Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SPRING has sprung!

It is official! Mr and Mrs Duckie have arrived and they have taken over the pool cover and the side yard.It happens every year. I think they think this is their spring home. Where do they go the rest of the time? JD, Wendy and I have been staring at them from the French door in complete silence. No need to bark. We know these ducks! It is actually nice to see them back.

Still. I bet they would be delicious. What? It is just a thought. No. I am not going to eat them. I like my duck cooked. They are raw, and all feathery. Not the way I like duck. Anyway.... spring has sprung!!!!

Mommaaaa put the cushions out, already!

Watching ducks


Unknown said...

How lovely! I vaguely remember spring, but we've still got snow out here. But that's OK, 'cause I love snow (Momma, on the other hand, definitely does not!). Hope to see ducks here soon.

Terry in Calgary, Alberta

silvieon4 said...

You know, I have seen snow. It is cold and wet and sometimes crunchy. My momma calls it the "white yuck" and she used to live in Ohio so you know she knows snow... She tried to put booties on me to walk on snow. Ick. Thank God it melted and that whole experience is just a memory. Momma talks about losing one of her bichons in the deep snow and not finding him until he jumped up. Sending you some sun and some ducks, and maybe you could take the squirrels too?

Unknown said...

LOL We already have lots of squirrels, thanks. I love snow - I love running in it and eating it, but only when it's fresh. There are times when it gets so cold it's hard to walk on - Momma would like to get me some booties but gave up finally, thank goodness! - and at those times, I think fondly of ducks. And sun. Enjoy!