Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A fish that belongs in a CAN

ISLAMORADA, Fla. (Sept. 30) - A dog is recovering after a Florida Keys carpenter dove in to save his pet from a shark.

Greg LeNoir said he took his 14-pound rat terrier Jake for a daily swim at a marina Friday.

The five-foot shark suddenly surfaced and grabbed nearly the entire dog in its mouth.

LeNoir said he yelled, then balled up his fists and dove headfirst into the water. He hit the shark in the back and the creature finally let go of the dog.

Man and dog made it safely back to shore. The dog suffered bite wounds but was not critically injured.
Whhhhhhaaat???? I could not believe my eyes when I read this! FISH? Fish are this mean????? Momma please get me a can of tuna. This "fish" needs a reality check! I mean it. Can you believe it? FISH! Next time I am at the pet store I will be looking at "fish" from a whole different point of view! Cute nothing. Just the same. Get the can momma. I need to take a picture to send it to this fish. I am hoping Jake is ok, and I thank his 2legged Mr LeNoir for his heroic actions.

Wendy, see, when a 2 legged loves you , they really love you!

Congrats Jake, and stay away from uncanned fish! Do they make muzzles for fish??


Monday, September 29, 2008

An appeal to 4 leggeds in The DISTRICT

>Hey guys, from all that I hear your 2 leggeds are pretty stressed today. I am going to ask you, the faithful 4 leggeds to step up to the plate and take the lead in de-stressing them.

Force them to look into your eyes, Make them rub your belly.
Make them cuddle. Do whatever it takes to re-humanize them.

The nation needs them to be at their best. We need them to think clearly, think ahead and make unselfish, nonpartisan choices based on long and short term benefits to the nation.
It is a tall order, but we must do something.

So, let's rally. Go force some BP readings down, go remind them of what is decent and important.

For you 4 leggeds, what is at stake is that weekly bag of treats... the chewies, the new collars, the
niceties that make our "bichonnaise"
life style worth living. In case you have not heard, somebody screwed up something and the money machines are empty! Can you believe it?

Go forth and do your magic my 4 legged Friends, we need blue skies again.

thinking patriot

PS. Many thanks to my human sis for the PICS!

Note 2 DC

Just a comment to DC politicos from one 4 legged with a personal stake in maintaining her present standard of living. In other words, I LIKE FOOD.

Dear Sirs:
Please make sure that if you let all those bad CEOs leave with golden parachutes, you do not leave the rest of us to freefall into poverty. I am just saying,

my 2 cents, correction for present economics... my 20 cents worth

BARK in the PARK countdown

So here is the deal folks. BARK In the PARK. THE premier doggy event of the year is finally happening! You know the details, I have posted them all along on this blog, but just in case you missed it:

Bark In The Park - Chesapeake

Region: Tidewater and Hampton Roads
Locality: Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City Park
900 Greenbrier Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Driving Directions

Bring your canine out to City Park for a dog-gone good time. The event features vendors, animal rescues, games, contests, demonstrations and more! Sponsored by Parks and Recreation and Chesapeake Humane Society. This event is FREE to the public.

Be sure to stop by DockDogs® National Sportsmen’s Series Competition.

Sunday, October 05, 2008 (12:00 PM-5:00 PM)
Sunday, October 04, 2009 (12:00 PM-5:00 PM)

Admission Fee: Free

Children Welcome
Pets Welcome

Chesapeake Parks & Recreation: (757) 382-6411
Fax: (757) 382-8418



I am absolutely hoping to see all of you! Please do not be shy and come to the Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue booth. WHY???

Silly. I will be there, that's why! It is such a special occasion that I have been negotiating non stop with the momma. [I told you I went to law school!] I want her to bake something special for the 2legged ones. I know auntie Robin has all the yummies for us 4 leggeds. [Squirrel cookies..... liver lips... pardon me, my mouth is leaking.] This is stuff you can't buy at your local pet shop. This fresh, home made - no recall no ash, no nothing bad! Guilt free treats! Anyway, I think I have the momma talked into making focaccias for the 2 leggeds. I am trying to get her to also do her punkin biscotti, and maybe, just maybe her cinnamon rolls. I know daddy and uncle Steve moan when they eat those. But I am not sure I can get that . I am trying. She says it is wayyyy too much work. Maybe if I can get some of you to commit to buying some, I can talk her into doing it? Of course all the $$ goes to rescue! White Cottage is forever accomodating new fluffs!

Uncle Phil, if you want one of those sticky cimmanony [ strange words] things you better tell us! I am sure it will be first come first serve and judging from what goes on in my house, those will go pronto!

Sooooooooooo, all my buds from Doggyspace, I can't wait to see ya'll!

Counting down to FUUUUUUN!

PS.... I have new doggy skins with my logo on them! And I got T shirts for my
"staff" haha ha ha.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

my Busy WEEKEND, the end

my BUSY weekend PART2

Hey , I deserved a "spring" like break after law school! I love the boardwalk, and I love sniffing all the blue salty water. [Don't bother tasting it. It is really icky salty- always- I tasted it a couple of times. Don't drink it, it is disgusting] After a long walk on the boardwalk, we took over a whole bench and we chilled out for a bit.

Sometimes I think that our visit to the boardwalk are truly public service.

A. People see us and the immediately smile [if the don't... stay away from them, something is wrong with them] Generally, we make 2leggeds happy!
B. Invariably someone ask if I am for sale... [I wish I could capture my momma's face when they ask that] and when the ask about breeding me... or my Wendy ... or JD, well then I know I need to sit down and relax, because those 2leggeds are in for a long long lecture about breeding, puppy mills, rescue and humanity. It is a study in controlled rage on momma's part. I love it.
C. We provide people on the boardwalk with an opportunity to socialize with three of the best 4leggeds they will ever meet and we show the world what rescue is, and as a TBFR alumnae I want them so see how special we are.

So, it is not all play. It is also work. :)
Civic minded

my BUSY weekend PART1

Some weekends start late, some weekends start early, some weekends are sooo busy. This weekend started early and it has been so very very busy. I handle busy very well and I like it better than bored, not busy. Besides this weekend I accomplished some life goals! Yeah for me!
You know, I come from a family of lawyers, so I always wanted to go to law school myself. I have heard so many horror stories about it, I was curious about it. Finally, I got to do the law school thing on Friday. I went to William and Mary School of Law. I did not find anything about it so hard. It was a little scary at first with those two things that looked like 2leggeds in funny clothes, but really law school itself was not bad at all. Nice people around there. They petted me, JD got petted as well. But on the whole, I am not really sure my 2leggeds had to keep going to "law school" for 3 yrs. I did it all on Friday. I walked all over the campus, I met lots of people, I saw everything there and I even got to sniff and taste some big law school binder full of law school papers and stuff. I am ready to be a lawyer. Momma said I need to pass the Bar for that.
So, do any of you know where this Bar thing is? I plan on passing it and getting this goal all accomplished.

Just trying it out....
Juris Doctor 'vie

Friday, September 26, 2008

It CUTS both ways...


Mhhh. I never considered this "option". Did you read it momma? Daddy , did you see this?

See, until now, I have endured when my momma's attentions have been lavished on another.
I have quietly put up with it. I can understand when she pets JD or Wendy. They are family.
But... Spicey, or Snowflake... or that nasty thing Rags... or prissy Asia.... they are NOT family.

Maybe I should go with my human sister to DC and see how she can "accommodate" my needs.
(veiled threat- is it working?)

Ok, that is way harsh. The point is I like it here, I love my family and I don't like it one bit when an outsider tries to interlope. Thinking about it, really the one here most likely to cheat on momma is JD. Have you seen how he acts around two legged females? It is embarrassing. He throws himself on them. He forces them to belly rub him, and he monopolizes them. It is disgusting. Really .

Soooo, momma, as long as I am your favorite, you will be my favorite, ok?

Lets make a deal

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Brother

Really momma??? Really???? You want some floor mat with pictures of strange Bichons?
What, we three are NOT good enough for you? Or maybe you feel the need to step on a Bichon?
OMG. Is there something you should be telling us?

Somebody call a therapist. She needs therapy- Wait I need to talk to a therapist too...


the RAIN box

Ha ha pool people. No closing of the pool today, it is pouring! So, our morning walk became a morning dash and a shower. Ick. I hate wet. But, momma said because it is raining we get the rain box. Really I had no idea what she was talking about. But then she pulled out this small box with some toys I have not seen in a long time! The pulley monkey! I love her. She has long arms and legs you can tug and make long or short. There are also some old chews, and a green ball.

Mhh interesting. JD has decided he needs to sit and watch the rain come down, Wendy has decided she just wants to cuddle and I want to agree with her. Why don't 2legged make it a law that on rainy days we all stay home and cuddle? I bet everyone would like it. I mean why go out and get wet? Think about it. You could stay home, stay in your pjs, snuggle in, cuddle with your 4legged, kick back... read, rub a belly or two, or three... Nice, no?

JD has been watching the street. A thing, a sign has been "sailing" in the wind. When JD barked at it, momma looked at it and said "It is only a political yard sign, relax- pre election pollution."

Boy oh boy, this election stuff sure occupies a lot of 2legged time and energy. I figure it must be really life changing for all the time and effort that is invested in it.
Maybe one of you should be calling your 2legged running for office and asking them to make the rainy day law. I am just thinking.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am FALLing

I know it is overcast out there, BUT it is so nice too! Not too hot, (my tootsies really like not getting burned on the pavement and sidewalks. I still have pink spots you know!) not too cold. Enough of a breeze that makes your nose really feel alive. Smells just come your way!

We went for a long walk with the momma after a problem start. The Wendy was too scared to come down on her own. JD and I looked at each other... scared of what? The momma? Honestly Wendy, you need to get over this thing. Momma loves us.

We are a sight to see. From far away it looks like momma is taking us for a walk, but close up, it is easy to tell JD is dragging momma, I am "just right" and her side and Wendy always lags a tiny bit behind me. She is always ready to hide behind momma. For some reason, once we leave the house, Wendy is no longer afraid of momma. You figure it out... I gave up. I like fall, even though the birds are quiet today, I think that it will be raining soon.

By the lake we looked the blueberry bushes. "Almost ready" momma said. Ick. I am not coming to pick those things. They have thorns! And I don't eat them anyway.

We saw kids getting out of the big yellow 4 wheeler thing and we even saw some kids walking home. You know, they do not have a leash, but they have stuff on their back. Almost like a leash, no?

JD loved sniffing all the piles of dead plants, cut grass, and yard stuff that is waiting to get picked up by the city. As far as I am concerned, they all smell the same. But, I found something very interesting... I found a big, colorful floppy thing that was moving with the wind. I sort of had to chase it to smell it. Smelled like paper. Plastic. Wendy was so scared of it until I stood on it and it could not move. Then she came over and sniffed up like it was HER discovery. The nerve. Momma called a broken kite. So what is a kite? Paper that flies? How is it broken? Wait. I remember! Kites. At the beach. Flying with strings attached to 2leggeds! (You 2legged love holding strings, ropes, leashes... what's the deal? Afraid to be on your own?) Ahh this kite was "broken" no string to 2legged attached to it.

Long walk, lots of sniffing, lots of marking, lots of discovering makes for 3 very tired 4leggeds.
We came in, headed for our water bowls and then it was a race for the beds. JD has a thing for the red bed...Wendy and I just opted for the bed next to momma's bed. Serious tired=serious rest.

too pooped to pucker

Monday, September 22, 2008

OY the questions!

Why why why. 2 leggeds are always full of whys. Well he is my answer to one of the many whys.

Question is "Why do you sign your posts 'vie when your name is Silvie?"

Deep breath. I am Silvieon4 because momma is Silvieon2. Daddy's nickname for momma is "Sil"... therefore... my nickname around here is "vie".... Together we make S I L V I E.

BTW... vie means life in French, did you know that? So when you see c'est la vie...[that's life], they are really saying 'There goes Silvie!"

Did you buy that?

YES I am feeling great!

I am making up for lost time! Wendy and JD have no idea what to do to tire me out. :) Ha ha. I rested a lot when my tummy was all full of squirrels. Aha. It is true. My tummy felt like I had squirrels running loops in it. You know that feeling? Now, how do you suppose squirrels got into my belly? I bet those cookies had squirrel seeds in them! You know that if you plant seeds they grow? I think I grew squirrels because those cookies had squirrel seeds in them! Well no more of those things for me! Squirrels stay out of my belly, except.... for the squirrel treats from auntie Robin. How many more days until Bark in the Park? Those are safe and yummy and they smell delish. I need some. Like now. I have to rebuild my strenght you know.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yesterday we went out to do errands with the momma. You know the usual, bank, pharmacy, dry cleaners etc. The nice man at the pharmacy gave us treats. I had never had one of those types of treats and I gobbled mine up right away. Ugh. Apparently my stomach did not like it at all, even though my mouth loved it. I spent all night sick and this morning I am still a bit wobbly from it all.

Momma said JD can't eat those treats for the same reason. Wendy was icky as well. So, don't you think the momma should tell the pharmacy guy to switch to a treat we can have? Momma says it is not polite. From now on we should say thank you, but we just ate and pass on the offer. I don't think that is fair. He is giving out treats, he should know what we can have! I don't want to miss on a treat! What do you think?

I did not like being sick. Momma rubbed my belly a lot and held me. That was nice. It was nice knowing both her and daddy knew I was sick and knew how to take care of me. I forgive her for squirting the icky stuff in my mouth, 'cause it did make the achy belly stop aching. This morning I feel better. I think .

On the mend

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, this is what the 2 leggeds consider "humor"????

What do you call a dog that is left-handed?

A south paw.

What goes "Tick tock, woof woof"?

A watch dog.

What happens when it rains cats and dogs?
You can step in a poodle.

Once again. Thank you God for making me BICHON!

Grateful 'vie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Starlet TO BE


Well well. Lookie lookie whose video is featured today on Doggyspace! Hm. Do I get royalties? Residuals? Do I need an agent? Mommaaaaaaaaaaa I need me a lawyer!

it's "Ms. Silvie" to you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Duty and ON PATROL

I know you are thinking... "Lazy 4legged." Au contraire mes amis. We are working here. Do not let les environs fool you. The park like setting, the pool, the gardens, the soft cushions...It is a jungle out there. We are working very hard. We are observing, we are watching and we are protecting our boundaries. We even instituted a watch shift. Wendy is alert while JD naps. Too much going on in our neighborhood to just sit back and snooze.

Today a small 2legged pushing something while sitting down on a metal thing, came over. Very strange... He dismounted his metal pedal thing and then he rang OUR doorbell. The nerve.
When the momma answered he gave her something and then left. Can you believe it?

So why do the feel they can ride metal pedal thing into our yard?! Does this happen a lot? Mental note -mark yard boundaries, again- .

I am tired. I need to chill out tonight. I have just enough umph for a snuggle or two. Let's hope tomorrow things calm down a bit.


What's going on out THERE?

Boy oh boy. Busy last two days! I have been on patrol non stop. There are strangers around my house. 2 legged, weird ones. They carry things with them and they invaded my yard. They are not the gardeners, they are not pool people. They are messing around with the outside of my house. I don't like it. I have been vigilant and I have been on patrol with the Wendy and JD.
Too much is going on. Kids outside the house on the corner every morning and every afternoon...
Noise across the street with lots of banging and hammering. And leaf blowers. I hate those!
JD says this is normal. End of the summer, start of the fall normal. Hmm. JD says soon we will do the punkin thing with funny clothes and 2leggeds coming to the door. I remember that! I did not like the funny clothes on me, but it was fun to see the kids. I remember that many small 2leggeds wanted to take me home instead of candy! I have a home. I am home! I am not going. anywhere. And JD, Wendy and I have talked. This NON NEGOTIABLE. We do not get costumes unless one of our 2legged gets costumed. I think it is only fair.
You know what, I just realized that now we can go for walks during the day because it is not as hot as it has been. Hey momma. let's go for walk??? Please?

On the move

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Good morning world. It is Sunday and I am watching and waiting. My 2 leggeds are getting ready and then we are going out for a ride, and shopping and maybe I will get to see other 4 leggeds and get my usual socializing. Just exactly how many piece of clothing do 2 leggeds HAVE to put on before they think they are fully dressed? Thank you God for making me a Bichon. I am ready to go as I am, no fuss no muss! UGH. Shoes of course... I am tapping my paw here and I can feel myself aging while I wait....



Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't cha HATE it?

When you are in wonderful deep sleep, lulled by the motion of the car, safe in your momma's arms and comfortable in your sobakawa neck pillow... loving your nap when that feeling of being watched starts to creep into your subconscious and wham you are awake.... and FACING a cell phone camera! How positively RUDE! Momma.... this is more stalking behavior than mommy behavior. Get help. Please.

Victim 'vie

Darling, momma is NOT a stalker, at most you can say that occasionally I act like a "puppyrazzi".... and I love you. Momma


:) Quillah Girl!!! Congrats! A forever home is the best and I am so very happy for you. Don't be nervous, relax, as all of us White Cottage grads will tell you, YOU ARE FINALLY HOME!!!!!!! And here is is the thing, because you are a White Cottage Grad, You will NEVER again be alone no matter what. Isn't that fantastic?

Wishing every 4legged a great forever home!

PLAN of action!

I have posted the following all over the house... at "EYE" level for Frisbee cat to see as it whizzes all over the floor. I am trying very hard to teach Frisbee cat what to do with squirrel. I've told it all about the "Manifesto."

So, now, I call on all 4leggeds to do the same with their Frisbee cats... or 2legged-propelled sucker uppers. You know what I am talking about. They are noisy, hosy, and love to get pushed around and they eat all sorts of dirt. I figure... they are close enough to Frisbee cat to be pressed into action in the same way. Whaddya think? Are you with me or against me?

Mobilizing da force

a PLOT uncovered!




I: Taking over the yard

II: Taking over your neighborhood

III: The city as our playground

IV: Gray, Black, Brown, Red-International Order of Squirrels UNITED
The New World Order: Sciuridae Domini [Squirrels dominate]

AT LAST! PREDATOR SUPREME steal all the chewies

Written: Late 2007;
First Published: February 2008;
Source: Hilter Squirrel Selected Works, Volume One, Nutsy Publishers, Big Oak, SIDEYARD, 2007, pp. 198-237;
Translated: Balthazar Squirrel in cooperation with Vladimir Squirrel, 2008;
Transcription/RATup: Rabid and Rodents & BushyTail;
Proofed: and corrected against 2008English Edition by Vinnie Scoiattolo 2008;
Copyleft: Sciuridae Internet Archive (secret.org) 2007-2008. Permission is NOT granted to copy and/or distribute this SUPER SECRET HUSH HUSH DOCUMENT.

To volunteer for the Sciuridae Domini, Email Steve Squirrel@ RatW/TAIL.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, I am LOVED

A thousand ways and a thousand times per day I am told that I am loved. I am loved. I love my family too. I wish I could bottle this feeling and pour it all over the world. There really is nothing like it. It makes my soul sing and it makes my heart full and it makes me wake up happy.

If I could, I would give every 4legged a full dose of this feeling. If you have a 2legged, love'm back!

My momma says one of my hugs makes her heart glad. One of my licks makes her world perfect and my nose prints on her clean windows mean that everything is fine.
She gets sooooo sentimental!
Hug your2legged today

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Happy B day to my 2legged brother. I forgot.
And what does one get a 2 legged? I mean you don't wear a collar, you don't eat chewies... hmmm. Do you want a toy? I am not playing with Peggy Piggy anymore. Do you want her? How is this. When you come home, we will make momma take us to one of my stores and you can look there for a toy or two, just in case you want to give one to some sweet 4legged who loves you very much. Just in case, you know?

By the way, I do miss you, well actually my tongue misses the taste of doritos!


LISTENING to the birds

Noisy. You call them birds. I think they are small chickens. I like grilled chicken. When you sit out here all you can hear now is birds. Lots of them. JD likes to watch them as they fly around the big oak tree. Lots of nests in that tree. I wonder do the birds like the squirrels? I think not. Squirrels steal bird food.
Maybe I should try and talk to the birds about doing something together ... about the squirrel situation... Meanwhile the Wendy and I watch and listen. Bird talk is incomprehensible! Lots of chirps and whistles... What does it all mean???



Summer is coming to an end. But really, all this means to me is that it is not blistering hot anymore and the Wendy and I can actually spend a few moments sunbathing without getting all hot. Now we can simply sit enjoying the weather, Or just sniffing the breeze, or maybe looking at the birds. This morning we saw something strange. We saw 2legged kids all gathered on the corner. Then a yellow 4wheeled came and they all went inside it. Does that mean no more sounds of 2legged kids playing balls, or splashing in pools? JD says it happens every year at this time. The 2legged kids go somewhere during the day. Mhhh. strange. JD talks about his time at a doggy day care. He loved it. I have never been, wonder what it is like. But I have been at White Cottage. Probably the same, you think? The Wendy was at White Cottage too, she agrees, it is probably like doggy day care. SHHHH. Is that a squirrel??? Got to go!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Who You Callin' LITTLE?

When I meet an on2, they always talk about how little I am. But I'm not so little! There's lots of things in the world smaller than me. Here are a few:

  1. Dingo Bones. If they weren't smaller than me, I wouldn't be able to chew them and get the tasty red part out. Of course, I don't know how big an actual Dingo is, but they sure seem to have a lot of bones, so I guess a full-size Dingo is probably a little bit bigger than me. But just a little.
  2. J.D.'s Dingo Bones. They're the same size, except stolen, so better.
  3. A sheet of pasta. Like for lasagna? When I tug on one and it falls on me, I can carry it away on my back.
  4. A taco. J.D. said that one day someone was going to put me in a taco and eat me, but then I saw an actual taco, and they couldn't fit a whole me in one. So that's just silly. You could make tacos out of my paws It's totally impossible to make a taco out of me. Don't even try, it can't be done. At all.
  5. Wendy's ear. When I play with Wendy, I couldn't take her on directly, because she's much bigger than me. But her ear is smaller than me, so I start by attacking the ear. Then she shows me her teeth, and I continue my attack by surrendering. (It's very psychological. It makes her think she's won, when really, I am preparing to put her ear in a taco.)
  6. Walnut Weevils. Yes, the squirrels are smaller than me. Unless smell is heavy. Because then they are much, much heavier.
  7. A far-away doggie. When we're in the car, sometimes someone says, "Silvie, look!" and I know that means they saw another doggie. But if it takes me a minute to look up, then the doggie is really really little in the distance. If I ever have to wrestle a Golden Retriever, I'm going to run really far away first, so it's really little and I can put it in a taco.
  8. Pictures of me. I think this might be why everyone thinks I'm so small. On the Web site there are pictures of me that are only a couple inches.
  9. Portions of chicken jerky. Always too little. Way smaller then me.
  10. My feet. I have four of them, so I must be bigger.



Saturday, September 6, 2008

KAMIKAZE! or how to fix feeling IGNORED

You try and try. You drag out toys... You do your walk on2 bit, but everyone is too pooped to pop. So, what do you do? Simple. You have to try a novel approach. The unexpected is always welcomed. YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!!

Take your toy with you , pretend to want to play with it... Hop on the sofa. Don't forget the toy...
It lulls them into a false sense of security.
Then, quietly drop the toy off the sofa... and approach your target from a surprise vantage point. My target: momma's head.
My approach: from the top. Ha ha ha ha.. you would have pictures but she jumped off that couch like it was on fire! Ahh it was sooo funny! Try it. Just don't yell KAMIKAZE 'cause that kind of gives it away!

Making life more fun