 leggeds really seem to like that. But, I have no access to that, so I am limited to gladly share my chewies and toys with you. You prove there is nobility in man.

Please tell the jury that HUNTE and Petland need to be out of business NOW and next... can you guys focus on those Amish puppy millers who are so fond of debarking and abusing us????

lucky to be rescued

P.S, I come from a family of lawyers and they LOVED your RICO approach!
So, who is this Rico????

WHEN is enough ENOUGH???

Petland Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Peddling Unhealthy Puppy Mill
Dogs in at Least 20 States

March 17, 2009

PHOENIX — Members of The Humane Society of the United States and other consumers filed a class action lawsuit alleging that
Petland, Inc. and the Hunte Corporation are conspiring to sell unhealthy puppy mill puppies to unsuspecting consumers in numerous states. Petland is the nation's largest chain of pet stores that sells puppy mill dogs and Hunte is one of the country's largest distributors of factory-produced puppies.
The lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Phoenix late Monday, alleges that Petland and Hunte violated federal law and numerous state consumer protection laws by misleading thousands of consumers across the country into believing that the puppies sold in Petland stores are healthy and come from high-quality breeders. Many of the puppies sold by Petland come either directly from puppy mills or puppy brokers such as Hunte, which operates as a middleman between the mills and Petland's retail stores.

"Unscrupulous dog dealers like Petland and Hunte reap massive profits by pushing unhealthy puppies on well-intentioned dog-lovers who would never knowingly buy a puppy mill dog," said Jonathan Lovvorn, vice president & chief counsel for Animal Protection Litigation at The HSUS. "Families often bear the great expense of veterinary treatment for sick and unhealthy dogs, or the terrible anguish of losing a beloved family pet.
This industry has been systematically lying to consumers for years about the source of the dogs they sell, and it's long past time for a reckoning.."

The class action lawsuit is the result of many months of investigative and legal research, and comes after an eight-month investigation into Petland stores by The HSUS (http://www.hsus.org/pets/pets_related_news_and_events/petland_puppy_mill_112008.html <http://www.hsus.org/pets/pets_related_news_and_events/petland_puppy_mill_112008.html>;) that demonstrated a direct link between multiple Petland stores and unscrupulous puppy mills. Numerous other reports have also surfaced of Petland's allegedly deceptive sales practices, including the marketing and sale of puppies with life-threatening genetic defects and highly contagious parasitic and viral infections.

The 34-page complaint includes numerous examples of sick or dying puppies that Petland sold, including:
* Mainerd, a Boston terrier, was diagnosed with a congenital spinal condition. Some of her vertebrae have not formed completely while others have fused together causing tissue to grow underneath along with possible nerve damage. Mainerd is now receiving steroid treatments for her ailments and may require expensive surgery. * Minchy, a miniature pinscher, was sold by Petland at 10 weeks old. He was immediately diagnosed with coccidian, an intestinal parasite that causes diarrhea and weight loss. Minchy was also diagnosed with an inherited disorder, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which will ultimately lead to permanent blindness.
* Tucker was sold at 4 months old. The bloodhound puppy experienced severe separation anxiety and various health problems before developing orbital cancer at only 7 months of age.
* Patrick, a Pomeranian puppy, was sold at three months old. He suffered from diarrhea and vomiting shortly after arriving at his new home. At 11 months old, Patrick was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, dual luxating
patellas, which will require expensive surgery on both of his knees to correct.
Puppy mills are mass breeding operations where the health of dogs is disregarded in order to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.
The dogs are often kept in wire cages, stacked on top of each other, with no exercise, socialization, veterinary care, or loving human interaction. They are treated not like family pets, but like a cash crop. Petland denies it supports these substandard breeding facilities, and claims to follow "Humane Care Guidelines" developed in conjunction with the USDA. However, USDA recently informed HSUS in writing that it has no record of any such guidelines.

The class plaintiffs are being represented in the case by Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, PC; Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, LLC; Garen Meguerian, Esq. and lawyers in The HSUS's Animal Protection Litigation section. The suit requests a jury trial on behalf of the consumer class plaintiffs, and seeks reimbursement of the puppies' purchase price along with compensation for all related monetary damages
for the class members.

To learn more about puppy mills, visit humanesociety.org/stoppuppymills.

reprinted in full.

So I have been LAZYYYYYYYY

Look, I have spring feva.` Yes, feva`. All I want to do is be outside and sniff and sniff. Wendy, on the other paw...
Miss sit and stare.
What's the fascination with that?
Looking at momma snip dead plants brings me no joy.

But... point me to a pile of branches or leaves or dead plants and you have my attention. Unless. Unless that stupid squirrel makes his yard tour once again.....

going after the squirrelllllll, ciao

on the move

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DC escapades

I am back. DC was lovely. Wet, but lovely. No pics guys, too much water everywhere!!!

Many many thanks to Dowi who actually did organize a crew of petters-my peeps. No thanks to interloper JD who is constantly cutting in. Loved the human toys with law degrees. They were all so sweet! Can I get one of those crews full time???

My brother Adam. It was nice seeing you, but as I did not get to nap on you, I am holding you liable for the fulfillment of that promise on your next visit. With interest of course... Say... belly rubbing while I fall asleep?

To the man who offered momma 50 bucks to buy me...."ARE YOU CRAZY?" If not crazy you must be stupid. I take exception to the concept of "buying me" as if I were an object. I am a member of my family. You do not buy other people's family! And I take further exception at the offer of fifty bucks! Are you insane? Have you seen me? You think cute like this grows on trees?
Fifty bucks does not even cover my grooming, or my chewies or my sparkly collars! And hint... if a girl is wearing a CK collar, fifty bucks is NOT even in the ballpark! DUH.

Ugh, that whole exchange was insulting. Momma told him my price was ten million dollars! She reassured me that in no way possible that guy could scrape together even one million. Just the same, for the record America, I AM PRICELESS and stop trying to buy me for fifty bucks! I had nightmares about that last night.

On a happier note, I discovered gyros. Yum. And the smart water momma got me was yummy.
It was actually tasty water.

Oh... and Dowi got momma cappuccino and you know what that means... FOAMMMM for me!
I had fun. Today seems entirely too quiet.

Oh yes. Grapevine informs me that White Cottage now has a new resident... a BLACK dog. Uhmm. I must meet him. I must sniff him. I assume he will be at the Bash? Fab. I look forward to introducing him to fantastic Bichoness... MOI.

xoxo to my new buds

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recession HITS bidding war!

Hmmmmmm. I have heard whispers. Murmurs. Hushed conversation which involved a lot of eye movement. No offers. Well. So it goes. I had gotten a hold of some goodies to share with the winner of the bidding war. Stuff that some people might like even... moi, seafood lasagna with home made noodles is not on my choice list. Stuff like olive bread. Again, not my theng.
Lamb filled buns... now that I would share....
But I had procured said items for the bidding war winner... NOT myself. I am totally unselfish... But in the absence of bids, I suppose that my one day visit to DC could have me delivering seafood lasagna, olive bread, CB, and assorted goodies to some other person who appreciates me. Ehmmmm. Someone who actually deserves me.... someone who is aching for puppy loving.... MR Pres I am coming!

You can still make offers until 3:00 Pm tomorrow... I am just saying. A girl can't wait forever.