Monday, March 9, 2009

PAWsitive thinking

The power of PAwsitive thinking is one of the most underutilized resource. It saddens me to think that many 4leggeds have forgotten how powerful PAWsitive thinking is.

Try this. The next time your 2legged is contemplating his/her attack on a large plate of something, sit by, quietly. Look at them directly in the eyes and exercise the power. Think PAWsitively. Think"I too need a snack". While you might not get something off that plate, I am sure you will get something. Maybe just an ice cube, maybe just piece of apple, or a carrot [least fulfillment.... if you ask me] but something. That is how PAWsitive thinking works. You cannot go into it with full expectations. That negates the PAWsitivity.

You have to go into it with an open mind.

You never know what wonderful surprise will come your way when you do not limit your expectation.

PAWsitive thinking will get you a great belly rub when you thought you were just going to keep company. It will get you a tall cappuccino foam, when you thought you were going to get just a lick.
It will get you all kissed up when you thought you were just going to get a pat on the head.


I am going to PAWsitive think my way from a snuggle to ???? Something good!

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Honeygo Beasley said...

Best post, Silvie! Chloe Honeygo Beasley here. Love this post about the power of PAWsitive thinking. I am doing it now ... "It's so sunny out. We're going for a walk right now!!!"

(Looks like the 2legged creature is putting sneakers on. Gotta run. Catch you on the flip side!)

Have a great day, Silive and all your pals.