Thursday, March 19, 2009

HEROs worship

I am in love!!!!! Ok. Love... mhh maybe more like a bad case of hero worship. Yes, That is it. Hero worship, pure, simple, unadulterated hero worship.

With whom? :) I thought you would never ask. With Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, P.C., Simon B. Paris, Esq. Loraine Miscavage and Heather Sullivan.

Guysssss YOU ARE MY HEROS! {I am blushing} You get it. Suffering is the same. For 2 leggeds and for 4 leggeds, Suffering is NOT species specific. It is always intolerable.

Thank you. Keep it up. If I could I would give you something stupid like that Nobel thing because you 2 leggeds really seem to like that. But, I have no access to that, so I am limited to gladly share my chewies and toys with you. You prove there is nobility in man.

Please tell the jury that HUNTE and Petland need to be out of business NOW and next... can you guys focus on those Amish puppy millers who are so fond of debarking and abusing us????

lucky to be rescued

P.S, I come from a family of lawyers and they LOVED your RICO approach!
So, who is this Rico????

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