Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recession HITS bidding war!

Hmmmmmm. I have heard whispers. Murmurs. Hushed conversation which involved a lot of eye movement. No offers. Well. So it goes. I had gotten a hold of some goodies to share with the winner of the bidding war. Stuff that some people might like even... moi, seafood lasagna with home made noodles is not on my choice list. Stuff like olive bread. Again, not my theng.
Lamb filled buns... now that I would share....
But I had procured said items for the bidding war winner... NOT myself. I am totally unselfish... But in the absence of bids, I suppose that my one day visit to DC could have me delivering seafood lasagna, olive bread, CB, and assorted goodies to some other person who appreciates me. Ehmmmm. Someone who actually deserves me.... someone who is aching for puppy loving.... MR Pres I am coming!

You can still make offers until 3:00 Pm tomorrow... I am just saying. A girl can't wait forever.



Anonymous said...

You can fall asleep on my face! That's your favorite! AND THEN I CAN BITE YOUR NOSIE! HO HO HO!

And then I PFFT! And give you FIVE PINCHES! And then more snuggling, and you sleep some more on my face.


Anonymous said...

My dearest Silvie,

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to respond; I've been busy preparing for your arrival. Teams of petters don't organize themselves you know!

"Adam" (if that is his real name) offers you comfortable sleeping arrangements - and that's nice and fine and all... But Silvie, I offer you toys. Many many toys. Toys that squeak, toys that bark, human toys with legal degrees. Who wants to sleep when you have all those toys? It's time to PLAY!!!

Oh Silvie, can you pass along a message to Silvieon2 for me? Tell that I love her very much, but I'll love her even more if she's holding a seafood lasagna.

I live in a house built of chewies,

silvieon4 said...

Things are looking up... petters, a place for a comfy nap... perhaps... perhaps I can talk daddy into doing both visits? L'utile e il dilettevole... for those of you who don't speak Italian... Utile... the useful and dilettevole... the desirable... I will need a nap after getting all petted out and played out.

See ya' both and Dowi, that apartment of yours is NOT made out of chewies! But I forgive you, you better deliver on the petters though.

Oh yuh, Adam, you bite my node and I am gone. Get it?

Honeygo Beasley said...

Glad to see the bidding wars are in full swing.