Friday, March 6, 2009

I would rather be BAREFOOT in the park!

It was inevitable. It was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time. I always feared something like this.... and now it has happened...
I am afraid I will be losing momma to another website. Ick.
I rarely talk about momma's shoe addiction. After all, it is my firm belief that shoes are the "consolation" price for only having 2 legs. Maybe because she says she has short legs, but the woman does have big shoe issues. Not talking out of school here, but she has a "shoe bible". Honest. It is a picture book of her shoes with itty bitty pics and descriptions of the shoes. She takes the "shoe bible" with her when she shops for shoes. Otherwise she might buy duplicates... or something. She has shoes that she puts on only when she needs to feel better... and she has them in pretty matching boxes with pictures of the shoes. A whole huge wall of shoes... Nobody is sure how many pairs. She would rather tell you her age or weight than the truth about the numbers of shoes. But I have seen them. I just have blocked it out of my mind.
Now with this web site... I wonder if we will ever see her again. I wonder if she will even know we are here. Sigh. I am worried. Maybe we could do a family intervention. Does Dr Drew do shoe addictions? Maybe the only way to snap her out of it is to give her belly rubs. They work for me.
I have to do something... Any suggestions??? I can live with D&B and LV and Prada, but.. Manolo and Spiga just have no place in my heart.

me telling the Wendy.... "get comfy, this is going to take a looooong time... she is in her shoe closet"

victim of another addict

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