Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BY ROYAL DECREE: The pink fishie is MINE

The Pink fishie is MINE!!!

Look, it is not often... okkk maybe it is not always would be more accurate... that I am truly possessive and unwilling to share. But on this point, I am not budging.

I have Peggy Piggy.... and she is pink. And I have Bunny Fru Fru... and he is pink... and I have a pink Mr Kaboing, I have a pink Effie the ephalant, I even have a pink Mouse, a pink panther... a pink pillow and blankie ... do you see the theme???? Clearly, for sure, you can understand that the PINK FISHIE IS MINE!!!

Now, hands off. I want it to grow up big and strong. And don't any of you get any funny ideas to turn him into another "hamfish" on the grill. [note from momma.... hamfish would be... salmon as seen by Silvie and she loves grilled hamfish....]

This pink fishie shall be called...Pinky and it shall be my ambassador of good will an hope. And it shall be free to roam the seas and bring joy and wonder to one and all. I so decree. And it shall be protected and loved. Do you hear me world????


I have spoken and it shall be so


Honeygo Beasley said...

Ms. Chloe here again - and I must say, you have good taste in Dolphins. Wouldn't it be nice to ride on its back for a spirt? But Dolphins must be free to roam the sea. Maybe that pink beauty will be a parent to more pinkies? Or could it be an albino dolphin?

silvieon4 said...

Red eyes, so yes probably an albino, but how cute is it, right?