Saturday, March 7, 2009

Silvie con QUESO

Once upon a lovely sunrise
Awoke a pup who wanted cheese fries

She stretched and yawned and curled her toes
Then rolled and scratched and twitched her nose

"Lamb? again mom?" she stomped her feet,
"Cant we try a different treat?"

Nails clicking and clacking on the hardwood floor
Silvie danced near potatoes mom got at the store

"Fried to a crisp and covered in cheese,
Then topped with scallions, oh mama please!"

"Silvie, cheese fries are not healthy. At all. They have too much fat and sodium for a little puppy. You need vitamins and protein if you're going to grow properly. Plus, I don't even think you can digest all that dairy. You know, there is a reason everybody calls you 'Stinky'. Now, I'd be happy to cut up some carrots for you. Or how about some yummy green beans? You really need to start eating more yogurt. It's good for you."

Then, in a wrinkle, her little nose was able
To lead her around to the head of the table

And as soon as she got there, she widened her eyes
because there with her daddy was a plate of cheese fries!

"Could I taste just a nibble?" she practically sighed,

Tilting her floppy-eared head to the side.

Did it succeed or was it a failure?
Silvie would like to tell you but her belly is too full of cheese fries to continue this rhyming thing.

So. very. full.

and happy,


bichonpawz said...

And. SO. Super. Cute! Good for you Silvieon4!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Silvie, you're making us hungry! My momma has been craving cheese for weeks...

So this post will drive her crazy.

Me? Well, I try to stay away from the stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi Silvie,
I really like your blog. It's about time someone stood up for the canine portion of the population! Go Girl!

Just warning you: Auntie Robin was reading about those cheese fries and I heard her yell: "STEWART!"
I figure someone's in trouble....

You are right, Auntie Robin can be a real kill joy. Would you believe that she had Uncle Jack removed all the bolt covers from all of the toilets here at White Dog Cottage? She caught me stealing them again after she had put them back on after my first little sneakfest and she said she is afraid that I might choke on them. HAH!

Got to run, Silvie. We have 2 new girls here from a puppy mill bust and I have been showing them the ropes...(sigh)too bad those bolt covers are gone....

Hugs from
Chloe Louise
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA

silvieon4 said...

Toilet bolt covers... Mhhh never thought of those. But I have to be nice, I just got 2 new stuffed animals and they have to be desqueaked ASAP....