Saturday, July 30, 2011



Remember Pinocchio?
I told Pinocchio a dirty joke and Pinocchio turned red! 
You want to know the joke? Ok,
"the pig fell into the mud!"
Excuuuuuuse moi. what do you expect? 
I am four years old!
Sad truth is... momma ate PInocchio. But she said she was only helping it fulfill its destiny.

Bichons don't ripen or anything do they?


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Kirbiethedorkie kindly nominated us for the Verisatile Blogger award. The rules for accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are to share seven facts about ourselves and then pass the award on to fifteen new, or newly discovered, bloggers. Oh course we thank Kirbie and wanted to properly do a post as,  I am obligated to honor the rules for accepting said award, so, here goes my compliance. What don't you already know about me? After more than 2000 posts... there is very little left to discover. But here is my best try.

1.  When I adopted my two legged family, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had met them, I knew right away I liked them, [what's not to like, I got kissed and belly rubbed like it was their job!], but I had no idea that my new family is the embodiment of multi-culturalism. My momma was born in Africa, but momma's family is Italian and my daddy  was born in Ohio, but my daddy's family comes from Latvia.Within the first week I got exposed to so many different foods and smells and traditions that I was constantly asking JD and Wendy "what is it?".  JD knew everything, Wendy had no idea. She just kept telling me "Wait until she makes soup". Wendy loves soup. Soup is universal. 

2.  I bonded to Wendy right away because we both had been at White Dog Cottage as residents. JD had only been there as a visitor, but he really gets mad if you tell him he is not a TBFR alumnae.

3.  I quickly discovered that before us, another Bichon named Kody lived with my family. His picture is on the coffee table and there is a set of pictures of him in the Florida room. When momma talks about him her eyes leak big time. I kind of wish I had met him. Momma tells us that Kody was a gentleman, sweet, kind and loving.  I wonder how she can miss him when the three of us are around, but she says she misses him.

4.  I love to fall asleep to the sound of instrumental guitar, like this
add a belly rub at the same time and that is perfection!

5.  I absolutely HATE going to the vet and I shake like a leaf and grip momma and try to leave at every opportunity. I love my vet. It's not him... it's his job I hate. Kisses to Dr. K.

6.  I am addicted to Marmite. Seriously. It is delicious. I want my own jar for my birthday. I want to lick it out of the jar.

7.  I hate cigarettes, and I hate the smell of smoke. When we had the two bee hives "relocated"
from the gazebo, the smoke was nasty and I refused to go outdoors for a few days. BUT I love smoked fish and smoked cheese.

Now for my 15 picks for Versatile blogger:

1 .
2 .
3 .

And there you have it!. Having fully complied, I formally and gratefully accept the Versatile Blogger Award!

'vie... versatile 'vie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out of the tart


Get large dessert plate, spoon, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, peanuts... and more caramel.  What do you mean why?

Somebody has to taste that thing, and all that stuff is what daddy puts on top of it before he eats it.  Daddy is not here.  I humbly offer myself as taste taster. It is a position full of hazards, but ... I am offering... because that's how I am, unselfish to a fault.  DOG forbid someone should die from eating an untested thing.

This whole line works very well when daddy delivers it. Awe. Too far? Nobody has ever died from anything you have made...

Ouch. She takes things so personally... Ok momma, I will be upstairs if you change your mind...

ILY momma

note to self... never combine the word death and momma's food.  Hope she takes her meds, they make her forget stuff really fast....

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she is cooking!

Momma is having a good day. Now if she would just make something I love to eat...
What's in the oven? Corned beef???? Ahhhhhhh that's what I want to hear, meanwhile...


The Wendy hears thunder

First that worried look. Then the search for a "safe place" like under the couch or in daddy's closet or anywhere where she can't see or hear the storm. And she gets the shakes, sometimes. Boy, do I work super hard calming down that girl! Momma tried for a long time to calm down the Wendy, but her dog language is rudimentary, she lacks the idioms and the dialect that shortcut four legged language. Folks, I have taught her the rudimentary pant pant huff, but...beyond that, it's a struggle. Chalk it up to "human limitations". They can't hear as well, so when they talk dog... they "chew up" entire barks and the sounds are all muffled and sort of underwater sounding. You do what you can, but... beyond that it seems beyond reach,  at least until that universal translator is ready.  Get on that STAT.

In any case, the trick to calming "The Wendy" is to engage her in some esoteric argument about something she cares about. One of Wendy's hot buttons is irresponsible back yard breeders. Wendy thinks back to her life before rescue and her fear is washed away by her anger at how things were. To her credit, she does not dwell on what was. But she does rage about what should be. Momma, you have rubbed off on the Wendy, BIG TIME! Esoteric argument for this storm: what do you think should be done about with backyard breeders? Well, her answer is obviously colored by her own experience: they should be tied to a tree with a big chain and left there day and night in the sun, in the rain, in the rot. Let the fleas and mosquitoes feast on them. OK.

By the time the Wendy is done raging out, I will have licked her face, agreed with her nearly a zillion time, and gently, slowly, I will have steered the conversation to the delectable din din we got  last night and how it is genius to de-glaze the pan by adding carrots which generally are...ehh blahh ...and turn them into chicken glazed yummy bites. Genius.Wendy LOVES chicken and chicken flavored anything.

Now you have hot button no.1.  Food. Oh, you didn't know? Oh yuh, The Wendy is a gourmand. That booty of hers is not an accidental homage to K. Kardashian, it is earned. By the time she is done describing the gustatory attributes of home cuisine, the storm is over and we are all looking for a nosh. I am like a headshrinker or something! I am! And, I do feel I deserve some sort of treat as pay for my work.

By the way, the last time momma tried to dog "speak" she succeeded in saying "poop poop poop". Of course we girls still laugh about it! JD thinks we taught her poop on purpose and he was not thrilled. But, come on, I am just waiting for the next time momma is frustrated enough to try dog talk again and her "poop poop poop" is uttered, I bet even JD will laugh.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kip gets a 55MPH!

Notice the pose? The form? Check out the one leg stretch for balance, amazing. When was the last time you managed to get a drink in a moving vehicle and managed NOt to get water up your nose?

But when a guy is thirsty... a guy is thirsty! They really do need to start making doggy cupholders, after are why should we , four leggeds NOT ride in style?

You can read about Kip here:
and here:
and here:

BTW, Kip, cool harness!


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Monday, July 25, 2011

White Hat Society v White Coat Society

Where is the food?  All this time I was jealous of the food. I see no food.Soup?
 What kind?  Miso does not count as soup. It's really salty water.

Ok , so they are having fun... or faking a good laugh. I see no food.
Look at my momma rocking that OVERSTATEMENT  hat with all the black plumage and fussy bits!

Auntie Robin ... and Uncle Bob... what's the  joke?

Well, they "look" like they were having fun.... BUT, back at the ranch---- no I don't live in a ranch, it's just an expression- this is what REAL fun looks like:


No props  hats, just fab white coat.



I am queen of his universe. Can you tell?
That is FUN.

nose to nose

Had a small tiff with Ms The Wendy Pohh. No worries, it's all resolved now. The point of this picture is that in the past, I would have backed down immediately. But I am FOUR and these days I don't back down, even when we go nose to nose, which happens to look like this....

PS. I ended up licking up her face, 'cause I do really love her.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrate, Dance! Dance of Joy!!!!

"Yesterday, Libby was adopted by her foster mom, JoAnne of Chesapeake, VA. 
Libby, the puppy mill breeding female is emotionally scarred but through MUCH love and patience,
JoAnne has helped her progress one baby step at a time! Congratulations!

Freddie, trained and handled by his dad Carl Hall of Chesapeake, VA, has become a certified therapy dog! Pictures, Carl! We want pictures!! "

This happy announcement came from auntie Robin.  Now, that's a fantastic way to start the new week!  So, GET UP, grab someone, or go stand in front of a mirror and do it!  DANCE!  Do it with joy, do it with abandonment, do it like nobody is looking, 'cause you know what?  NOBODY IS looking!!!! JUST celebrate!   And since you just burned off a few extra calories, go ahead, have pancakes for breakfast!  Just dance your way to that breakfast table!

Now for my wedge of reality... Had it not been for TBFR  Freddie would be a blind little dog with not much of a future. Juvenile cataracts had robbed him of his sight. So, a few bake sales here, a few bake sales there [thank you Dr. Klemm for the use of your parking lot],  a few donations here, a few donations there,  and lots of hard work from some absolutely wonderful people, and Freddie had surgery. It took a few surgeries, and now, Freddie has become a certified therapy dog.
Congrats Freddie, was uncle Carl hard to train?

Don't you hear it, in the back of your head?  That little voice that says, give every dog a chance, look what they can do. You should be hearing that voice and it should be followed by a whole chorus of voices!!!  RESCUE ROCKS!!!!!


waltz me into the kitchen momma.... dip keep those knees, stay with the rise and fall... come on...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

if the sky is dimmer tonight...

it's because we lost a bright star. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse. Your incredible voice fills the emptiness you leave behind. Just sad, just very sad.


Friday, July 22, 2011

watching and listening and the politics of life on TV

OMD can these people talk! I have no idea what ceiling should be raised, but hey we have a raised ceiling in the family room, and it's really high and it's great! Blah blah Blah.... bring back the weird dude that eats funky stuff, I like him better than these people. Zimmerman, that dude. He makes me look and feel normal when I sample duck poop ... More talk....


In case you forgot

Pet Health Center: Animal Rx: 11 Ways Pets Make You Healthy
A pet gets you moving, makes you laugh more, and improves your health.

So, if you don't have a pet, what are you waiting for?  Look, the best thing you can do for yourself is to go and apply to become a pawrent to a rescue 4 legged.

It is really a win -win because like I have been saying forever and one day....WHEN YOU RESCUE, THE LIFE YOU SAVE MIGHT VERY WELL BE  YOUR OWN.

:)    Good morning ya'll


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazz hands jazz hands jazz hands jazz hand..... slide, jazz hands  spirit fingers, twirllllllllllllllll jazz hands.... chasse`.... JOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  Nicky and Maggie May have defeated the odds!  This wonderfully bonded pair found their forever  home TOGETHER!!!!
Single rotation, double split leap [I do have 4 legs!], Chasseeee....

Roomer is, their new family is wonderful and not that I gossip an all that [of course I do!] but I know Auntie Robin and she would not let one of our Bichons just go anywhere.... Auntie Robin, I am proud of you. You held out for a home that would take this bonded duo and you got it.  Being split apart from your best friend  would dim any adoption.

 Well, xoxoxox to Nicky and Maggie May and ...letting the cat out of the bag.... we will see you at the October BASH!!!!  Big slide...................Fosse is doing standing ovations in his grave at my jazz routine!!!!

SOOOOOOO EXCITED for you and your new family, Stay in touch!!


ps. Maybe I should make a Dance DVD...hmmmm

ON my SOAP box


Good morning universe, I am on my soap box. Yup. I  was so anxious to deliver my message that I decided to postpone breakfast until after this ...lecture.  Yes, let's call it that.  Lecture.
Now, you know that one of my favorite things to do is to read. While it brings me hours of pleasure, occasionally it also brings me some pain, some embarrassment and sometimes it just makes me mad. Case in point.  An insurance company has compiled and published a list of what they call "popular WACKY pet names".  I read these and some left me with the same question that played like the chorus of a Justin Bieber song in my head ... all night. And that's why I am here on the soap box.

Tell me, what is the process that two legged engage in when they name a pet?  Keep in mind  a couple of factors: 1. this pet is supposedly becoming a member of the family.
                               2. That pet is stuck with that name  for life.

So, and here comes the refrain... "WHY????WHY??? WHY???" would anyone name their dog "Beanfart"?  I mean when you name him that,  do you ever plan on taking him outside the house? And if you do,  take him out, do you ever plan on calling out his name? 

"WHY????WHY??? WHY???"  Why would you name your small dog  "Almost-A-Dog"? Are you trying to embed every feeling of inadequacy you can in the poor guy? What if your mother had named you "Small everywhere"?
Sir Seamus McPoop... Really?  I am not going to list out each horrid choice. But I am going to set out some guidelines as to the thought process you should engage in when naming your beloved pet. 

1. Realize that your pet's name is a reflection of YOU.  When people hear your pet's name they immediately evaluate who and what you are. Soooo. Wacky is not a good image. 

2. Be mature enough not to include in the name you choose for your pet any bodily functions or specific body parts.  Again, how would you have coped if your mother had  named you "Drippysnot"?

3. "Cuteness" should have boundaries. A name should be more than an complementary expression.  "Sugartush"....crosses the cuteness boundary.

4. Look at your pet. Why did you choose that pet. Think about that and the name you give your pet should incorporate the feelings that governed your choice. 

5. You should give your pet a name that they can be proud of for their entire life. Please don't  saddle your pet with a name that is a one word joke from a movie, TV show and such. 

6. Yes you can express intellectual creativity when naming your pet, just make sure it is not a puerile expression.

7. Finally, ask yourself, if someone named you that name, would you be happy with it?

Deep breath. Hopefully this lecture will actually have some impact.  Otherwise, your pet's name migt make it on the "wacky" list and become yet another expression of bad taste that some two leggeds find funny...
My breakfast is calling me and my tummy is growling.  I have spoken my peace.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That ham is NEVER coming down, PANTRY SENTRY is back on couch duty.

Ohhh this is a new lipstick? It tastes delicious.  [then she puts me down to go wash her face and I am  finally freeeeeeeeeeee]

Did Thumbolina finally accept my invitation for coffee and tea?

Just gimme the knobby bits.  I like those.  Dab them in butter,  what do you mean they are not diet friendly?  Why should  I care about their relationship issues?

Doorbell- Somebody get that. I am NOT going, that's not my job!  Tell me if the package is for me, if it is, can you bring it here?

I don't need to add anything to these two pictures right?  Get the message?

Look, behind you! Shiny thing! Go get the shiny thing.... It's called PRIVACY.... now go.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Soooo, recently the momma has been in contact with her best friend from kindergarten! I know. Talk about ancient history right? They have been talking on Face Book and momma's friend published some pictures of them as puppies children.
Now, check out this picture above, my momma is in the middle, and her best friend is Danila on the left. Ok, now for the weird part. Momma loved her friend so much, that when she got a sister, she named her after her best friend.  Precedent having been set, if momma brings home another four legged, and it is a girl, I get to name her Wendy because Wendy is my best friend!

So while she was in that melancholy mood, she pulled out some old picture albums. Did you know that they used to print all the pictures on paper?  They did not even have a way to look at them on computer! What? They did not have computers? Are you joking? How did they live? No really, HOW on earth did they live without computers?  Wow... we are really talking old times!

Back to momma's nostalgia.... Check out  this "pose".I call it the " My belly is ok, my dress is pretty and I got a purse" pose.

Hahahahahahahaha!  Her only comment?  " I had a bad director!" And you know what? I believe that she actually thought that even as the photographer  took her picture.  Look at the eyes.  It's that same look she gives when she is about to tell you off...Even as puppy little girl she had it !  Some things just don't change.

And this picture! Momma was three years old. [ I was three last year]  and in this picture momma is giving the photographer the "eyes"... Oh we have all gotten "the eyes".  Back me up Dowi. You have gotten "the eyes" right? Don't fall for "the eyes". You are thinking innocent, you are thinking sweet.  Nahhh Think more... instant guilt inducers.  Look quickly, then avert that stare, before you start feeling guilty for all that is wrong on the word... Is this what you would call Betty Davis eyes?? We just call it "the Look".

Momma?  Are you mad? Don't be, you were a cute puppy! little girl!  I sure JD would have licked your whole face, you know, he loves little girls!


Maybe I should go somewhere  and nap while somebody gets over this post...

Monday, July 18, 2011

The self appointed PANTRY SENTRY

"His self- MR JD- or as I like to call him MR R.PITA [R= royal PITA= pain in the arse] has appointed himself PANTRY SENTRY. He stationed his kitchen observation bed right at the entrance of the pantry. You can't walk in or walk out without his knowledge or consent. This sudden desire to join the working class is quite different from the perpetual couch lounger I have known him to be. I was puzzled at first. I was fascinated by the sudden call into service. I approached him to ask him about it and my nose stopped me. Two good deep sniffs resolved the mystery. The self appointed PANTRY SENTRY was down here when the groceries were unpacked. I am sure his new job has everything to do with a fat, big leg of Virginia ham that is now hanging high above everything in the pantry.

Well Mr PANTRY SENTRY, while I admire your sudden call into service, should I tell you about salt cured ham? Even if, by some magical intervention, that thing were to fall right into your bed, at most you would take one bite because it is saltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... You know what? I am not going to say a word. I like the fact that now you have a job. Hahahahaha.

Hey momma, the PANTRY SENTRY has vacated the couch, your pillows are nice and safe.

Sometimes when momma and I cuddle, and I lay on her,she reads her I Pad. She has lots of cooking magazines on the I-Pad. If I am getting a belly rub while she is reading, occasionally I don't fall asleep right away, so I read whatever she is reading. And that whole article on salt cured ham was interesting. Knowledge is POWER~!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

post grooming

So... I skipped breakfast... I was being a DIVA, and I came back from Blue Heaven totally starved. Lucky for me daddy is home. Unlike lazy momma who puts down the bowl and you are on you are on your own, daddy hand feeds you. Yes,  hand feeds you. I trained him so well.


I am not listening woman, I am hungry and I am eating the misery you pass as food. She has been mixing too many veggies in my bowl [divas don't have to eat those] and she measures the food. ??? Diet??? Who invented that stupid word?  She gave me lamb, a zillion green beans and count them... 4 bow ties pasta. 4! And it's that smart whole wheat.... 4.... that's all I am saying...

Oh, Miss Margie was not bad. like I needed a bath!  

HEY!!!! READ THIS!!! DO IT!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog the Change: Kickstart the Change
I am off to get ritualistically foamed, rinsed, fluffed, buffed, clipped and all around polished.... ick
they call it GROOMING..... I will take a pic, assuming I survive the torture, meanwhile, make your contribution now. Education is the doorway to change. Hey, Subway, Nike Vick... want to "buy " redemption? FUND THIS.... Kolchak don't you think they could easily underwrite the whole project and ACTUALLY make a contribution? I hear Vick likes to Gurgle his
let's try this: VICK VICK VICK take out your checkbook and show us that you want

PS put this blog on your list, Kol is a fab writer, and he sooo cute, really.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I am only the kitchen help....

yea yea, rye bread, but where is the butter, who cares it looks pretty, where is the butter???
Look, you want to impress me, you have to go a long way...Maybe you should try slicing  some corned beef so I can taste it and make sure it's good. You can taste the rye bread.
What do you mean the corned beef is not ready?  I am smelling it all over the place!
I have been working my tush off helping you today. I am the second alarm. I think you should pay me in corned beef. Layers and layers if corned beef! [not gum], Now that's way better than dirty paper.


Brr. Death on a tray. Really they should have separate kitchens for stuff like that. I don't care humans love that caca. What do you call this poison anyway?  Triple threat brownies.
Lovely... it even has a menacing name.... You know, if you make sugar cookies, I can help you taste them....

Ha. I am not  afraid of auntie Robin, she is not even here.

So... when is the corned beef coming out?  When do I get paid?

I need a union rep....


Thursday, July 14, 2011

sedecim MOM

Get this, do you know how two leggeds went all crazy when one of them gave birth to 8 babies? They called her OCTO-mom and it was all over the news, blah blah blah... lick my paw, roll over, yawn.

I know JD, WENDY and I all kind of looked at each other and shrugged it off. I mean... the "big whoop" comment would have fallen on deaf ears anyway.  Well, for some reason I have some old music stuck in my head... maybe you are familiar with the song?  the lyrics are " anything you can do I can do better..."

Maybe it is stuck in my head [which does not need grooming or anything] because of of this story about Milly who came from a litter of 16 and gave birth to 16....

Amazing no? She is a SEDECIM MOM!!!

IT made all the human papers. I checked the local canine news posts... not a word.
You know why? Because it's not that rare! Look at this video:

Want more links to stories like this? There are some that gave birth to 18 puppies... trust me. So... two leggeds... spay and neuter, prevent overpopulation, unlike you, we can seriously reproduce ... because when it comes to all tasks not requiring thumbs, anything, you can do we can do better ... than you.  YES we can.


and the biggest raspberry goes to...

MOMMA! No, I have no want, no need and no desire to go see Miss Margie. [No offense to Miss Margie, she can come and visit any time sans her equipment] And momma calling going to the groomer a "field trip" is so wrong on so many levels I can't even believe you would do that.

I am not talking to you.

And I smell fine, my nails are NOT that long!!! I am leaving now. If anyone wants me I will be unavailable. Get that little woman? No kisses, no belly to rub...

skulking away in silent protest
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have been telling you this for years and years and years and years...

...Wait, yes that's right...4 years.. because that's how old I am. It's just that I am so ahead of that many times do they have to prove me right before non pet owners run out there and apply to adopt a fab rescue so they can save their own lives? Shaking my white curls.

Non c'e piu sordo di chi non vuole sentire Bahhhhh!

....Feather boa and drama...

Rough summer. Too much. Too hot. Yesterday afternoon I went to Micheal's to find a white feather boa. Mine is hot pink. They were completely out. The woman said they had a run on feather boas starting quite early, just about at opening time. Apparently a bunch of women showed up looked for feather boas and crowns. Imagine that, they raided the bridal department. So, I dragged momma to AC Moore. Same story. Then one of the clerks asked if I was not interested in an oscillating fan. For a second I was flattered...[how does she know I have fans?? She must have seen the hit count on the blog? my fans are diehards, but as far as I know they sit still...] than I understood what she was asking. Strange question in this kind of store...
Sitting in the car with the AC blowing at max and still poaching in my own sweat, I contemplated where to go next to get a white feather boa. Honestly, the pink leaves streaks in my beautiful white curls. Not cool.

So I pulled out the i-pad so I could GURGLE white feather boas and locate a dealer. After a bit of frustration I decided to check my FB account. And there, buried in the notifications, was the explanation for the sudden feather boa scarcity.

Amantine! Of course! Amantine Aurore Dupin, who else could launch a national trend like this! Feather Boas, crowns and oscillating fans. I am shocked she did not throw in bicycle pumps just for an extra hoot. So, all over America there are women wearing feather boas, tiaras, and positioning themselves across from oscillating fans and AC, leaving behind empty yoga mats, quiet cappuccino machines, etc etc. and all because " I am wearing a feather boa & tiara-cuz I"m dramatic like that".    
And there I sat in my car, staring at Gurgle and now understanding the futility of my quest. "Will you settle for a dollar store boa, until we find a feather white boa for you?  Asked momma.
I shook my head no. I am 'lergic" to cheap things. They give me the itches. I need the real stuff.

Amantine, you could have given me a heads up.  And here is the saddest truth. I can't fault her.
You know why I want a white feather boa???? Because... I'm dramatic like that."


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To the Cast and Crew of CHUCK

Sorry NBC.
To the lovely folks at CHUCK.  My Monday nights are now free. I am so very sorry that I have to stop watching you and that I will not see your last season. You are talented folks and deserve the widest audience. But. Your corporate sponsor is a douche bag.  Sorry, I could not think of a nicer word.  And now I gag at the site of Subway and everything associated with it.

If you get a new sponsor, please let us know. We will come back.


Madison Avenue.... you are actually funny.... at times


Don't miss it... CRUELTY FREE
                          TESTED ON HUMANS FIRST

Can't you just see that poor college student trying to earn a spare 20 bucks... wonder if he spent it all on eye drops.... I am just wondering,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Cha cha cha..... side step left, cha cha cha..side step right cha cha cha .


Everybody, please, join us into doing the HAPPY DANCE because Miss Tillie, now Lily has found her forever home!!! You know, I needed to get momma to loosen up her rusty hips for this one. I would W40 them myself, but I could not find an oil intake valve.

BUT let's do IT!!!! Cha cha cha.... And to her her new family: "Welcome to the TBFR family." As we are now related, [ I am not kidding about that]  please understand that we hope to see you at the White Hat Luncheons and if you need anything, you should feel free to call any of us . 'cause like I said... WE ARE FAMILY.... oh yea, dance some more.....

CONGRATS Lily, now do your magic and make them completely dependent on you.... xoxoxoxox


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pinocchio Tomato

Momma has been too broken to mess around with her garden.  So... her garden has decided to run amok. The mint has officially taken over and we can actually hear it snicker when momma walks out to the patio, the rosemary is entwined with the lemon verbena and we have no idea what they are really doing. And the tomatoes. Well this one was picked and brought in because apparently it is carrying some sort of message.   I chose to call it Pinocchio, but that's because I am a sweet little girl. Others has expressed differing opinions as to what this tomato's message is. I leave it up to you, the reader to read the message....

If the peppers start carrying messages, I think it's time to get the gardener involved, or a priest  for an exorcism or something...


PS. does anyone have a recipe for a Pinocchio tomato?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The limititations of MONEY

I was half snoozing last night waiting for daddy to come home. I was worried about the drive from DC in rush hour traffic, in the rain. Half of me was literally giddy at the thought of seeing him and the other half of me was worried to death and flogging myself [emotionally that is] for being so selfish that I wanted him home even though I was putting him through the misery of that drive.
Momma must have been going through the same stuff, but her nervous energy is discharged in weird ways. She has this thing where every single appliance we own in engaged in "getting something done". So from the dishwasher, to the washing machine, to the vacuum, everything is going with the TV on the weather channel.   She has to spin herself into full exhaustion.

She left her I pad on open to the IM window,  cell phone at her side, and occasionally she followed Facebook, that is until  what the Vick... that whole conversation was brought up again...
Subway and Nike, really????? GAG ME without a spoon.

Well, this started me thinking. The biggest difference between two leggeds and four leggeds  is that two leggeds are trapped in the belief that money can buy you everything you could possibly want.  Listen up humans, I am now going to spill the beans, punch a hole in your belief system, try and re set your reality... Let's start with the basic. MONEY is nothing but dirty paper. It's value is arbitrarily assigned and while it functions to maintain the economic system  [I know that is arguable, but hey anything that is artificial and has arbitrary value.... is limited ....] OK let me illustrate my point further. What if you woke up one morning and money was no longer the economically accepted trading medium. What if the only things now "worth" something were monopoly pieces. Each piece would now be worth a defined value. Starting with the Scotty dog piece now worth the lowest denomination,  [just because it is not a Bichon]. The top hat would be worth the highest denomination... You get the idea. Imagine that now you would be walking around in pursuit of the mighty top hat.  Get it?  

The point to all this discussion is that money is very limited in what it can buy.  In fact, anything of real value.... money can't buy.

Like, for example.... health,  happiness, self reliance, creativity, peace of mind, generosity, love, patience, a sense of humor, contentment, gratitude, joy, compassion, true friendship, good character, insight, emotional stability, purpose, a loving family, empathy, respect, integrity, self esteem, courage, admiration, time, self fulfillment, charm, wisdom, true love, reputation, doggy treats ,forgiveness, trust...

Think about it... can you ever be happy without any one of those?

So... what the Vick is the point of spending a bunch of money to hire an advertising agency to "clean up" your image and re- invent you, when money can't buy any of the things needed for a new you?  Subway and Nike, now that you have shot yourself in your foot [or footlong] sort of speak, do you think that this serves as atonement for the atrocities committed by your new spokesperson?

Some things that money can't buy... MUST BE EARNED

Anyway, this kept my head busy until daddy came home.  And by the way the picture is of my Wendy being kissed, because she has my unconditional love, for now and for ever.  And money could not buy that!